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Be Together 我和我們在一起 Episode 31 Recap

Early in the morning, Ma Xiangnan got up and prepared breakfast and waited for Xia Yan to get up to eat. Xia Yan felt a little embarrassed. She should have been cooking for Ma Xiangnan. So Xia Yan asked Han Shuang and Zhao Xiaolei to accompany Ma Xiangnan. After Xia Yan left for work, Han Shuang went there and met Mark downstairs. The two went in together to cook and eat for Ma Xiangnan. When Han Shuang cleaned up the fish, he was so scared that he screamed.

Mark hurried in to help. He put Huo Kai’s test sheet on the sofa and was seen by Ma Xiangnan. It was the result of Huo Kai’s examination. Ma Xiangnan knew Huo Kai’s condition at a glance. Of the severity, Huo Kai is a patient with frostbite. Han Shuang didn’t see Ma Xiangnan after he went out of the kitchen. Mark knew he must have been looking for Huo Kai, and the two ran out to chase Ma Xiangnan.

Zhao Xiaolei and Lin Hao also went outside the room at this time, and when they learned that Ma Xiangnan had gone to find Huo Kai, they notified Xia Yan, and several people separately searched for the whereabouts of Ma Xiangnan and Huo Kai.

Xu Chengyi also helped Xia Yan find Ma Xiangnan. Xia Yan sent the places Ma Xiangnan frequented to Xu Chengyi to work separately. When Xu Chengyi was looking for Ma Xiangnan, he met Lin Hao, so Lin Hao wanted to take the opportunity to chat with Xu Chengyi. Before, Lin Hao felt that he was not worthy of Xia Yan. Since knowing that Xia Yan and Xu Chengyi were together, he was relieved, but Xu Chengyi told Lin Hao that he was unwilling to forgive those who hurt Xia Yan.

Lin Hao thinks that Zhao Xiaolei is as kind as Xia Yan, but there is no sense of oppression with Zhao Xiaolei. What Lin Hao wants to do now is to hope that everyone can accept them. With Lin Hao’s sincerity, Xu Chengyi reached out and made peace with Lin Haoyan, but the two The scene of people shaking hands was secretly photographed by Lin Wei who was hiding on the side.

Huo Kai hid alone and left a message to Ma Xiangnan to tell her that she liked Ma Xiangnan very much. The reason why he left before was because of his condition. I didn’t expect that the more I left, the more I missed Ma Xiangnan, so he went back, but Huo Kai didn’t want to cry selfishly. Ma Xiangnan chose to leave this time and told Ma Xiangnan not to look for his whereabouts. After reading the news, Ma Xiangnan almost collapsed.

Zhao Xiaolei looked at Zhao Xiaojun eating bread alone, and when she asked, she knew that he was unemployed again. He went to interview several companies and was rejected. Zhao Xiaojun felt that Lin Hao was kind to him. I hope Zhao Xiaolei and Lin Hao would say good things to him and tell him to go back to Lin. Hao’s company. And Zhao Xiaolei told Zhao Xiaojun that she was thinking about being separated from Lin Hao for a while, which made Zhao Xiaojun very dissatisfied and told Zhao Xiaolei not to be stupid.

Han Shuang received a call that his mother refused to accept their company’s furniture. Han Shuang was very angry with his mother, Han Mingzhu. Mark also rushed over to help figure out a solution. Han Shuang wanted to contact his previous customers to sell the furniture, but Those people didn’t buy it, so Han Shuang went to his mother to settle the accounts. My mother told Han Shuang that their company was not embarrassed.

They were just doing business, but Han Shuang knew very well that Han Mingzhu was taking revenge on Mark and humiliating his mother at the wedding. Han Mingzhu told Han Shuang that she had already learned about it and knew why Mark divorced at the wedding, and told Han Shuang and Mark not to meet, so that they would collect all the furniture, otherwise, Han Shuang would go bankrupt because of the furniture store.

A heartless guy did that. But Han Shuang knew that the relationship between herself and Mark had not changed, and told her mother not to impose her values ​​on her. After that, Han Shuang left Han Mingzhu’s company angrily.

After seeing Mark, I told him that as long as he left Mark, the crisis would be solved. This made Mark feel a little guilty, and felt that everything was caused by him, so he should leave Han Shuang. But Han Shuang told Mark not to think too much.

The reason she would tell Mark was because she remembered her previous attitude towards Zhao Xiaolei, and felt that her mother is exactly the same as her at the beginning. It was the same attitude that asked Zhao Xiaolei to leave Lin Hao before, knowing that now that she is not what others want for the good of others. Originally, Zhao Xiaolei had always been regarded as a small attendant, but now it seems that she has been tolerant of herself.

Because Zhao Xiaolei’s birthday girlfriends were not able to attend, so several people decided to make up a birthday banquet for Zhao Xiaolei, which moved Zhao Xiaolei. During the meal, Ma Xiangnan asked Han Shuang to talk about her business.

Everyone wanted to know how much trouble Han Shuang had encountered. So Han Shuang told his girlfriends the story. If she couldn’t raise funds, her mother would really send her to jail to learn the lesson. So everyone had to help raise funds for Han Shuang, Ma Xiangnan told Han Shuang that Mark had also sold the family hospital to help Han Shuang.

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