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Stop! Miss Hua 站住! 花小姐 Episode 5 Recap

Ms. Yao Yao Shengnan went to find Hua Mingchen to find out if there is any question about their cooperation plan. I haven’t got a reply from Hua Mingchen, so I asked it clearly that if the two of them cooperate with each other as a strong alliance, they will definitely win the market. But Hua Mingchen called Miss Yao home to ask his father and knew why he couldn’t get a reply. After Ms. Yao went back, she blamed her father for not telling her that she had already talked with Hua Mingchen, so she would be passive when she went out to discuss business.

But my father told Yao Shengnan to stop worrying about business matters, and quickly clean up and go on a blind date with Hua Mingchen. Hua Mingchen is now the heir of the Flora Group. As long as they marry, there will be no harm to the two companies. Although Yao Shengnan wants to oppose the blind date, he will have no chance to refute it under his father’s power.

Hua Mingyue got 47.5 points in Qin Donghai’s training test and was very happy. Qin Donghai told Hua Mingyue that if she progressed at the speed of her progress, she would have to wait a year before defeating Flora, so Hua Mingyue promised everyone that she would do it from the bottom. Start, go to be a cleaning aunt.

Hua Mingchen took his secretary Ye Xue’er to see the house, which will be Ye Xue’er’s home in the future. Ye Xueer felt that the gift was too extravagant, but Hua Mingchen asked Ye Xueer to rest assured that it would be their home in the future. As his girlfriend, he should enjoy those treatments.

Hua Mingyue was trained by Qin Donghai to cry and scolded Qin Donghai for bullying her without a father, but Qin Donghai didn’t feel soft about Hua Mingyue. He still told her to mop the floor. The purpose was not to ask her to work but to face her attitude.

When Sa Sa was shopping, she went to the shop of Qin Donghai’s comrade Gao Ren, so Hua Mingyue also pretended to go shopping and I met Sa Sa. Hua Mingyue wanted to fix Sa Sa and chose a lot of clothes. Unexpectedly, Sa Sa would have to compare with Hua Mingyue. The clothes that Mingyue selected were packed to buy, and the members were also charged to compare Hua Mingyue.

Gao Ren asked Hua Mingyue to take some more enemies and would give her a commission as a reward. At this moment, Hua Mingyue received an employment call, and was happy that Hua Mingyue hurried to tell her master. But Qin Donghai called Hua Mingyue must remove makeup, otherwise he would be recognized by the company. After Qin Donghai’s meal, Hua Mingyue became a big sister in the market.

Qin Donghai took Hua Mingyue to Flora’s company to apply for employment, and told her to be careful. Hua Mingyue made up as a cleaning sister and entered Hua Mingchen’s office to clean up. He wanted to take the opportunity to open the safe and get favorable evidence. At this time, Hua Mingchen took Chen Jingran in, and Hua Mingyue hurriedly hid under the desk.

But was seen by Chen Jingran, which made Hua Mingyue very scared, but Chen Jingran was also afraid of being known by Hua Mingyue that he was Chen Jingran himself, so he hurriedly helped Hua Mingyue cover, and Hua Mingyue had the opportunity to run out of the office.

After Hua Mingyue went out, she was scolded by the supervisor, who blamed her for leaving the cleaning truck in the office. Hua Mingyue had to find a mask to put on and push the car out, but when Hua Mingchen saw that Hua Mingyue was a little angry, she called the supervisor and asked her to transfer the person who had just cleaned to the No. 1 factory.

After Hua Mingyue went back, he told everyone what happened. Qin Donghai felt that Hua Mingyue had been seen through by Hua Mingchen, so he wanted to teach her a lesson, but that was also her chance. It was where grandpa started, and Hua Mingyue also wanted to start from grandpa. To help Grandpa keep his family business.

Hua Mingyue went to the workshop to report. The director took her to change into work clothes and went to work in the workshop. However, the workers in the workshop were not satisfied with the current situation. Before, Grandpa had a guaranteed salary when he was there, but now there is no salary. Hua Mingyue has never worked. She broke the machine in the workshop at the beginning of work. The director blamed her for ruining the production line, and all workers in one line were deducted from their wages. Everyone started to attack Hua Mingyue because she had no salary, and asked Hua Mingyue to accompany them to pay.

Hua Mingyue went home and told Qin Donghai that he had broken the five million machine. If he couldn’t be worthy of the current salary level, Chen Longping went and told her that Chen Jingran asked him to pick up the flowers. Mingyue’s, and Chen Jingran can help Hua Mingyue solve the equipment compensation. But Hua Mingyue felt that Chen Jingran hadn’t fallen into trouble before, and she didn’t want to see Chen Jingran.

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