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Broker 掮客 Episode 14 Recap

Xu Qianya made an appointment with Zhou Xiaoshan for Qiu Jianing who was asleep, and seeing Zhou Xiaoshan coming, Xu Qianya quickly got out of the car and said that God would solve their problems. Xu Qianya took out a coin. If it is positive, it means that even God thinks they should be together. Qiu Jianing asked if it was negative. Xu Qianya said, you already have the answer in your heart when the coin hasn’t fallen yet. Zhou Xiaoshan thought this method could be tried.

Zhou Xiaoshan caught the coin and threw it away. Qiu Jianing would never believe this boring way. He knew that Qiu Jianing was an adventurous woman in his bones, and Qiu Jianing needed a close love. Zhou Xiaoshan said that he could prove that their love was a master trick, and he mentioned the gambling agreement that day.

Qiu Jianing knew that Zhou Xiaoshan could not beat her, but Zhou Xiaoshan insisted on giving it a try. Zhou Xiaoshan borrowed Xu Qianya’s car and stepped on the accelerator, racing in the empty field. The thrilling scenes shocked Qiu Jianing and Xu Qianya. Xu Qianya complained about Zhou Xiaoshan more desperately than Qiu Jianing. When Qiu Jianing hesitated, she pushed her directly into Zhou Xiaoshan’s arms, and the two continued the unexpected kiss.

Zhou Xiaoshan and Qiu Jianing returned to the dormitory holding hands, and when they said goodbye, they hugged them reluctantly. Qiu Jiaxin and Molly admired her more and more while they were in class, but Molly’s thoughts became more and more serious. Mr. Li kept begging for Molly’s forgiveness, Qiu Jiaxin helped her out, but Qiu Jiaxin was curious why Molly disliked Mr. Li so much. He seemed to like Molly very much. Qiu Jiaxin invited Molly to dinner. Molly used this to inquire about her and Qiu Jianing. Qiu Jiaxin complained that she was helping her master to chase Qiu Jianing, but she didn’t expect that Cheng Yaojin would be her subordinate. Molly was a little flustered.

Qiu Jianing and Zhou Xiaoshan sent messages in unfamiliar language, and Qiu Jiaxin was very curious when they found out. Qiu Jianing didn’t plan to tell Qiu Jiaxin about this. After all, she knew it was equivalent to that Qiu’s father knew. Zhou Xiaoshan also believed that their relationship should be handled in a low-key manner, whether it was to family members or colleagues. However, in the car, Zhou Xiaoshan still held hands. Qiu Jianing’s hand was tightened.

Zhou Xiaoshan found out that it was doing a double-blind experiment. Qin Bin came to the laboratory to look for Qiu Jianing again. His article was published and invited her to have a meal to celebrate. Qiu Jianing agreed, and Zhou Xiaoshan overturned the vinegar jar when he saw it. Qin Bin took Qiu Jianing to Lao Wu’s restaurant. Wu thought that Qiu Jianing was Qin Bin’s girlfriend. Qin Bin explained that he was really chasing Qiu Jianing, but she had not yet agreed.

The laboratory began to gossip about Qin Bin and Qiu Jianing. I heard that Qin Bin’s family is a medical family, and the two are close friends. Qiu Jianing rejected Qin Bin again, but Qin Bin expressed his thoughts calmly. He learned a lot from Qiu Jianing. A good love makes each other a better self. Qin Bin must show better self. Qiu Jianing sighed and said that she has a boyfriend.

Qin Bin sent Qiu Jianing back to the laboratory, feeling very bitter, and hurriedly ran to ask Qiu Jia if he knew about this. Qiu Jiaxin felt that Zhou Xiaoshan could not be Qiu Jianing’s boyfriend, and finally remembered that Qiu Jianing’s feeling for Zhou Xiaoshan was called phenylethylamine. Qin Bin sighed. It turned out that Qiu Jianing had long been moved by Zhou Xiaoshan. Xu Qianya learned that Qiu Jianing and Zhou Xiaoshan had an underground romance and was speechless.

Qiu Jianing and Qin Bin had a meal together. It is estimated that Zhou Xiaoshan’s vinegar jar has been overturned. Qiu Jianing didn’t realize this at all. When he returned home, seeing the lights in Zhou Xiaoshan’s room was still on, he brought soda water and soda biscuits, saying it was to neutralize his acetic acid. Zhou Xiaoshan smiled, Qiu Jianing finally got the hang of it. Qiu Jianing said that he was hungry, which was an honor for Zhou Xiaoshan.

Molly was so depressed because of Qiu Jiaxin’s words, she finally couldn’t help calling Zhou Xiaoshan. Zhou Xiaoshan was cooking with Qiu Jianing and quickly hung up the phone. She didn’t even hear what she said. Qiu Jianing helps in the kitchen, but she can’t do anything, can’t do anything well. Zhou Xiaoshan made a bowl of noodles and brought it to Qiu Jianing.

Qiu Jianing explained the matter with Qin Bin. Qiu Jianing and Zhou Xiaoshan fought each other while eating noodles, Zhou Xiaoshan directly gave her the lock code, and said that she welcomes her to inspect at any time. After Qiu Jianing left, Zhou Xiaoshan called Molly. Molly’s tone was a little aggrieved, and she cried out that she was going to find him tomorrow but was rejected.

Qiu Jianing was caught by Qiu Jiaxin. Qiu Jiaxin really didn’t understand how Qin Bin was no better than Xiaoshan last week, and she complained about her bad eyesight. Qin Bin was busy with work and various tasks to help patients. He couldn’t even take care of lunch. Qiu Jiaxin came to give him food and he refused to eat. Qiu Jiaxin went back to the office depressed and talked to Zhao Yan. Zhao Yan said that Qin Bin did the same before. .

Qiu Jiaxin was very curious. Zhao Yan told her that Qin Bin had a very beloved girlfriend before, but the other party disliked his work and dumped him. At that time, Qin Bin was also paralyzed by his crazy work. Qiu Jiaxin felt sorry for Qin Bin very much, and Qiu Jianing let Qin Bin not care about falling in love with others. Zhou Xiaoshan and Qiu Jianing have a date, and Zhou Xiaoshan secretly kissed Qiu Jianing on the street.

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