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Stop! Miss Hua 站住! 花小姐 Episode 10 Recap

The factory was temporarily suspended by the Environmental Protection Agency because the factory was framed. All the employees went to the factory to gather to advance and retreat with them. This made everyone very touched. At this moment, the factory received the news that it could resume work. Everyone was very happy. . Chen Jingran and Qin Donghai fought side by side for the first time to resurrect the first factory and shook hands for the first time, but the two thought that they were rivals in love and turned their faces to dislike each other.

Hua Mingyue thanked her master for his help to keep her grandfather’s first factory after returning home. So everyone asked Hua Mingyue to tell her how she met Qin Donghai. Hua Mingyue told them that Qin Donghai rescued her on the rooftop for the first time. The first time I hugged her, Qin Donghai will be from Qin Donghai. Qin Donghai knew that Hua Mingyue was already drunk and didn’t teach him to talk nonsense. He didn’t expect Hua Mingyue to spit up on Qin Donghai, scaring his comrades. He ran away and asked Qin Donghai to clean up for Hua Mingyue.

Ye Xueer knows that the first factory’s performance is very good now, and many old antiques also support Hua Mingyue, asking Hua Ming not to target Hua Mingyue, but Hua Mingchen scolded Ye Xueer away and told her to be herself Don’t interrupt in your own job.

Hua Mingchen asked Chen Jingran to go out for dinner and wanted to give Chen Jingran all the credit for the resurrection of the first factory, but Chen Jingran told Hua Mingchen that it was all Hua Mingyue’s credit. Hua Mingchen felt that they were all brainwashed by Hua Mingyue and did not think of it. How long has it been with Hua Mingyue.

After Chen Jingran left, he went to Hua Mingchen if he had anything. Chen Jingran hid in the door and listened to their conversation when he saw Yao Shengnan go. Yao Shengnan knew that Hua Mingchen didn’t want to marry because of Ye Xueer. She was only thinking about the interests of the two families to endure Hua Mingchen. Hua Mingchen had always resisted Yao Shengnan, so Yao Shengnan warned Hua Mingchen that she would definitely do so. To make him look good, he left angrily.

The factory held a picnic party. Qin Donghai and Hua Mingyue were together. Chen Jingran was very jealous. When everyone was eating happily, he asked Qin Donghai and the staff to make it clear that he was not Hua Mingyue’s husband. Gao Ren knew that Chen Jingran was going to sabotage. I immediately interrupted and told everyone to eat and play games. The employees were all taken away and no one listened to Chen Jingran’s words.

When playing the game, everyone called Qin Donghai and Hua Mingyue confessed, so Qin Donghai said affectionately to Hua Mingyue. This is called Hua Mingyue very happy, but Chen Jingran on the other side wanted to expose them even more. Relationship. In the evening, the employees asked Qin Donghai to live together with his wife and asked them to do what the couple should do. Chen Jingran wanted to prevent the employee from returning to Lan.

Hua Mingyue and Qin Donghai have always only been together, but there has not been any behavior with the powerful, but this night Hua Mingyue was moved to Qin Donghai, and felt that Qin Donghai’s truthful words during the game had touched her, and the two of them If I couldn’t help kissing together, I was interrupted by an employee.

Yanyan, an employee of their factory, disappeared. Qin Donghai quickly put on his clothes and led everyone to search, and finally found Yanyan disease in a ravine and came up to rescue him. However, Hao Shuai and Qin Donghai received skin trauma because they rescued Yanyan. Hua Mingyue was very angry. She believed that when rescuing others, we must first ensure her own safety, while Qin Donghai believed that saving people should be the first priority. Time works, if the best time is delayed, it will be too late.

Qin Donghai once sacrificed his comrades when fighting a fire with his comrades, and then they retired, and Qin Donghai suffered a leg injury. Those comrades who sacrificed have always been the pain in Qin Donghai’s heart, even if they retired, they still insisted on doing rescue work. Hua Mingyue cried violently after learning about Qin Donghai’s story, thinking that she had blamed her master.

The next day Hua Mingyue saw Qin Donghai and apologized to him, and shouldn’t say anything harsh to Qin Donghai. Qin Donghai forgave Hua Mingyue when Hua Mingyue was about to take her back. Chen Jingran had a suitcase and went to them, hoping that they could take him in. Because the first factory was saved and Hua Mingchen was offended, he was kicked out of the house by his father.

Qin Donghai asked him to stay in a hotel, but Chen Jingran begged Hua Mingyue for help and threatened Qin Donghai to tell Qin Donghai and Hua Mingyue were fake husbands and wives if he didn’t take him in. Qin Donghai had no choice but to agree to Chen Jingran.

Chen Jingran went to Qin Donghai to check in. The comrades felt that they had led the wolf into the room and ran on him, and Chen Jingran didn’t sleep well all night.

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