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Stop! Miss Hua 站住! 花小姐 Episode 7 Recap

Hua Mingyue felt that it was the first time in her life that she should be promoted as an assistant. Qin Donghai felt that Chen Jingran’s identity was suspicious and should be investigated and decided. At this moment, Chen Jingran went out and took Hua Mingyue into the office to call her. Starting a new job, it is also right with Hua Mingyue’s heart.

Chen Jingran spent money to buy a lot of office equipment for Hua Mingyue. Hua Mingyue and Chen Jingran worked very happily together and turned a blind eye to Qin Donghai. Qin Donghai investigated Chen Jingran’s details. With the help of foreign students, he found that Chen Longping was exactly the same as Chen Jingran in the photo, so Qin Donghai took the photo and asked him to explain. When Hua Mingyue looked at the photos, she stupidly said that they were like twin brothers. Chen Jingran followed Hua Mingyue’s words and said that they were brothers, just cousins, and opened the pictures on the computer to show them that they were not lying.

Qin Donghai called the accountant and asked her why all the money in the account was gone. It turned out that Chen Jingran took all the money to buy scientific research equipment. Qin Donghai went to Chen Jingran for a big fight. The money was only given to the employees. Expenses, if people can’t keep doing scientific research, there is no value. Hua Mingyue also learned from the staff that it was Qin Donghai who had the money to spend.

Everyone was very grateful to Qin Donghai, so Hua Mingyue was very self-blaming and should not support Chen Jingran with the money to sue for scientific research, and followed Qin Donghai. Show your attitude after get off work together. Unexpectedly, when Qin Donghai got off work, he received a rescue mission and rode away on a motorcycle. He asked Chen Jingran to drive Hua Mingyue home, which made Hua Mingyue very angry.

Hua Mingyue went home and waited for her former boss to return. Qin Donghai went back with her comrades late at night, but she didn’t see that Qin Donghai was already injured and very distressed. She rubbed medicine on Qin Donghai and told Qin Donghai that she would work hard in the future. Trying to settle down, Qin Donghai was once again hypnotized by the smell of Hua Mingyue, and immediately fell asleep.

The next day, Hua Mingyue put on work clothes and went to work in the workshop. Originally, she wanted to mingle with everyone, but unexpectedly, many workers said that she stepped on two boats to seduce the director and deputy director and now the ship capsized. When Hua Mingyue went to the cafeteria to eat, everyone was squeezed out, not allowing her a seat, which made Qin Donghai and Chen Jingran very distressed, but it would take Mingyue to solve it by himself.

Hua Mingyue promised to her colleagues that she would use her strength to prove that she was not the one that everyone had seen seriously. After that, Qin Donghai wanted to give Hua Mingyue and everyone a chance to join in and ask them all to participate in the activities. As long as they can work together, they will have the opportunity to receive bonuses. Hua Mingyue also worked very hard. She often went to the cafeteria to have dinner with everyone. With Hua Mingyue’s efforts, her colleagues also slowly accepted her.

The race started soon. Her colleague with Hua Mingyue sprained her foot halfway, and Hua Mingyue helped her partner and ran to the finish line. With the joint efforts of several people, Hua Mingyue won the first place in a group of retained people, which also made everyone feel that Hua Mingyue has improved and stood with everyone.

After returning home, Hua Mingyue and Qin Donghai were still sleeping on the same bed. Hua Mingyue thanked Qin Donghai for his support. If he wanted Qin Donghai to go to bed earlier, he had to hug him to sleep, but Qin Donghai was afraid that he could not help kissing Hua Mingyue. Pushing her away, she didn’t expect to push Hua Mingyue with too much effort to the ground, causing Hua Mingyue to fall back pain. After going to work the next day, Qin Donghai wanted to go to Hua Mingyue to apologize, but he was still angry and didn’t want to respond to him.

During the meal, many female workers’ approvals were dry. Hua Mingyue asked them to use the factory’s skin care products, but everyone felt that it was too expensive to buy. The whole family had eaten a bottle of skin care products for many days. Hua Mingyue went to Chen Jingran to discuss and ask him to give employees some tryst policies.

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