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First Love Again 循环初恋 Episode 5 Recap

Ye Youning was very surprised when he faced Xia Wenxi’s accusations. He thought that the future had returned to normal, but he did not expect that there was still a deviation. Ye Youning went to find Xia Wenxi and wanted to know how his grandfather died. Xia Wenxi said it was Grandpa Zhou who injured a leg. He stumbled and fell down the stairs while packing his things and died.

Ye Youning didn’t understand why Grandpa Zhou hurt a leg, but Xia Wenxi did. Feeling that Ye You-ning is pretending to have amnesia, and even scolding him for neglecting Grandpa Zhou for more than ten years, Ye You-ning can’t figure out why she has not contacted Grandpa Zhou for more than ten years.

In 2006, Ye Youning and Xia Wenxi planned to go home after eating. Xia Wenxi was worried about Ye Youning’s leg injury, so they went back with him. On the way home, passing the stadium, Xia Wenxi saw the puppy on the stadium, and she wanted to adopt her.

A dog, but Xia’s mother disagrees with Xia Wenxi to keep a pet before the college entrance examination, and asks Xia Wenxi to send the puppy away. Xia Wenxi was sad while sitting on the street holding her puppy. Fortunately, Ye Youning had guessed that Xia Wenxi might not be able to raise a dog. He also wanted to raise a dog, so he adopted a puppy for Xia Wenxi. Xia Wenxi wanted to name the dog. Saying that Ye Youning scored a three-pointer and won the game today, he named the puppy three-pointer.

On the weekend, Xia Wenxi and Lin Jiaqi had an appointment to have a barbecue and discussed buying tickets for Mayday. Xia Wenxi explained that the sky is dynamic with activities. As long as the first 30 people call in before 11:30, you can get it. Free tickets. But classes have not ended at 11:30 tomorrow, and Xia Wenxi will ignore Mayday’s concert either.

On the second day of class, Mr. Yu sent everyone a test paper for a test. He said that there is a speech contest that senior high school students can also participate in. If they win, they will get a certificate and bonus. . Xia Wenxi stared at the time while taking the test and was preparing to make a call. But when she called, she was discovered by Teacher Yu. The old phone fell at Ye You-ning’s feet. Teacher Yu mistakenly thought that Ye You-ning was playing, so she asked Ye You-ning to pick up the phone and come to the office.

Ye You-ning did not excuse him, and helped Xia Wenxi conquer this crime. Teacher Wang, for the sake of Ye You-ning’s good grades, returned the phone to Ye You-ning, saying that he would directly confiscated it next time. After Ye Youning came out, she gave her mobile phone to Xia Wenxi. Xia Wenxi breathed a sigh of relief. Then she remembered that she had to make a call to grab the ticket. Although the call was made, she was the thirty-first person to make the call, and she was no longer available.

Seeing that Xia Wenxi wanted to go to the concert so much, Lin Jiaqi wanted to help Xia Wenxi buy tickets for the concert. He asked his mother for money, but Lin Jiaqi said that Lin Jiaqi would have a pilot retest in two days, so he should quickly review the culture these days. In class, Mother Lin hung up the phone after saying a few words.

Xia Wenxi felt that Ye Youning had hurt her foot because of the basketball game, and she helped herself get her mobile phone back, planning to make something to give to Ye Youning to thank him. Here Ye You-ning’s grandfather received a call from Zhou Zhihua. Zhou Zhihua hadn’t contacted him for a long time. He asked for money from Grandpa Zhou. Ye You-ning was so angry that he took the phone and scolded him and planned to go out to find Zhou Zhihua.

At this time, in the future, Ye You-ning found Grandpa Zhou’s medical records and found that Grandpa Zhou’s leg was injured in a car accident because he went out to chase him. He quickly sent a text message to ask Xia Wenxi what Ye You-ning was doing now. After learning that Ye You-ning was out, Ye You-ning asked Xia Wenxi to hurry up in the future. To catch up, Ye Youning can’t let Ye Youning go to the bridge hole. Xia Wenxi successfully stopped Ye Youning, and Grandpa Zhou did not hurt his leg.

In the future, Ye You-ning’s time and space will also change. In the future, Ye You-ning quickly called Yang Chuang to ask about the situation, but Yang Chuang said that the two of them had not been in contact for a long time and did not help him take care of Grandpa Zhou. After passing away, Ye You-ning was a little surprised. He had obviously changed the car accident, why would Grandpa Zhou still pass away.

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