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Be Together 我和我們在一起 Episode 30 Recap

When Han Shuang knew that Mark was about to sell the hospital, he went to ask him about the crime. Han Shuang owed the money to him and told Mark not to get involved. But Mark disagrees. He told Han Shuang and Han Mingzhu that the contest must be won. He has pledged his family’s hospital and will go home to work for his parents in the future and never leave them.

Han Shuang lived up to expectations and cleared all the inventory. The best friends celebrated the victory for Han Shuang. Han Shuang thanked his best friends for their help, but the most thankful thing is Mark. It is his continuous support and funding that has achieved the current results. Mark hugged Han Shuang and kissed him.

At this moment, Han Mingzhu also passed by, and my girlfriends slipped away when they knew what was going to happen. Han Mingzhu felt that Han Shuang was still good, and even sold all the inventory. She also admitted that she had lost, and it was the first time she had given up. Han Shuang told her mother that she relied on the Internet and told her to change her mind. And her mother felt that she still had to stick to her old line.

After all, there were people who would continue to do it. Han Mingzhu looked forward to Han Shuang’s ability to defeat her in the future. Although the mother and daughter were diametrically opposed in the shopping malls, they had already disappeared in their hearts. gap.

Mark went to Han Mingzhu and explained the reason for leaving at the wedding, but just wanted to be quiet. He didn’t expect that Han Shuang would announce a divorce with everyone. Han Mingzhu told Mark that Han Shuang looked Xiao Sa, but in his heart she was just a little girl, and Mark had to do that if she didn’t go out. Mark told Han Mingzhu to rest assured that he would find out the person who made trouble at the wedding and give everyone an explanation. I hope that Han Mingzhu can see his abilities and call her mother as soon as possible.

Ling Wei gave everyone a meeting and said that the opponent had realized the plan they were about to do ahead of time. There must be someone selling the plan inside, and told everyone to keep their distance. Don’t contact the outside world without investigating clearly, as long as they know everything they know. Just explain it. After that, the colleagues were called in by the superior investigation team for questioning. Finally, it was Xia Yan’s turn.

They were very interested in the relationship between Xia Yan and Xu Chengyi. Also, Xia Yan was thrown to Lin Hao and Xu Chengyi to be together with suspicion. Xu Chengyi must have given Lin Hao the plan in exchange for Xia Yan, which made Xia Yan speechless. A photo of Xu Chengyi and Lin Hao shaking hands was also used as evidence.

Xu Chengyi on the other side was also being questioned by the boss. The photo of Xu Chengyi and Lin Hao shaking hands has now been circulated on the Internet, which has already affected SG’s stock price. Now the board of directors is dissatisfied with Xu Chengyi, hoping that Xu Chengyi can take a period of leave, and Xia Yan will be resigned by the board of directors.

Xia Yan felt that she was the cause of Xu Chengyi. If Xu Chengyi could leave SG voluntarily, there would be no more trouble. However, the current algorithm of SG is a project that Xu Chengyi had studied before taking office. They have been operating for five years, and the company felt that the algorithm should be implemented.

It was sold, but Xu Chengyi was always reluctant to sell. It was his painstaking effort, and what the company fancyed was profit. Xia Yan decides that Xu Chengyi will not leave SG in the future, no matter how much pressure he faces, he must keep his algorithm for Xu Chengyi. Otherwise, they would believe that Xia Yan and Xu Chengyi conspired to sell the algorithm to Lin Hao.

After Xia Yan went back, Ling Wei pretended to comfort her. If Xia Yan voluntarily resigned, she would support her, but Xia Yan insisted not to leave, so Ling Wei told Xia Yan to rest assured that she would support Xia Yan.

After Ling Wei left, Xia Yan remembered what Yan Changjun had said before that Ling Wei was a scheming woman. She obviously could enjoy better treatment abroad, and she had to return to China to become an operations director, indicating that Ling Wei has a better position in SG. More important things attracted Ling Wei.

So Xia Yan went to Yan Changjun to discuss with Yan Changjun whether Ling Wei would frame them. Although Xu Chengyi suspects that Xue Ning did it, Xia Yan believes that Lingwei is most suspicious. The leak of Han Shuang’s information was prompted by Ling Wei. Han Shuang suspected that Xia Yan did it. Yan Changjun firmly told that Xia Yan must be Ling Wei, not just because Xu Chengyi was as simple as Xu Chengyi, she had a deeper purpose.

After Xia Yan went back, he told some of his best friends, Han Shuang guessed that Lin Hao must have done it, and wanted to call the police to deal with it. Zhao Xiaolei called Lin Hao and no one answered, so he called Zhao Xiaojun. Zhao Xiaojun told Zhao Xiaolei that many people were rumoring that Lin Hao approached Zhao Xiaolei because he wanted to retaliate against Xia Yan.

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