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Song of Youth 玉楼春 Episode 14 Recap

Sun Yulou came to the disaster area and saw that the flood was so severe that the river embankment was washed away in a mess. Sun Yulou inspected and found that the embankment built two years ago was cut corners, and the sleepers and gravel distributed by the court were not in place. He told local officials Master Chen was held accountable, Master Chen put all the blame on his subordinate Qiu Chan, but Qiu Chan had already escaped.

Sun Yulou ordered Master Chen to send people to reinforce the river embankment immediately, but the court gave two cups of money for disaster relief. Sun Yulou personally went to the government office and called on the local merchants to donate money to repair the river embankment. They only collected 5,000 taels of silver and kept going. Weeping poor to Sun Yulou. Sun Yulou was desperate, and finally understood the reason Liang Jingguan recommended him to come to the disaster relief, because he wanted to see others head down.

Sun Xun learned that Sun Yulou was facing difficulties, he asked the whole family for help. Sun Shijie was willing to help. Su Yingxue and Aunt Mei used all their savings to help Sun Yulou. Xu Fengqiao agreed to sell the jewelry for money. Shen Qingyao thanked everyone for their help. , Persuade Sun Shijie to take Wu Yuehong back.

Xu Fengqiao accidentally learned that there was a vacancy next to Sun Xun and wanted to choose from the students. Xu Fengqiao asked Sun Jinge to fight for the position. Sun Xun was on guard against Liang Jingguan everywhere in the court, and he had to be distracted by Sun Yulou’s affairs. He was eager to find a loyal and capable person to help, but he couldn’t find a suitable candidate for a while, so Shen Qingyao kindly persuaded him. Xu Fengqiao gave Sun Xun white fungus and snow pear soup. He overheard their conversation and recommended her husband Sun Jinge to be an official in the court. He also tried his best to say good things to Sun Jinge. Sun Xun didn’t believe it, so Xu Fengqiao asked him to try it himself. Shen Qingyao also helped, and Sun Xun reluctantly agreed.

Sun Jinge pretended to study hard every day, but in fact secretly watched “The Story of the West Chamber” to relieve his boredom. Xu Fengqiao reminded him to study hard and wait for Sun Xun to take an assessment at any time. Sun Xun called Sun Jinge and asked him to recite the Great Universe of Li Yun. Sun Jinge knew nothing, and casually memorized a passage from the Western Chamber. Sun Xun was immediately furious. He gave Sun Jinge a lesson and forced him away.

When Xu Fengqiao returned to the house, he punched and kicked Sun Jinge. Sun Jinge was so scared that he dodged from left to right. He was beaten with a bruised nose and swollen face. He knocked Xu Fengqiao to the ground with a big hand. Xu Fengqiao yelled with anger. Sun Jinge tried his best to escape from the house. He saw someone gambling on the side of the road. He couldn’t stand the instigation of the shopkeeper, so he went in and gambled a few. Unwilling to let him go, and promised to let him go on credit, Sun Jinge lost 3,700 taels in one breath.

The shopkeeper sent someone to ask Xu Fengqiao for the account. Xu Fengqiao was so angry that Sun Jinge knelt down and begged for mercy. Xu Fengqiao didn’t want to pay back the money, suspecting that there was a ghost in the casino. It will be returned in full in the future. Afterwards, Xu Fengqiao reported to the government that the casino used to swindle money. Master Du personally brought the government servants to the casino to search, but nothing was found. The shopkeeper wanted to file a court case. Master Du told the shopkeeper the truth and asked him to find Xu Fengqiao to settle the account. .

Shen Qingyao was very annoyed when she learned about this, she called Xu Fengqiao to be held accountable, and Xu Fengqiao was so frightened that she confessed her mistakes again and again, so Shen Qingyao had to go to the sisters to borrow money to repay the bill. Shen Qingyao prayed for blessing in the temple, and saw Lin Shaochun crowding around from afar, she inquired that Lin Shaochun had become the largest household in the capital by her own strength.

Shen Qingyao returned to the temple and heard Lin Shaochun praying for Sun Yulou. Shen Qingyao told Sun Yulou’s difficulties. Lin Shaochun promised to go all out to help. Finally, Shen Qingyao provoked Xu Fengqiao and Sun Jinge. Tell Lin Shaochun about the trouble.

The next day, a group of people broke into the casino and squatted. No one was allowed to come in to gamble. The shopkeeper hurried to accompany the smiling face to say good things when he learned that the group came because of the 3,700 taels of silver owed by Sun Jinge. The shopkeeper personally took the people to Sun’s Mansion to admit their mistakes, and returned Sun Jinge’s IOU to Shen Qingyao. Xu Fengqiao was very happy, but Lin Shaochun did not expect that all of this was arranged.

Shen Qingyao personally came to thank Lin Shaochun. Lin Shaochun helped Sun Yulou out of trouble. She didn’t mention the relationship between her and Sun Yulou. Shen Qingyao was very moved and promised to persuade Sun Xun to let Sun Yulou marry her in the door. Shen Qingyao spoke kind words for Lin Shaochun in front of Sun Xun, and Sun Xun firmly refused to accept Lin Shaochun’s funding, nor did he allow Lin Shaochun to enter the door.

At this moment, someone came to report to Sun Xun that the victims were besieging Sun Yulou and he was in a very dangerous situation. The disaster victims pressed Sun Yulou bitterly. Sun Yulou promised to find food for them a day later. The disaster victims dispersed. Sun Yulou sent Huanlang to convene a meeting with the merchants in the town to persuade them to put out money for the disaster relief. Under various excuses, Sun Yulou asked each of them to write a certificate confirming that the family had no food or money.

Sun Yulou lied that there was a robber invaded the city. He sent Huanlang and his servants to search from house to house. Huanlang and his servants found food and money from each merchant’s house. They desperately prevented him, and Huan Lang took out their written evidence. They kept claiming that this was the loot left by the robbers, and they could only watch the food and money being taken away. Sun Yulou immediately distributed the food to the victims, used the money to properly settle the victims, and eased the disaster in the disaster area.

The emperor learned that Sun Yulou had settled the victims and praised him, and immediately ordered him to return to Beijing. Sun Xun publicly thanked Liang Jingguan for recommending Sun Yulou, but Jia Fengyuan participated in Liang Jingguan’s book and reported him to lie about the disaster, causing Sun Yulou to face him. In the dilemma, Liang Jingguan argued in every possible way and pushed all the guilt on his subordinates.

Jia Fengyuan came to see Liang Jingguan in the next dynasty. He deliberately impeached Liang Jingguan before the emperor. He just didn’t want to arouse Sun Xun’s suspicion. Jia Fengyuan and Sun Xun had a blood feud. His father committed suicide in the court because of Sun Xun’s calculations. Jia Fengyuan wanted to and Liang Jingguan. Together to bring down Sun Xun, Jia Fengyuan bought the prisoner who had escaped from the prison and wanted to put the Sun family to death. The two hit it off.

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