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Stop! Miss Hua 站住! 花小姐 Episode 6 Recap

Qin Donghai was worried that Hua Mingyue would compensate the factory equipment, so he went to check the information online. The next day after Hua Mingyue went to work, he saw a person repairing the machine. Everyone said that he was the new deputy director, but Hua Mingyue came forward and saw it. It is Master Qin Donghai. After Qin Donghai’s repair, the machine can be used soon. The director introduced Qin Donghai to everyone, but everyone is concerned about when the salary can be paid. Qin Donghai will give everyone a reassurance, and he will definitely give them full salary. of.

After Qin Donghai went back, everyone blamed him for going to Flora and didn’t tell them. It turned out that Qin Donghai was found by President Niu. Niu knew that it was Hua Mingchen who had changed his will and transferred Hua Mingyue to the first factory to suffer. He didn’t know what else he would do next. There was a recording of Grandpa before Hua Mingyue, but it was snatched away by Hua Mingchen. Qin Donghai felt that someone still wanted to ask Hua Mingchen to step down.

As long as Qin Donghai helped Hua Mingyue save the No. 1 factory, everyone would look at Hua Mingyue with admiration, and that person would definitely appear to look for them. President Niu is very optimistic about Qin Donghai. He was expelled from the factory for the first time. It was the first factory that President Niu arranged for Qin Donghai to enter.

After Qin Donghai took office, he imposed strict management and restraint on employees. As long as everyone can strictly follow the regulations, he can get more orders. He also called out Hua Mingyue as a negative teaching material. Hua Mingyue privately modified his work clothes and was deducted for three days. Salary. After that, Hua Mingyue went to the office to find Qin Donghai to settle accounts, but Qin Donghai told Hua Mingyue to have a correct attitude, so that he could convince the crowd. However, Hua Mingyue was still dissatisfied with Qin Donghai’s decision and slammed the door out angrily.

Hua Mingchen was dissatisfied with Mr. Niu’s appointment of a trustworthy deputy director at the meeting, but Mr. Niu retorted that Hua Mingchen only gave him three months to save the first factory, and he should have that authority in personnel arrangements. Hua Mingchen competed with Niu and waited to see if he had the ability to save the factory within three months. Mr. Niu left the meeting angrily. Some people who supported Hua Mingchen told him to pay attention to Mr. Niu. If it is too late for him to impeach Hua Mingchen with the handle, he might as well marry YE earlier to strengthen himself.

Hua Mingyue worked in the workshop without being disappointed and progressed quickly, and it didn’t take long for him to operate the assembly line alone. But I was very angry with Qin Donghai, even if Qin Donghai took the initiative to find her, he would ignore him.

Hua Mingyue broke a few bottles of cosmetics because of a small mistake in her work because she was too tired. Qin Donghai told her to clean up by herself. Hua Mingyue’s hand was pierced by the glass, sitting on the ground crying and calling Qin Donghai a badass, but not far away Qin Donghai was thinking about helping Hua Mingyue exercise early so that she could get back what belonged to her earlier.

Hua Mingyue took Gao Ren to buy goods when she was resting. Although she always spends money, she knows all about high-end clothes and naturally understands the prices. When she helps Gao Ren buy some fine clothes, she chooses some fine clothes. In the end, I helped to bargain with the boss. The original payment of 120,000 yuan was shown to 50,000 yuan by Hua Mingyue, which gave everyone a new understanding of Hua Mingyue.

Chen Jingran went to find Hua Mingyue and wanted to take her out for dinner. Hao Shuai and Gaoren could see that Qin Donghai was unwilling, but he was still stiff, so he helped get Hua Mingyue and Chen Jingran’s positioning restaurant to find her. Just when Chen Jingran was about to drink with Hua Mingyue, Qin Donghai stopped him, and told Hua Mingyue to follow home quickly, even if Chen Jingran wanted to stop, he couldn’t stop it.

Hua Mingchen asked people to investigate the messenger behind the recording of Grandpa, but they did not find any clues, but they must not ask Mr. Niu to find evidence first, if it was announced, Hua Mingchen would be finished. At this time, Chen Jingran went to Hua Mingchen and said that he was going to the first factory. Hua Mingchen felt that where Chen Jingran went to do research and development would definitely cost a lot of money, so that he could bring down the first factory in three months and agreed to Chen Jingran. Chen Jingran was also asked to spend money on research and development.

After Chen Jingran took office, he saw Qin Donghai in the workshop. The two of them were really bad friends. Unexpectedly, Chen Jingran would become the factory director and Qin Donghai would be the deputy factory director. Qin Donghai felt that Chen Jingran’s job as a factory manager meant experiencing life. He didn’t know the first factory at all. If he wanted to do research and development, he would definitely make the factory pornographic.

Chen Jingran asked the director to go to the workshop to find Hua Mingyue and go to the office as an assistant, and Qin Donghai chased him out and asked Hua Mingyue not to go.

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