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Stop! Miss Hua 站住! 花小姐 Episode 4 Recap

Hua Mingyue trains hard every day. After sharing it with her circle of friends, she finds that her fans have risen a lot, so she is proud to show off. Qin Donghai blames Hua Mingyue for not summing up her shortcomings with everyone, but complacent with her small results. The special fragrance of Hua Mingyue made Qin Donghai want to sleep as long as he smelled it. In order to refresh himself, he had to wear a mask to train every day.

Chen Jingran finally went to see Hua Mingchen and asked about the relationship between Hua Mingchen and Hua Mingyue. Chen Jingran came out of Hua Mingchen with a heavy heart, and wanted to contact Hua Mingyue to find out about his situation.

Qin Donghai had very strict requirements on Hua Mingyue, and asked Hua Mingyue to write a three-thousand-word enterprise promotion paper. But before he could supervise Hua Mingyue to finish writing, Qin Donghai and others received a rescue call and hurried out to rescue him. Mingyue was fortunate that she never had to be supervised anymore, but she saw the live rescue footage on TV, which shocked Hua Mingyue’s heart. Suddenly she felt that Qin Donghai and the others were great, and her paper was just a small matter, so Take the initiative to write a paper consciously.

Unexpectedly, he forgot to save the essay that he had finished writing, and fell asleep on the table. Seeing that hard-working Qin Donghai came back, Hua Mingyue happily wanted to share her paper, but found that it had been deleted. Qin Donghai mistakenly thought that Hua Mingyue was simply lying and did not write, so he punished Hua Mingyue to write an article. Hua Mingyue had no objection to rewriting, but he was unwilling to be wronged, so he quarreled with Qin Donghai angrily.

Hua Mingyue cried sadly and ran to her grandfather crying, but Qin Donghai learned from Fei Ge that Hua Mingyue really wrote it, and immediately felt guilty and hurried to find Hua Mingyue to apologize, and Hua Mingyue asked Qin Donghai to accompany him. While playing the game apologized, Qin Donghai had no choice but to agree and accompany him to play the game all day long. Qin Donghai was not Hua Mingyue’s opponent who had been defeated continuously. After returning, Hua Mingyue was still in front of everyone, and Qin Donghai’s face was sweeping.

When Hua Mingyue saw that everyone’s skin tone was not good, she also taught everyone to wash their faces in the correct way to completely remove the dirt on their faces, so that they can achieve the effect of skin care. Qin Donghai watched everyone learn that they were also hiding in the room. They secretly practiced washing their faces with their mobile phones. Everyone looked at Qin Donghai holding his mobile phone and chatted every day, thinking it was online dating. Qin Donghai made an appointment with Chen Jingran to meet.

Chen Jingran originally offered Hua Mingyue, but he did not expect that Qin Donghai would cross the line and warn Chen Jingran not to approach Hua Mingyue, and the two quarreled. Unexpectedly, Hua Mingyue and everyone thought that Qin Donghai was a lover in a private meeting and they all followed afterwards. They watched the two men tangling in the car outside the car, thinking they were gay.

Qin Donghai found several people following him. Under questioning, Hua Mingyue had to say that it was out of concern. Qin Donghai blamed Hua Mingyue for not giving Chen Jingran her contact information. In fact, both Qin Donghai and Hua Mingyue now think that Chen Jingran is just an assistant Chen. Longping. Everyone ridiculed that Qin Donghai and Chen Longping are more suitable to be together, and Qin Donghai explained that he had been pretending to be Hua Mingyue and chatting with Chen Longping, causing everyone to misunderstand.

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