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First Love Again 循环初恋 Episode 7 Recap

Ye You-ning worked hard for so long and finally rescued Grandpa Zhou. In this time and space, Grandpa Zhou did not have Alzheimer’s disease. I still remember Ye You-ning. The two met every day. This made Ye You-ning very happy and hoped to stay forever. This time and space. The next morning Ye You-ning went to Xia Wenxi’s house. Xia Mu said that Xia Wenxi had gone to Gao Xiaoai’s wedding. She also asked Ye You-ning why she hadn’t gone.

At this time, Yang Chuang called and said Ye You-ning was going to be her best man, why hadn’t she come yet? . Ye You-ning arrived at the wedding scene, feeling that this time and space, she actually became good friends with Yang Chuang, Lin Jiaqi and the others. Lin Jiaqi urged him to change his groomsmen’s clothes quickly.

He came out after changing his clothes and just saw Xia Wenxi who had changed his bridesmaid’s clothes. Ye Youning was a little bit stunned. , Xia Wenxi asked Ye Youning what she wanted to do with her. Ye Youning said that she would like to thank Xia Wenxi. Before Xia Wenxi could react, she was taken away by Chen Tingting. During the wedding ceremony, when the bride threw the bouquet, Xia Wenxi unexpectedly kissed Xia Wenxi while snatching the bouquet, and everyone hummed.

The two were a little embarrassed after the accidental kiss. After the wedding, the two went home together. Ye Youning once again thanked Xia Wenxi. Xia Wenxi was puzzled by what she had done. Ye Youning said that she helped save Grandpa Zhou. This was the biggest change in his life. , Xia Wenxi was a little embarrassed, saying that Ye You-ning had already thanked herself before. Ye You-ning said that he was 18 years old before and thanked the 18-year-old Xia Wenxi, and now he thanked her now.

In 2006, after Ye Youning took Grandpa Zhou home and settled down, she found that Xia Wenxi was injured because of saving Grandpa Zhou. Ye Youning treated Xia Wenxi’s wounds and apologized to her. Xia Wenxi did not blame Ye Youning, saying that people just want to understand each other.

Xia Wenxi still wanted to go to the Mayday concert. She remembered that in the future Ye You-ning could predict the lottery number to win the prize, she texted Ye You-ning to tell her about it, hoping that Ye You-ning could tell herself the winning number. Ye You-ning saw that Xia Wenxi wanted to go to the concert so much. He sent her a set of winning numbers. After class, Xia Wenxi rushed to buy the lottery ticket. In the evening, Xia Wenxi and Xia’s father watched TV together to check the winning numbers.

She was pleasantly surprised to find that she had won the prize. When the two were happy, Xia’s mother came back. Xia’s mother has never liked Xia’s father to waste money. After buying the lottery ticket, Father Xia handed over the lottery ticket. Father Xia secretly handed Xia Wenxi’s lottery ticket to Xia Wenxi, and handed over the lottery ticket in his hand to Xia mother. Xia mother taught him a few words and kept a few lottery tickets in her hand. They were all torn apart.

After Xia’s mother returned to the room, Xia Wenxi hurriedly ran out and said that Xia’s father had given the wrong lottery ticket. Xia Wenxi’s piece had been torn apart by Xia’s mother. Xia Wenxi collapsed, crying and asked Xia’s father to pay for his concert tickets. Xia’s father comforted him and said that he had paid Xia Wenxi, and Xia’s mother caught him stealing private money.

Xia Wenxi suffered all night, and went out the next day. Ye Youning saw that Xia Wenxi wanted to go to the concert so much, and remembered that there was a bonus for participating in English speech, so he went to Teacher Yu. Before Ye You-ning felt that participating in the speech contest was a waste of time, Mr. Yu extended the competition quota to Yang Shiyi.

Ye You-ning exchanged the places for the contest by helping Yang Shiyi make up for physics, and successfully won the prize money. Just when Ye You-ning went to buy tickets for Xia Wenxi, Lin Jiaqi The tickets he bought also arrived. Lin Jiaqi was very happy and began to think about how to invite Xia Wenxi to the concert.

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