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First Love Again 循环初恋 Episode 6 Recap

In the future, Xia Wenxi found the future Ye You-ning and brought him the letter written by Grandpa Zhou when he was hospitalized. Grandpa Zhou missed Ye You-ning very much and felt very guilty for Ye You-ning. Ye Youning was very sad. He changed time and space time and time again, always wanting Grandpa Zhou to come back.

As a result, Grandpa Zhou passed away with new pain every time. Ye Youning asked Xia Wenxi why Grandpa Zhou died. Xia Wenxi said that Grandpa Zhou suffered a traumatic injury and caused a cerebral hemorrhage. Moreover, Grandpa Zhou had old injuries in the back of his head because of a car accident, so he died seriously. Other Xia Wenxi is not very clear. Yes, Xia Wenxi came here this time to hope that Ye You-ning will take Grandpa Zhou’s ashes back with him and give Grandpa Zhou incense.

In 2006, Xia Wenxi and Ye Youning took the bus to school together, but they were late. After entering the classroom, everyone found that Xia Wenxi’s clothes were covered with bird droppings. Lin Jiaqi took off his clothes and wanted to give Xia Wenxi, but Ye Youning gave him the clothes first. , Lin Jiaqi was jealous.

After class, Xia Wenxi secretly stuffed the egg dumplings she made into Ye You-ning’s desk. Lin Jiaqi wanted to eat it, but Xia Wenxi didn’t give it. Lin Jiaqi asked Xia Wenxi if he wanted to watch the Mayday concert. Xia Wenxi said that he could not get the ticket and had given up. NS.

Lin Jiaqi sold his collection of jerseys for concert tickets. Lin Jiaqi happily went to Xia Wenxi after getting the money. Xia Wenxi was sad because Ye Youning didn’t want to make the egg dumplings by himself, and planned to throw the egg dumplings away. Lin Jiaqi quickly stopped and said that he wanted to try Xia Wenxi’s craftsmanship, and Xia Wenxi asked Lin Jiaqi to try it.

I ate all the battered egg dumplings. Who knew that Lin Jiaqi went to the infirmary for infusion because of the food poisoning of this box of egg dumplings. Chen Tingting went to the infirmary worriedly after learning that Lin Jiaqi had food poisoning, but Lin Jiaqi sneaked out to Xia Wenxi I bought a ticket. Lin Jiaqi was almost spotted by Director Zhu when he came back. Fortunately, Chen Tingting helped Lin Jiaqi cover and let Lin Jiaqi come in over the wall.

During the physical education class, Zhou Zhihua called Ye You-ning to say happy birthday. Ye You-ning went to the screening room to answer the phone. He didn’t have a good tone for Zhou Zhihua. It was his birthday when Zhou Zhihua left. He hung up the phone angrily. After school, Ye Youning returned to the classroom. After returning home, Grandpa Zhou made a large table of dishes for Ye You-ning and took out the birthday gift Zhou Zhihua gave to Ye You-ning. He said that Zhou Zhihua still missed Ye You-ning very much.

Ye You-ning, who was very happy at first, changed his face. He thought Zhou Zhihua didn’t remember at all. On my birthday, I did these things for a different purpose. I blamed Grandpa Zhou for helping Zhou Zhihua. Grandpa Zhou wanted to persuade Ye You-ning not to do this, but Ye You-ning really hated Zhou Zhihua and said that he could not wait for Zhou Zhihua to die in front of him. Grandpa Zhou couldn’t bear it. She slapped Ye You-ning, Ye You-ning ran away with anger.

When Ye You-ning went home to pay homage to Grandpa Zhou in the future, she remembered that she had left Grandpa Zhou after quarreling with Grandpa Zhou on her birthday. Not only did Grandpa Zhou get into a car accident when he chased him, but also Grandpa Zhou passed away with regret and pain. In the future, Ye You-ning will quickly send a short breath to Xia Wenxi, asking her to persuade Ye You-ning not to leave Grandpa Zhou anyway. Xia Wenxi hasn’t talked to Ye You-ning for a day. She didn’t want to worry about it anymore, but she heard that this matter is related to Grandpa Zhou, so she should go out. Go to Ye Youning.

When Xia Wenxi found Ye You-ning, Ye You-ning was still very excited, saying that Xia Wenxi didn’t understand her pain. Grandpa Zhou also found him. He was almost hit by a car while crossing the road. Fortunately, Xia Wenxi rescued Grandpa Zhou. See you. Grandpa Zhou ran over worriedly because of an accident. Grandpa Zhou apologized to Ye You-ning, and Ye You-ning also followed Grandpa Zhou back. Time and space changed again. Grandpa Zhou did not have a car accident. In the future, in the time and space where Ye You-ning is, Grandpa Zhou will come back to life and bring a bowl of wontons to Ye You-ning.

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