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Stop! Miss Hua 站住! 花小姐 Episode 8 Recap

Chen Jingran wanted to develop a skin care product acceptable to the common people, which made Hua Mingyue very happy, holding Chen Jingran and being seen by Qin Donghai not far away. Qin Donghai was very upset, so he went to Chen Jingran and told him not to create a scandal for Hua Mingyue, and finally he was accepted by everyone. But Chen Jiaorui told Qin Donghai not to worry, and if someone made irresponsible remarks, he declared that Hua Mingyue was his fiancée, so no one would dare to say anything.

Some valuable employees who squeezed Hua Mingyue went to apologize to her. They misunderstood Hua Mingyue and shouldn’t exclude her. So Hua Mingyue hugged them and didn’t let them go, telling them that they could not treat her like that in the future. If they were squeezing her out, just Hold them and don’t let go.

At this moment, Chen Jingran passed by and hurriedly told them to let go. When he was about to announce that Hua Mingyue was his fiancée, Qin Donghai hurriedly took the hand of Hua Mingyue, and Qin Donghai told them that Hua Mingyue was his wife, just thinking. I asked her to go to the workshop to exercise. Chen Jingran asked Hua Mingyue to explain clearly.

Hua Mingyue took Qin Donghai and asked him why he said that. He kicked her into a wound last night, but now he wants to say that. Qin Donghai had to explain that it was all for Hua Mingyue not to be misunderstood in the future, so that she could get away once and for all, but Hua Mingyue did not approve of Qin Donghai’s statement. She was clearly single now, but she had to bear Qin Donghai’s lies. Hua Mingyue told Qin Donghai. The approach is very angry.

Everyone is rumoring that the deputy factory director and Hua Mingyue are involved. A deputy factory director went airborne to repair the machine. It turned out to be Hua Mingyue. Qin Donghai is the good man in everyone’s dreams. Even if Hua Mingyue explained to them, it was useless. Everyone always believed that Qin Donghai was Hua Mingyue’s husband, and asked Hua Mingyue to tell everyone about their love history.

Hua Mingyue felt that he had to take revenge on Qin Donghai and told them that Qin Donghai was very humble when courting, and often knelt down at the door of her house. Many people are concerned about when they have children. After being married for so long and not getting pregnant, it must be the poor quality of sleep for couples.

Hua Mingyue didn’t understand the women’s words, and thought it was about Qin Donghai’s sleeping problem, so she told them with relish that Qin Donghai couldn’t sleep, because Hua Mingyue took the initiative to sleep. Some old women told Hua Mingyue to take Qin Donghai to see a doctor, and heal the deputy director’s illness while he was young. After that, the director of the workshop brought the medicinal liquor to Qin Donghai and told him that those things were very useful.

Qin Donghai knew that Hua Mingyue must have said something to everyone in the workshop, so he went to her and asked her clearly. Unexpectedly, Hua Mingyue planned to ask Qin Donghai to sit down and chat with everyone, and also asked Qin Donghai to fetch the sutras with everyone. At this moment, Chen Jingran passed by, and if they wanted to be embarrassed, they asked about their relationship.

Hua Mingyue hurriedly asked Qin Donghai to share with him, Qin Donghai told everyone about the process of saving Hua Mingyue before. Chen Jingran was going to expose Qin Donghai’s lie and he was gagged and dragged away. Chen Jingran threw Qin Donghai away and told him not to lie. Chen Jingran thought of that attention, and now Qin Donghai puts it in the same way as he did. Qin Donghai asked Chen Jiaorui to stop struggling with other people’s ideas.

As long as it is good for Hua Mingyue, it will be the same for anyone. It happens that Chen Longping is Chen Jingran’s cousin. If he pretends to be Hua Mingyue’s husband, he will have no face to face his cousin Chen Jingran in the future. Chen Jingran told Qin Donghai that he was going to develop new products, and Hua Mingyue would know who was more valuable at that time, but Qin Donghai would research and develop together with Chen Jingran, so Hua Mingyue would not be embarrassed.

Yao Shengnan took the agreement to find Hua Mingchen, as long as they got married, they would be invincible, but Hua Mingchen asked Yao Shengnan not to be paranoid, she was not worthy. When Yao Shengnan heard Hua Mingchen’s words, he turned around and left, even Hao Shuai, as her driver, didn’t ask to get in the car and threw away.

In order to be able to join Chen Jingran’s research and development, Qin Donghai went to work in the laboratory very early. He made a lot of jokes about Qin Donghai, who knew nothing about research and development, and Hua Mingyue and Chen Jingran told Qin Donghai that the combination simply didn’t work. But Qin Donghai’s mismatch gave Hua Mingyue some inspiration. If he could develop a small program, it would be very popular for people who don’t know the order of skin care.

Hua Mingyue bought gifts for everyone, and Gao Ren gave his favorite keyboard. Gao Ren said that only his mother had treated him as well. He also gave Hao Shuai a tie. He would be very decent to drive to the boss in the future. . He was given a massage chair to Fei Ge, who had limited mobility, and told him to take good care of his body, even without Qin Donghai’s share, so Qin Donghai got up to go back to the room. Hua Mingyue told them not to leave, with the big gift behind.

Hua Mingyue took out T-shirt from her bag and gave it to them. Everyone had a word written on their clothes, but Qin Donghai’s clothes were written with a flower character, which made Qin Donghai a little unhappy, so he just took the clothes. Back to the room. Hua Mingyue also followed in, telling Qin Donghai that she was not like that when she customized it.

She had already given a bad review to the buyer, and asked the master not to be careful. He also took out a box with a doll made by Hua Mingyue himself. It was made in the same way as Qin Donghai. It was more meaningful than a gift that could be bought with money. Qin Donghai slept with the baby until dawn, as if he were sleeping on the same bed with Hua Mingyue.

Hua Mingchen received the monthly report of the first factory, which has been greatly improved compared to before. This made Hua Mingchen very angry and lost his temper in the office.

Qin Donghai also found some customers to visit the factory. When Qin Donghai invited his comrades to the factory to celebrate, the employees went to find Qin Donghai’s equipment and there was a problem. Qin Donghai hurried to check, and Hua Mingyue followed. When Qin Donghai was repairing the equipment, the workshop director inspected the workshop and closed the door as soon as he saw that the door was opened.

The two were locked in the workshop. Qin Donghai hurriedly knocked on the door but no one answered. Suddenly they didn’t bring their mobile phones when they went out. They were locked in the cold storage and couldn’t get out and were too cold. Qin Donghai quickly took off his coat and put on Hua Mingyue to continue knocking on the door.

Several comrades-in-arms saw Qin Donghai and Hua Mingyue not going back for a long time, so they hurried out to look for them, and Chen Jingran followed them. Hua Mingyue was about to fall into a coma from the cold. Qin Donghai told Hua Mingyue to hold on. Grandpa was still outside waiting for her to go out. He also admitted that some of their comrades took her to the hotel that night. Qin Donghai took off all his clothes to warm Hua Mingyue, and kissed Hua Mingyue to pass her body temperature.

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