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Broker 掮客 Episode 16 Recap

Zhou Xiaoshan asked Molly why he approached Qiu Jianing without hiding herself. Molly just wanted to confirm whether he really liked Qiu Jianing. Although Zhou Xiaoshan said it was just to gain her trust, Molly knew that Zhou Xiaoshan was in front of her. The noodles also have sweetness that cannot be concealed. Zhou Xiaoshan finally emphasized that everything he did was to complete the task, and if Molly messed up again and the task failed, she would be responsible.

Qiu Jianing was sad because of Zhou Xiaoshan’s suspected betrayal, but Qiu Jiaxin told her that Molly was Zhou Xiaoshan’s younger sister, but Qiu Jianing obviously didn’t know about it. Qiu Jia thought of the process of meeting Molly, but Qiu Jianing asked her if she could tell how a person was injured from his wounds, and even contacted her friend to ask him for something.

Qiu Jianing did not answer the call from Zhou Xiaoshan, she needed to calm down. Qin Bin took Qiu Jiaxin to the ward round, and Qiu Jiaxin said that there was still work to be done and let him go alone. Molly came to Qiu Jiaxin, but Qiu Jiaxin felt that she and Zhou Xiaoshan were talking about her, and she had never been honest with them.

Qiu Jiaxin had long regarded Molly as a friend. Molly quickly explained that he and Zhou Xiaoshan are really brothers and sisters but not related by blood. Zhou Xiaoshan saved her life when she was a child! Zhou Xiaoshan wanted to have a chat with Qiu Jianing, Qiu Jianing said that he would talk about it after get off work. Molly told Qiu Jiaxin of her own life experience, and the amount of information was a bit large, and Qiu Jiaxin did not slow down.

When Qiu Jianing checked the report, he found that a group of mice was in an abnormal condition and hurried to the laboratory, and learned that Zhou Xiaoshan often came here to record data. Back at the office, Qiu Jianing received an investigation from his friend Buss. There was no reason why Zhou Xiaoshan left the previous group. Maybe there was something he wanted. Thinking of Molly’s delivery of food last time, Qiu Jianing became more convinced that this matter was not easy. Zhou Xiaoshan had too many things to hide from Qiu Jianing. Last time Molly pretended to be a delivery worker and called in the name of the Fighting Academy.

Qiu Jianing brought up another matter. Zhou Xiaoshan recorded data when the technician was feeding the medicine, and every time it was a coincidence that he went there. Zhou Xiaoshan gave him a copy and explained the reason why he went so frequently. Qiu Jianing asked again, why Zhou Xiaoshan left Merck Group and came to Yuan Project after leaving such favorable environmental conditions. Zhou Xiaoshan was a little angry because of her investigation.

He was excluded from all kinds of foreign countries. In their opinion, an unknown Asian was not worthy of doing scientific research with them. This was the reason why he left. But Zhou Xiaoshan’s inexplicable sister and the scar on his chest can show that he is not an ordinary researcher, and Qiu Jianing urgently wants to know the truth. Zhou Xiaoshan wants to take Qiu Jianing to a place, and Zhou Xiaoshan can give her answers to the questions she puts forward, but this answer will make him lose Qiu Jianing.

Zhou Xiaoshan took Qiu Jianing to the Prison Museum. The scar on his chest was left in the prison. When he was a child, Zhou Xiaoshan made a mistake and suffered a very serious lynching. When he was dying, Uncle Cha saved him. Since then, Uncle Cha has helped him to study. , The degree of eating and wearing is regarded as one’s own. Molly was also adopted by Uncle Cha. She has always relied on Zhou Xiaoshan, so Molly was so abnormal when Qiu Jianing appeared, and she couldn’t bear the loss.

The darkness of this world is beyond the imagination of people like Qiu Jianing. After hearing this, Qiu Jianing did not dislike him, but Zhou Xiaoshan proposed to break up with her. They are people from two worlds, and it is impossible to come together. They are like the sun and the moon, day and night, even if Zhou Xiaoshan loves Qiu Jianing. May be together. Qiu Jianing looked at Zhou Xiaoshan’s leaving back and couldn’t help but shed tears.

Zhou Xiaoshan received a call from Uncle Cha and asked him what he planned to do next. Zhou Xiaoshan understood that Qiu Jianing had not eliminated his doubts about his work and could only continue to lie. Zhou Xiaoshan PS made laboratory surveillance video, but once the seeds of suspicion are planted, it is difficult to eliminate them.

The next day, Qiu Jianing obtained surveillance video and also the surveillance video of the entire building. Indeed, as Zhou Xiaoshan said, there was a problem with the experimental data of mice. He even believed in the little joke he made casually and used the mouse’s poop to provide for the elderly. Rat flower. Zhou Xiaoshan appeared at this time because he was not worthy of Qiu Jianing. Qiu Jianing once again explained that she did not dislike Zhou Xiaoshan, but Zhou Xiaoshan didn’t want to listen anymore. Qiu Jianing sent a message and apologized to Zhou Xiaoshan, but he was a little sad to hear Qiu Jiaxin comforting her friend’s broken love.

Zhou Xiaoshan hasn’t fully obtained the formula yet, he still needs to continue lurking, and Qiu Jianing’s trust in her is very important. Qiu Jianing made an appointment with Zhou Xiaoshan in the name of official business, hoping that he could forgive himself. Zhou Xiaoshan said that he was not angry and turned to leave, but he was a little happy to see Qiu Jianing annoyed. Hearing that Qiu Jianing and Zhou Xiaoshan had quarreled, Qiu Jiaxin went to Zhou Xiaoshan and said to tell Qin Bin about this matter. Qiu Jiaxin gave Zhou Xiaoshan an address, and if he didn’t go, she would tell Qin Bin the address.

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