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Song of Youth 玉楼春 Episode 13 Recap

The south was flooded, and countless victims flocked to the capital. They wanted to rush into the Lin Mansion to beg for food, but the mother sent the family to block the door. Lin Shaochun asked the mother to take out the money in the account to open a charity house, and also asked her to clean up the empty house to resettle the victims.

Sun Xun went to court on time early in the morning. He saw his rival Liang Jingguan and his colleagues chatting and laughing from a distance. Sun Xun learned that Liang Jingguan wrote about the disaster relief paper, and the emperor regarded him very seriously, so he was transferred back to the capital official to resume his post. Sun Xun participated in Liang Jingguan’s book that year, and the emperor demoted him to a place to stay idle. Unexpectedly, he regained Long En, and Sun Xun was indignant.

Xiaoya heard that Wang Jun, a young master from a prominent family and wealthy family, was willing to come to Yishe to help the victims, and she admired him. Lin Shaochun asked Sun Yulou to find out about Wang Jun and learned that he was a kind and good person. Xiaoya sees it. After Wang Jun was busy helping the victims, he hurried over to help. The emperor sent Sun Yulou to the south for disaster relief. He wanted to ask the emperor to marry him and Lin Shaochun.

Xiaoya accidentally stabbed her foot. Wang Jun couldn’t say that he picked her up to bandage her. Xiaoya was deeply moved by his cold and warm greetings. Lin Shaochun saw that Xiaoya had moved sincerely towards Wang Jun. Xiaoya felt that she was not worthy of Wang Jun. Lin Shaochun encouraged her not to be discouraged. The next day, Lin Shaochun accompanied Xiaoya to Wang’s family to raise her relatives. Madam Wang disliked Xiaoya’s humble background and flatly refused this marriage.

Lin Shaochun persuaded Madam Wang to help the victims. It was also considered as sharing the emperor’s worries, and she could gain a good reputation. As a result, Lin Shaochun exposed the crimes of the Wang family one by one. If Mrs. Wang disagrees with the marriage between Xiaoya and Wang Jun, she would make these scandals public. Mrs. Wang considered it again and again, and promised to send someone to give the bride price tomorrow.

Wang Jun caught up with Xiaoya and repeatedly stated that he would not marry Xiaoya. Xiaoya left in tears and sadness. Lin Shaochun persuaded Xiaoya to give up as soon as possible. Xiaoya did not believe that Wang Jun’s care and care for her was false. Wang Jun still came to Yishe to help, Xiaoya never showed up again, Wang Jun was very disappointed, Lin Shaochun persuaded Wang Jun to think twice, don’t miss it and regret it again. Wang Jun claimed to be the son of the Wang family, and it was impossible to marry Xiaoya. Lin Shaochun immediately decided to show off for Xiaoya. Wang Jun strongly protested, worried that Xiaoya would find a trafficker, and Lin Shaochun sneered at him.

Lin Shaochun held a grand lottery toss for Xiaoya. Xiaoya threw the red hydrangea down. Many young talents came to fight for it. In the end, they fell into the hands of a man. Wang Jun hid from the side to see this scene, angry. Will not leave again. Lin Shaochun followed and saw Wang Jun drinking boring wine alone, and forced him bitterly. Wang Jun had no choice but to admit that his mother was killed by Mrs. Wang. Now Wang’s family is a broken heart. He didn’t want Xiaoya to be murdered. , Lin Shaochun encouraged Wang Jun to leave the Wang’s house and live alone, but he was not worried about leaving his sister Wang Luoshui at the Wang’s house.

Su Yingxue turned to Sun Xun’s memorial for recommending Liu Quan to do the Imperial History. She hurriedly reported to Jia Fengyuan that Jia Fengyuan was determined to win the position. He deliberately let the wind go. Sun Xun had appointed Liu Quan as the Imperial History. The emperor was very annoyed when he heard about this. , Sun Youzhen suspected that someone was behind the scenes and asked the emperor to wait for Sun Xun’s memorial to talk about it.

Sun Xun heard that the rumors had reached the emperor’s ears. He summoned everyone in the family and forced them to explain who had peeped at the memorial. Everyone looked at each other. The housekeeper brought a dog and asked the dog to verify it on the spot. The big dog barked at Su Yongxue. Shen Qingyao and Sun Xun were very angry and hurried away. Su Yongxue admitted that she had peeked at Sun Xun’s memorial recommended by Liu Quan. , She wanted Liu Quan to send a letter to Sun Jianhao after taking office, and Shen Qingyao punished Su Yongxue for a full month.

Sun Xun weighed repeatedly and had no choice but to recommend Jia Fengyuan as the official historian, in order to completely eliminate the emperor’s suspicion. Su Yingxue wanted to pick a few flowers in the garden, Xu Fengqiao asked to go with her, Su Yingxue politely declined, Xu Fengqiao had to leave first. Su Yingxue came to see Jia Fengyuan behind the rockery. Jia Fengyuan’s wish was fulfilled and he closed his mouth happily. He planned all this carefully to force Sun Xun to recommend him as a censer. Su Yingxue kept complaining about his bad ideas, and asked a big dog to try it out. , Jia Fengyuan promised not to treat her badly in the future.

Xu Fengqiao became happier as she thought about it. Wu Yuehong went back to her family in anger. Su Yingxue was banned. She was finally able to cover the sky at Sun’s house. Xu Fengqiao sent someone to bring a pile of books to force Sun Jinge to study at home. Wang Jun worked hard to help in the free house, ate and lived with the victims. Suddenly, there was a pouring rain in the sky. Wang Jun ignored the danger and helped the victims to move. As a result, he accidentally contracted wind and cold, and he could not afford to be sick.

Lin Shaochun came to the palace to inform Mrs. Wang that he lied that Wang Jun was infected with the plague, and soon after he died, Wang Jun wanted to donate all his property to the court for disaster relief, and Mrs. Wang was furious. Lin Shaochun persuaded Mrs. Wang to separate the brothers and sisters from Wang Jun, so that she could keep her share of the property, and Mrs. Wang split the family without saying a word. Lin Shaochun took back Wang Jun and Wang Luoshui’s share of the family property and encouraged Wang Jun to set up another door. Wang Jun wanted to marry Xiaoya with all his heart, but Xiaoya was already famous, so Lin Shaochun asked him to grab her relatives.

Wang Jun stopped the sedan chair and insisted on marrying Xiaoya as his wife. The sedan chairmen punched and kicked him. Xiaoya hurried out to stop her. She wanted to marry Wang Jun. Lin Shaochun hurriedly stepped forward. This is a play she carefully directed. Lin Shaochun told Wang Jun to treat Xiaoya kindly. Wang Jun thanked her for her fulfillment and promised to take care of Xiaoya. Later, Wang Jun took Xiaoya and Wang Luoshui to settle down in a neighboring county. . The mother was grateful to Lin Shaochun. Lin Shaochun regarded Xiaoya as her own sister. The mother couldn’t help but worry about Lin Shaochun and Sun Yulou’s marriage, but Lin Shaochun comforted her.

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