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Stop! Miss Hua 站住! 花小姐 Episode 9 Recap

Everyone found Qin Donghai and Hua Mingyue in the cold storage. At this time, the two had been frozen into a coma. They were sent to the hospital to examine the doctor and told them that Hua Mingyue was in temporary shock, and he would be fine after a short rest. Soon Hua Mingyue woke up, Qin Donghai hurried over to check, but Hua Mingyue felt that she was kissed by Qin Donghai, and hid her head under the quilt as she had a spring dream.

Chen Jingran and Qin Donghai hurriedly asked Hua Mingyue to get up to know why she was like that, so Hua Mingyue asked Qin Donghai’s experience in the cold storage. Qin Donghai said that he kissed her because he wanted to pass her body temperature to Hua Mingyue. He blamed Qin Donghai for ruining her innocence for more than 20 years.

Gao Ren Hao Shuai thought that Hua Mingyue was talking about them, and they both quickly admitted that they had sent Hua Mingyue to the hotel before, but they did not do anything bad to Hua Mingyue. But I didn’t expect that there would be a scandal of one woman and three men on the Internet. Only then did Hua Mingyue know that the scandals on the Internet were caused by the master and Gao Ren.

After returning home, Hua Mingyue called them all to condemn them, and they were the culprits who caused her homelessness. Brother Fei also helped Hua Mingyue talk to some of them to write the inspection, but Hua Mingyue asked Gao Ren to write the program quickly, but did not let Qin Donghai go because Qin Donghai snatched Hua Mingyue’s first kiss, called Qin Donghai Be sure to write an inspection until she is satisfied. Qin Donghai also asked himself why he did that. I wonder if he already likes Hua Mingyue.

The inspection written by Qin Donghai was seen by Chen Jingran when he knew that Hua Mingyue’s first kiss had been taken away by Qin Donghai, and he was very angry. The two quarreled because of Hua Mingyue. At this moment, the workshop director went in and knelt down for Qin Donghai and admitted. He destroyed the machine and set the blame on Hua Mingyue, and he was also monitoring them to send messages to the headquarters, but did not intend to kill Qin Donghai and Hua Mingyue.

It was only an accident that he closed the cold storage door. Qin Donghai had long known that the workshop director was from the headquarters, but he did not reveal him, as long as he can repent in the future. The workshop director thanked Qin Donghai for his benevolence and promised that he would not tell Hua Mingchen about his being fired in Sichuan. .

After Qin Donghai went home, he read the contents of the examination to Hua Mingyue. In the cold storage, the body temperature was passed on to prevent Hua Mingyue from freezing to death. However, Hua Mingyue believed that her first kiss should be emotional, but Qin Donghai was only humanitarian. Taking away Hua Mingyue’s kiss, Hua Mingyue is very dissatisfied. But Qin Donghai also admitted that he had a physiological reaction when he kissed Hua Mingyue, but the most important thing was that he didn’t want to call Hua Mingyue in danger, to ensure that there would be no deviant behaviors against Hua Mingyue in the future. Qin Donghai called Hua Mingyue. Mingyue was a little shy, even if Qin Donghai barely passed.

In the workshop, Hua Mingyue thought of Qin Donghai’s review and couldn’t help being a nympho. Seeing that Qin Donghai was working hard, she was a little intoxicated. Chen Jingran was a little jealous and slandered Qin Donghai, thinking that Qin Donghai was too high for him. High, but Hua Mingyue has to take Qin Donghai to find the product promotion for them by the anchor, and put Chen Jingran aside.

Hua Mingyue personally went to the battle to do endorsement photo shoots for the products, and still interacted with fans on the anchor platform. Soon their products opened up a market, and the factory soon had a turnaround. When Ye Xueer was dating Hua Mingchen, she was interrupted by Yao Shengnan’s message. She had gone to the restaurant and asked Hua Mingchen to go there quickly, but Hua Mingchen was with her beloved Ye Xueer and didn’t take Yao Shengnan seriously. .

Yao Shengnan was waiting for Hua Mingchen in the restaurant alone, drinking wine in anguish, Hao Shuai went in and called Yao Shengnan home. The restaurant was about to close. Yao Shengnan has been waiting for Hua Mingchen for several hours, but he released the pigeons. Yao Shengnan was very angry. She was unwilling to marry, but she had promised that her father had nothing to do. Yao Shengnan had to show Hua Mingchen some color. Row.

The first factory was temporarily inspected by the Environmental Protection Agency. They received a report that they wanted to sample the first factory for testing, and asked Chen Jingran to go to the Environmental Protection Agency for investigation. Qin Donghai arranged for someone to call for monitoring, and wanted to know who was doing the ghost. Just then the factory workers knew what was being investigated and they all gathered together to make trouble.

Qin Donghai hurried to calm people’s hearts and reassure them. Give everyone an explanation. Hua Mingyue was so annoyed that he couldn’t help calling Hua Mingchen, scolding him that he wanted to make her the first factory shut down, and don’t drive her to death just because of a word from her grandfather. Hua Mingchen tells Hua Mingyue that he just wants Hua Mingyue to know what it means to lose.

In Hua Mingchen’s heart, Hua Mingyue has been cared for by his grandfather since childhood, but he is always ignored. Since Xiao Hua Mingchen, Hua Mingyue has been jealous of Hua Mingyue as the jewel of the family. Not only was he ignored by his grandfather, even his mother was like that. Grandpa celebrated Hua Mingyue’s birthday, but Hua Mingchen could only celebrate his birthday with his mother. Without the company and care of his family, he had scars that could not be erased.

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