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Song of Youth 玉楼春 Episode 12 Recap

Lin Shaochun asked Ganniang to take her to the big households in Beijing to contact the cleaning business, and take the harvested fruits and lotus roots to sell money. Lin Shaochun also collected all the idle clothes from all the houses. She and the girls added some decorations to the clothes. And embellishment, and then resell them cheaply to those poor families. It didn’t take long for Lin Shaochun to make a lot of money after going back and forth like this.

Sun Yulou stayed in Jane every day, except for going home to Dali Temple’s Yamen, Shen Qingyao was relieved when she learned that Sun Yulou had not been to see Lin Shaochun. Wu Yuehong interrupted and talked a lot about the way of getting along with men and women. Shen Qingyao was very impatient and gave her a severe lesson, so that she could put her mind on Sun Shijie and give Sun Shijie a boy and a daughter earlier. Wu Yuehong was frightened. Repeatedly said yes.

Wu Yuehong asked a quack doctor to check her pulse, and the doctor gave her a panacea that would make Sun Shijie alive and well. Wu Yuhong did not hesitate to buy it at a high price. When Sun Shijie came back from the Yamen, Wu Yuehong entangled him in every possible way and forced him to drink the tea with pills. Sun Shijie felt that the taste was weird, and then he had abdominal pain. He guessed that Wu Yuehong put the medicine in the tea and carried the quilt in angrily. go out.

He adults invited his colleagues to have a drink at home. Sun Shijie didn’t want to go, but when he thought of Wu Yuehong, who was eye-catching, he went to a banquet with his colleagues. Someone suggested playing the drums to pass the order of flowers and wine. Sun Shijie was the first to receive the flowers, and he matched two lines of poems on the spot. In the second game, the flowers were passed to the adults. The poem, the croupier refused to give up, and he issued a set of poems to the adult. He was dumbfounded. The young man next to him hurriedly wrote a poem on the handkerchief and gave it to him, and the adult was like a lot of answers, and Sun Shijie saw everything in his eyes. .

Sun Shijie was overwhelmed with alcohol and soon drank too much. After the banquet was over, the colleagues went home separately. Sun Shijie exposed the fact that Xiao Si was writing poems to the adults, and the adults had to admit that Xiao Si was pretending to be his wife, and Sun Shijie was ashamed of it. , I envy him for having such a talented wife.

Wu Yuehong tried desperately to please Sun Shijie, but she couldn’t help but practiced swords in the yard to relax. Shen Qingyao saw her not pleasing to the eye, she was not allowed to dance with spears, let her learn some poems and songs to please Sun Shijie, but also to be considerate and caring for Sun Shijie. Wu Yuehong casually talked about Sun Xun’s concubine and satirized Shen Qingyao. Will please Sun Xun, Shen Qingyao was so disappointed in her, she turned around in anger and left.

Shen Qingyao met Sun Shijie drunk and went home. Wu Yuehong couldn’t say that she took Sun Shijie and left. Shen Qingyao was stunned. She saw Sun Shijie drunk unconsciously, so she spread her anger on Ding Wang Qingxi. Sun Shijie confusedly said that Wu Yuehong was inferior to the lady of the grown-up. Wu Yuehong asked Wang Qingxi hard, only to realize that Sun Shijie envied the knowledge of the lady of the grown-up, and Wu Yuehong vowed to fight for face for Sun Shijie.

From that day on, Wu Yuehong studied embroidery seriously, but she never learned it. At this moment, Sun Shijie was escorted back by Wang Qingxi. Wu Yuehong inquired and learned that the emperor asked the civil and military officials to exercise. Sun Shijie was ordered to wrestle with his colleagues, but was covered with scars from the fall. Wu Yuehong was happy to hear this. This is her strong point, and she wants to win glory for Sun Shijie in this regard.

Wu Yuehong called Sun Shijie’s colleagues to the house, raised a stone table on the spot and placed it in front of them, and let Sun Shijie and his colleagues compete in martial arts, and the adults were the first to stand up and compete with Sun Shijie. Sun Shijie gradually became exhausted and Wu Yuehong secretly ejected one. The red dates stopped He-sama, and He-sama wanted to continue to attack, but Wu Yuehong used a hidden weapon to stop him. He-sama had to admit defeat, and the others also found excuses to leave.

Wu Yuehong tried desperately to stop her colleagues and let them fight together. Wu Yuehong popped red dates and defeated all her colleagues. They flee in fright. Sun Shijie became angry and was about to give up Wu Yuehong on the spot. When Sun Xun learned of this, he severely taught Sun Shijie and explained to him the stakes of the two marriages, and he was not allowed to leave Wu Yuehong. Unexpectedly, Wu Yuehong packed up his bags and returned to her family in anger. Sun Xun ordered Sun Shijie to go to the Wu Mansion to make amends two days later and be sure to invite Wu Yuehong back.

Sun Shijie took a carriage to the Yamen early in the morning and knocked a girl to the ground halfway. The girl’s clothes were soiled by rain on the ground. Sun Shijie hurriedly got out of the car to make amends. He fell in love with the girl at first sight. The girl resolutely refused to pay for the clothes, so she called the maid and left. Sun Shijie quietly gave the jade pendant to the maid, and the maid told him their addresses.

When Jia Fengyuan found out about the vacancy in the position of Yushi, he came to Sun Xun for help, and wanted to fill the vacancy. Sun Xun made all kinds of excuses. Jia Fengyuan knew that he wanted to recommend Liu Quan, so he had to give up. At this moment, Su Yingxue sewed a set of thick clothes for Sun Xun and Shen Qingyao. Sun Xun sent her away in a few words. Jia Fengyuan deliberately spilled tea on the clothes. He made an excuse to go back and change clothes and hurried to chase Su Yingxue. .

Jia Fengyuan seduce Su Yingxue in every way. He played his flute in the garden every night and welcomed Su Yingxue to enjoy it on time. Su Yingxue warned him not to act rashly, or he would die without a place to bury him. Jia Fengyuan was willing to do so, Su Yingxue ran away in fright. That night, Su Yingxue came to the garden and ran into Xu Fengqiao, and the two of them exchanged greetings.

After Xu Fengqiao left, Jia Fengyuan suddenly walked out from behind the rockery. He expressed his intentions to Su Yingxue. Su Yingxue didn’t believe it at all. Jia Fengyuan wanted to prove it to her on the spot, so he deliberately called out loudly. Jia Fengyuan pulled her up and hid behind the rockery, begging Su Yingxue to help find out who Sun Xun recommended to be a Yushi.

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