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Stop! Miss Hua 站住! 花小姐 Episode 3 Recap

Although Chen Jingran and Hua Mingyue were married, they actually never met each other. Hua Mingyue also learned from the group chat that Chen Jingran was going to return to China, and also learned that everyone also specially prepared a welcome reception for Chen Jingran. The purpose was natural. They all want to get acquainted with the famous young master in this rumor.

Hua Mingyue couldn’t bear the hard life with a few big men now, so she also came to the reception to find the “fiance” so that she could take her back. But in fact, it was not just Hua Mingyue, even the people who hosted the reception had never seen Chen Jingran’s appearance, so that no one recognized Chen Jingran when he appeared at the banquet.

When Qin Donghai discovered that Hua Mingyue had disappeared, he guessed that it was because he could not bear the hardship and left. Seeing the valuable card issued by Hua Mingyue, Qin Donghai decided to follow Hua Mingyue’s meaning and wanted to leave without blocking, but Returned the card to her, and went to the hotel too.

Although Hua Mingyue and Chen Jingran have not seen each other, they talked very happily because of the same situation. The ladies at the banquet saw Hua Mingyue and all ridiculed that she was one woman and three men, and Hua Mingyue did not agree. Shows weakness and satirizes Sa Sa likes to pursue Hua Mingchen cheeky, and even automatically throws in her arms, but Hua Mingchen dismisses it. Chen Jingran on the side watched the war between these women with great interest, and suddenly discovered that Hua Mingyue’s combat effectiveness was also quite strong.

Some people even ridiculed that Hua Mingyue must have been abandoned by Chen Jingran, otherwise Chen Jingran should accompany him. Hua Mingyue had to lie that Chen Jingran had gone to the car, but Sa Sa said that she did not believe it at all, thinking that Chen Jingran did not like Hua Mingyue, Hua Mingyue Mingyue satirizes Sasha as a shameless woman, she is not worthy to come and scold her. An angry Sasha picked up her glass and threw it at Hua Mingyue. Chen Jingran was worried when she saw it, but it was obviously too late to rush over. Fortunately, Qin Donghai appeared again in time to stop her. Hugging Hua Mingyue and avoided.

For the sake of face, Hua Mingyue deliberately used Qin Donghai to pretend to be Chen Jingran, and Sa Sha and others, but Sa Sha did not believe it at all, and had to ask Hua Mingyue to produce evidence to prove Qin Donghai’s identity. Upon seeing this, Chen Jingran came forward with a tacit understanding, falsely claiming that he was Chen Jingran’s driver, calling Qin Donghai the boss, and publicly showing the QR code in his mobile phone. That was evidence that Chen Jingran invited Hua Mingyue to the party. Everyone saw it naturally. I also believe that it is Chen Jingran.

Hua Mingyue proudly took Qin Donghai’s arm and left the venue. Chen Jingran followed and lied that he was an assistant Chen Longping. He praised the scene of Hua Mingyue dealing with those women for a wonderful scene. I hope Hua Mingyue can meet Chen Jingran and believes Chen Jingran. I will like Huamingyue very much. But at this moment, the group suddenly sent a message that the Tongda Group’s Chen family and Hua Mingyue announced the dissolution of their marriage contract. Hua Mingyue and Hua Mingyue turned pale. Chen Jingran hurriedly explained that the news must be false and asked to leave Hua Mingyue’s call. Hope to explain this misunderstanding clearly.

Chen Jingran was unwilling to break his marriage contract with Hua Mingyue. After returning, he asked his father why he did that. Unexpectedly, his father was just a businessman. Everything was for the benefit of the family. Hua Mingyue has now been driven out of the house by Hua Mingchen. I am afraid it will be difficult to heal. Hua Mingchen has to replace the cooperative relationship with them. The Chen family’s business has been at a loss.

In order to win Hua Mingchen’s love, he announced the dismissal of the marriage contract with Hua Mingyue. The father thought that Chen Jingran and Hua Mingchen had a good relationship, so he proposed to make an appointment with Hua Mingchen to inquire about it. This was also what he had promised his father to take care of the family business before returning to China and had to agree to his father.

Hua Mingyue, who had already left Qin Donghai’s residence, had to move back. He complained to Qin Donghai and the others that Chen Jingran was not a thing. Just when Hua Mingyue picked up the phone and turned on the recording, I heard that my grandfather’s previous recording was scolding his brother Hua Mingchen for being too scheming. He never treated his sister Hua Mingyue as a relative, and regretted giving the chairman the position to Hua Mingchen. After Grandpa passes away, he will surely sweep Hua Mingchen out.

Hua Mingyue couldn’t settle herself down, so she ran back to find Hua Mingchen to ask her questions, and despite Qin Donghai’s dissuasion, Qin Donghai was worried that Hua Mingyue then rode a motorcycle to follow, because Qin Donghai knew that Hua Mingchen was at this time. Chasing out Hua Mingyue would actually have torn his face, so he would not care about his brother and sister at all.

Hua Mingyue couldn’t believe that her brother would faint her grandfather because of the family property. He put out a recording to question Hua Mingchen. Hua Mingchen didn’t delay it at all, and accused grandpa of favoring Hua Mingyue, and wanted to leave all the property to him. Hua Mingyue. And what Hua Mingchen is most angry about is that the appearance of Hua Mingyue’s mother and daughter took away his father’s love and drove away his mother.

Therefore, in his opinion, what kind of end Hua Mingyue has should be deserved, and it is precisely because of this that his grandfather sees through. People have a quarrel, grandpa will be hospitalized with anger and has not yet awakened. Hua Mingchen forcibly snatched the recording from Hua Mingyue and drove away Hua Mingyue.

When Hua Mingyue came out, Qin Donghai was standing outside. He heard everything that happened inside. Qin Donghai persuaded Hua Mingyue not to be discouraged and not to give up. He would also help Hua Mingyue regain everything that should belong to her, and then Qin Donghai returned it. Professional training was given to Hua Mingyue, allowing Hua Mingyue to learn the management knowledge of the enterprise.

Qin Donghai lives in the same room with the dog and Hua Mingyue. I don’t know why. Since Hua Mingyue moved in, Qin Donghai slept very peacefully and never had nightmares. Everyone guessed that it might be because of the fragrance of Hua Mingyue’s body. To the effect of hypnosis. Since then, Hua Mingyue has also received training in Qin Donghai. She runs and exercises with everyone every day. Hua Mingyue is obviously overwhelmed, but she continues to hold on in order to fight for a breath.

The first factory has always been at a loss. Hua Mingchen has always wanted to close, but some people always think that it can turn losses into profits. Grandpa is unconscious and Hua Mingchen once again proposed to close the first factory, but Mr. Niu stood up against it and hoped to continue. With grandpa’s insistence, Hua Mingchen promised to give them a few months. If they are still losing money, they can only shut down.

Therefore, some shareholders are dissatisfied with Niu Zong and Hua Mingchen who are against each other, hoping that Hua Mingchen can marry Yao Shengnan to stabilize the foundation, but Hua Mingchen does not want to marry. Hua Mingchen guessed that the recording of Hua Mingyue might have been given by Mr. Niu, so he asked him to investigate the matter.

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