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Stop! Miss Hua 站住! 花小姐 Episode 2 Recap

Unexpectedly, Hua Mingyue also tore off the camera’s strap. The sneak shot fell into the water and shouted for help. Watching the person who can’t swim struggling in the water, Qin Donghai quickly jumped into the water to rescue the sneak shot.

Hua Mingyue saw the photo in the camera, and didn’t care who was taking her secretly, but instead cared about the effect of the picture. She thought that the secret photographer took her too ugly, and even thought that Qin Donghai always stared at her, and the secret photographer happened to appear. The two might be in the same group, and the unteachable Hua Mingyue ruined Qin Donghai.

According to Qin Donghai’s character, he really didn’t want to deal with this straw bag anymore, but for the sake of the case, Qin Donghai had to come to Hua Mingyue and reminded that the person behind Hua Mingyue filming her must be someone else behind the scenes. But Hua Mingyue disagreed, but the appearance of a woman who was crying because she looked down on her illness made Hua Mingyue feel moved, and she took the initiative to go to the street to fundraise to help those in need. The people around praised Hua Mingyue’s behavior, thinking that it was better than Hua Mingchen.

At this time, Hua Mingchen passed by, and Hua Mingyue hurriedly pulled over to raise money together, and claimed that his brother meant that Hua Mingchen had no choice but to announce that he was already in town. Lili Charity Fund helped those in need, and even was donated 5 million yuan by Hua Mingyue in public in the name of Hua Mingchen, which suddenly caused a line up for fundraising.

I thought that charity was a good thing, but the news was quickly exposed on the Internet. The video of Hua Mingyue opening a room with three men in a hotel was exposed. He even felt that Hua Mingyue’s charity was hypocrisy, and began to suspect that Hua’s charity fund was shady. They came over here, accusing Hua Mingyue of one woman and three men. Hua Mingyue also saw the video, but she didn’t have much impression. After all, she drank too much that day and she couldn’t remember many things. Hua Mingchen didn’t believe that Hua Mingyue could do this kind of thing, but was still very angry and asked the housekeeper to shut Hua Mingyue out.

Hua Mingchen came to see his girlfriend Ye Xueer at night. Ye Xueer felt a bit cruel and unsympathetic in driving away Hua Mingyue. Hua Mingchen had a rare cold face, with hatred in his heart, and blamed Hua Mingyue’s mother for forcing him away. His mother caused her to go crazy, thinking that Hua Mingyue and them were even more unfeeling.

Hua Mingyue strolled on the street alone and didn’t know where to go. When she passed the bridge hole, she was chased by a tramp. She was so scared that Hua Mingyue turned around and ran away. She was almost hit by a car. Fortunately, Qin Donghai appeared in time to rescue her and rescue her. Bring back. Hua Mingyue instinctively did not dare to enter the room, fearing being bullied, Qin Donghai did not explain that he entered the room carrying Hua Mingyue, scared Hua Mingyue Huarong and yelled until he could see that there were several people in the room. At that time, Hua Mingyue was a little calmer. I wanted to leave here but learned that there was no transportation around, so I was obediently forced to stay.

The place where Qin Donghai and others live seems to have been remodeled from a large warehouse. The showers and everything are covered by very simple curtains, which makes Hua Mingyue uncomfortable. The place to sleep is to live in a room with a dog. Hua Mingyue originally Thinking that Qin Donghai couldn’t get up in bed, Qin Donghai touched Hua Mingyue’s cheeks while pulling. Both of them were a little dazed. Qin Donghai suddenly fell asleep next to Hua Mingyue, scared Hua Mingyue loudly. Screaming, Gao Ren, Qi Fei and others rushed in to see this scene and took a super intimate picture.

This night was the only night Qin Donghai failed to live up to that dream. He slept very securely. The next day Hua Mingyue woke up next to the doghouse, listening to the sound of military training outside, and watching Qin Donghai and others were bare-armed military training. Hua Mingyue stood by the window and smiled at the corner of Chenguang’s mouth, but suddenly smelled the unpleasant dog smell coming from her body, and Hua Mingyue went to take a bath with disgust.

Before Hua Mingyue came out of the bathhouse, Qin Donghai went in, and Gao Ren and Hao Shuai also went in. Qin Donghai was afraid that he and Hua Mingyue would cause a misunderstanding in the same tent, so he hurriedly carried Hua Mingyue, Hao Shuai. Although I felt that there was an abnormality, when I looked down, I only saw a pair of legs, so no abnormality was found.

After returning to her room smoothly, Hua Mingyue didn’t want to live among a group of men for a moment. She prayed that her brother would forgive herself and let her go home early. When she checked her mobile phone, she found that her fiance Chen Jingran’s name appeared in the group chat, Hua Mingyue wanted to declare her unique status, but found that she had been kicked out of the group chat, but this did not affect Hua Mingyue’s mood. She was confident that Bicao would see that she was the unique heroine.

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