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First Love Again 循环初恋 Episode 4 Recap

Early the next morning, Xia Wenxi went to Ye You-ning and asked if Ye You-ning had completed the question. Ye You-ning gave her the book. Xia Wenxi panicked and quickly told the future Ye You-ning. Ye You-ning watched the process of understanding the question, and Xia Wenxi said that he had solved it wrong, and the answer to this question was zero. Ye You-ning refused to believe it. Xia Wenxi said to go to Teacher Wang to verify.

After some calculations, Teacher Wang told Ye You-ning that he was indeed wrong. Xia Wenxi saw that Ye You-ning’s face was not good. Worried that he would be angry and stop playing because of this incident, who knew that Ye Youning said that he was willing to lose in the gambling and agreed to join the basketball team to participate in the game.

On the other hand, the future Ye You-ning also changed his life again because of Ye You-ning’s change of choice. He traveled to a kitchen back kitchen. Now he has experienced the failure of starting a business to become a cloned pet and opened a seafood shop again. He recalled the new life. Through experience, it was discovered that there was a problem in the basketball game. In the original time and space, Ye Youning made the last ball, but in this time and space, Lin Jiaqi cast the last ball to win the game.

Ye Youning again sent a message to Xia Wenxi, asking her to let Ye Youning make the last shot, but Xia Wenxi didn’t understand basketball and didn’t know how to persuade them. Ye Youning said that he would teach Xia Wenxi, and sent Xia Wenxi a long message to the basketball team. Play more and pass the ball to Ye You-ning more. Xia Wenxi told everyone on the basketball team what Ye Youning had sent. After listening to Xia Wenxi’s analysis, they all agreed to this style of play. Ye Youning was surprised why Xia Wenxi knew his arrangements.

After Ye You-ning joined the basketball team, she was taken alone by Xia Wenxi for a meal. A few people went to the basketball court to train. After training, the eighth class came to provoke the young and energetic Ye Youning and the eighth class. People from the eighth class hurt their feet. After several people returned to the classroom, they were scolded by Teacher Wang, saying that they only care about playing ball but not studying, and none of the basketball players have submitted any composition. Teacher Wang ordered several people not to play in school in the future.

Everyone could not play in the school. They could only go to the outside court to practice at night. When Lin Jiaqi and the others were practicing, Chen Tingting suddenly found a puppy on the court, and Xia Wenxi and others surrounded him. Lin Jiaqi saw that Xia Wenxi had been watching Ye Youning while practicing, and she was a little jealous. Xia Wenxi received news from Ye Youning in the future. She reassures Ye Youning in the future. Now everyone supports Ye Youning and she will succeed.

On the day of the basketball game, Xia Wenxi reported the situation to the future Ye You-ning, saying that the basketball game had already started, and the future Ye You-ning was waiting nervously. Ye Youning was hit by a hundred shots on the field and was targeted by his opponents, and his right leg was injured. Ye Youning requested a timeout of the game and discussed the next play with Lin Jiaqi. Ye Youning made a goal but was framed by the opposite side when he landed.

After removing her foot, Xia Wenxi brought the bandage medicine to Ye You-ning to deal with the foot injury urgently. After dealing with the foot injury, the game continued. At the crucial final goal, the ball was in the hands of Ye Youning, but unlike the previous results, Ye Youning finally made the goal.

In the future, Ye You-ning’s life will change again. This time he is the president of the Jiangcheng Research Institute and is hosting the opening dinner of the research institute. After he woke up, he immediately asked his subordinates to stop the pet cloning project. He went downstairs to greet the guests. Xia Wenxi suddenly appeared holding the portrait of Grandpa Zhou, accusing Ye Youning of ignoring Grandpa Zhou.

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