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Broker 掮客 Episode 15 Recap

Zhou Xiaoshan and Qiu Jianing were dating together. Qiu Jianing wore high heels to her feet, and Zhou Xiaoshan carried her on her back. Molly saw this scene in the corner. At this moment, Zhou Xiaoshan’s smile was extremely dazzling. While waiting for the bus, Qiu Jianing asked Zhou Xiaoshan what he wanted to do in his next life. Zhou Xiaoshan replied that he wanted to be the sun. Qiu Jianing was very curious, and Zhou Xiaoshan put his coat on Qiu Jianing, and the two went home in heavy rain.

Molly followed Zhou Xiaoshan back home secretly, Zhou Xiaoshan indifferently went to the bathroom and put on a bathrobe, while Qiu Jianing came to deliver medicine to Zhou Xiaoshan at this time, Zhou Xiaoshan quickly asked Molly to stay inside and not come out. Qiu Jianing had pressed the code and saw Zhou Xiaoshan’s chest half exposed, the scars on it were very eye-catching, Zhou Xiaoshan said it was naughty. Zhou Xiaoshan slammed Qiu Jianing and continued to tease, Qiu Jianing ran away thinly, and Molly came out and asked Zhou Xiaoshan why she lied to her.

Zhou Xiaoshan fell in love with Qiu Jianing, did he forget the real mission? Zhou Xiaoshan’s eyes were very cold. If Molly believed it, then Qiu Jianing would certainly believe it, after all, they were all women. This was just a trap set up by Zhou Xiaoshan, the purpose was to manipulate Qiu Jianing through emotions, and all he did was for the task.

Zhou Xiaoshan had long known that Molly was sent by Uncle Cha to monitor him, but he also understood that Molly was involuntarily involuntarily, this was his last mission, and he would never allow himself to fail. Zhou Xiaoshan asked Molly to leave, without instructions not to come here, after all, the fewer people who know about him and Qiu Jianing, the easier it will be to get out in the future. However, Zhou Xiaoshan secretly made up his mind that he would never let anyone hurt Qiu Jianing. Molly is looking forward to successfully ending the mission and starting a new life with Zhou Xiaoshan.

Qiu Jiaxin took Qin Bin to Xu Qianya’s bar to invite him to drink, but Qin Bin said that he could not drink when he had a consultation. Qiu Jia was anxious to let him vent the pain of broken love. Qin Bin cursed speechlessly and got up and left. Qin Bin explained that he was really fine, he was no longer a hairy boy, and would not feel like the sky was falling just because the person he liked didn’t like him, Qiu Jiaxin was relieved.

A young patient with a serious illness, Xiao Yuer, was worried that he would die and wanted to go to the playground. Qin Bin and Qiu Jiaxin lied to him that he still had many opportunities, but Xiao Yuer knew that they were all lying to him, and Qin Bin finally decided to take the child. The fish go to the playground to play.

For the sake of Xiao Yu’er’s health, Qiu Jiaxin and Qin Bin took Xiao Yu’er to the VR experience hall. Xiao Yu’er was reluctant at first, but quickly accepted and had fun. Xiao Yu’er was still clamoring to ride a roller coaster, so Qin Bin had to decide to ride Xiao Yu’er once. In fact, Qin Bin is very afraid of heights and roller coasters. Even the VR experience Qin Bin is very resistant. Qin Bin started screaming as soon as he put on the VR glasses, and then his legs became weak, but Xiao Yuer was finally coaxed.

Qiu Jiaxin bought porridge for Qin Bin to nourish his stomach. Qin Bin said that when he saw Xiao Yu’er, he felt that it was nothing to lose love. After all, Xiao Yu’er suffered from illness and pain at such a young age. The laboratory was going to participate in the science and technology conference. After the meeting, Mr. Wang left Sun Lei and Qiu Jianing to ask if they had any ideas.

The two believed that it was necessary to perform multi-line work, and Mr. Wang assigned tasks to the two. Zhu Zhu asked Zhou Xiaoshan to watch a movie tomorrow, and Zhou Xiaoshan accidentally learned that Sun Lei was going to Guangzhou on business tomorrow. Mr. Li caused trouble in the fighting hall, and Qiu Jiaxin said that she could solve the matter. Qiu Jiaxin quietly dragged Mr. Li aside, saying that she should know that the water should not be stalked.

Molly invited Qiu Jiaxin to dinner, and Qiu Jiaxin ordered the hidden menu. Molly was twenty-four years old this year. Qiu Jiaxin complained about this awkward age. She also asked her if she liked someone. Molly panicked and said that she didn’t know this person. Qiu Jiaxin encouraged Molly to confess, but Molly was worried that she would cause him trouble.

Speaking of Qiu Jianing, Qiu Jiaxin was still very angry and complained about Qiu Jianing and Zhou Xiaoshan. Molly heard the description of Qiu Jiaxinduo’s love state, and her heart felt a little bitter. However, thinking that Zhou Xiaoshan did this to gain Qiu Jianing’s trust, Molly still believed it. Zhou Xiaoshan’s cooking skills are getting better and better, and Qiu Jianing is getting fatter and fatter. Qiu Jianing said that a man who asked for an underground relationship must want to step on two boats.

In case he is really the kind of scumbag who plays with emotions, doesn’t Qiu Jianing know how to find him. Molly called and Zhou Xiaoshan didn’t answer. Qiu Jianing noticed that it was City A, and Zhou Xiaoshan fooled it with a guilty conscience. Uncle Cha once again urged Zhou Shanshan to get the formula, and must not wait until Wang Lao got the patent, otherwise they would have given up all their efforts and their attitude was very urgent.

Qiu Jianing asked Xu Qianya to do a massage. Xu Qianya did not know Zhou Xiaoshan’s background and did not disclose the relationship, saying that they must have attempted something. Molly thought Zhou Xiaoshan got the formula. Zhou Xiaoshan said that he got the reagents for testing. In order not to get rid of the trouble, he didn’t tell Qiu Jianing. Qiu Jiaxin happened to meet Zhou Xiaoshan and Molly whispering personally and quickly took pictures of them and sent them to Qiu Jianing.

Xu Qianya immediately asked Qiu Jiaxin for the address and led Qiu Jianing to kill them. Seeing Molly holding Zhou Xiaoshan’s hand to leave, Qiu Jianing was extremely calm and asked her to send herself home. Qiu Jiaxin regarded Zhou Xiaoshan and Molly as adulterer and traitorous fathers. Zhou Xiaoshan quickly explained that she had misunderstood. Molly was his sister, Qiu Jiaxin was at a loss. On the way back, Qiu Jianing always felt that Molly’s face was very familiar. Have they seen it before?

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