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Litter To Glitter 燃烧吧废柴 Episode 18 Recap

After a round of clue searching, after discussion, everyone discovered that the boss turned out to be a serial murderer, even though he claimed that he wanted to kill only homeless people, but this did not clear his suspicion. After the second round of clue search, the female singer confessed to everyone that she also wanted to kill the dead to avenge her father, but she was a step late. When she came to the son’s room, she found that he had passed away.

After that, everyone targeted the homeless man with three generations of money. At this time, she confessed her deal with the general manager about poison mung bean cake. The general manager paid for her and exchanged the mung bean cake in the son’s room with the poison mung bean cake he prepared. However, the tramp tasted the mung bean cake of the general manager, so he didn’t exchange it, but took the mung bean cake from the general manager.

After this round of reasoning, they began to discuss again separately. While talking, An Qi had to read Fang Tianzi’s script in order to verify that her inference was correct, but she was stopped by everyone. Yuan Zhijie told her that there were rules on the second page of the script, so An Qi turned to look. Yuan Zhijie talked about the third and fourth pages, and An Qi turned to look at them in turn. Yuan Zhijie suddenly realized one thing.

The page numbers of the previous rounds of An Qi’s scripts had been messy. After coming back at this moment, they were suddenly arranged in page order, indicating that someone had peeked at other people’s scripts. At this time, Fang Tianyi came out to make a round and let everyone vote for the local tyrants. And this was caught by Yuan Zhijie’s loophole. Just when he suspected that Fang Tianyi was the one who peeked at the script, Ye Xiaoxi stepped up to relieve Fang Tianyi, saying that after their discussion, they believed that the local tyrant was the murderer, and listed a series of targets. Clues and evidence of local tyrants.

The local tyrant was not convinced, and stood up and made a speech that was extremely targeted at Ye Xiaoxi. Ye Xiaoxi explained that she really wanted to assassinate the son, but when she went there, she met the general manager, so he fought with the general manager and was injured, so she had to return to her own. in the room. The action failed. However, Yuan Zhijie caught some flaws in these remarks, so except Fang Tianyi, the other four people present all identified Ye Xiaoxi as the murderer. The murder is over.

The game should have ended here. The local tyrant suddenly jumped out and admitted that he was the murderer. In fact, he was the son of the chairman of the largest hotel group in Bangalore. After killing the local tyrant, he pretended to be him and deceived everyone. And his poisonous snake frightened the parrot in the singer’s room, and he couldn’t help but dance when he heard the song of the parrot.

However, the homeless man passed by downstairs at this time. He was afraid that the homeless man would suspect that he was pretending to be a local tyrant when he found out that he could sing and dance well, so he planned to sneak into the small restaurant and end her with a poisonous towel. However, there was an abnormal noise outside, so he dropped the poisonous towel and ran out.

Yuan Zhijie, who failed in reasoning, did not give up, and asked An Qi why the tramp had eaten the poisonous mung bean cake prepared by the general manager but did not die. An Qi told him that because he was an alien, he would not invade. Yuan Zhijie gave up completely, entered the salted fish mode, and no longer cared about all world affairs.

At this time, everyone realized that the person who peeked at other people’s scripts had not been caught, but it was speculated that the purpose of that person must be to end the script killing as soon as possible and go to the music festival. Hu Yanzu immediately guessed that Fang Tianzi might have peeked at the script, so in order to cover Fang Tianzi, he told everyone that the script was peeked by herself. Fang Tianyi, who was peeking at the script, heard Hu Yanzu’s confession, and was moved to tears, and stepped forward to hug him.

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