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Song of Youth 玉楼春 Episode 11 Recap

Sun Yulou asked Ganniang to take Lin Shaochun to the Thousand Red Banquet, so that Ganniang told Lin Shaochun about Shen Qingyao’s preferences one by one in advance, and wanted Lin Shaochun to be recognized by Shen Qingyao as soon as possible. Lin Shaochun wanted to face Sun Yulou’s parents frankly. , Can’t bear to live up to Sun Yulou’s painstaking efforts.

Sun Yulou took Lin Shaochun to see Ganniang, and Ganniang carefully selected Shen Qingyao’s favorite clothes and jewelry for Lin Shaochun to wear. Lin Shaochun was determined to win the Qianhong Banquet, and she went to her master to inquire about the situation of the girls who came to the meeting. Jia Fengyuan was depressed, he drank boring wine in the room alone, and then played the flute to vent his grievances.

Su Yingxue was deeply attracted by the sound of the melodious flute. She followed the sound and the flute suddenly stopped. When Su Yingxue was wondering, Jia Fengyuan stood up from behind. When he learned that Sun Jianhao’s wife Su Yingxue was in front of him, he took advantage of it. After kissing Su Yingxue, Su Yingxue slapped her severely. When the housekeeper heard the news, Jia Fengyuan hurriedly hid. Su Yingxue hurriedly found an excuse to cover up.

Today is the day of the Thousand Red Banquet in the Sun Palace. The ladies from the famous gates of the capital all came to attend. Sun Yulou looked forward to it. Finally, when Ganniang brought Lin Shaochun to come, Ganniang and Shen Qingyao exchanged a few words, and they went to the theater together. . Sun Jinge took a binoculars and hid aside to peek at the girls. Xu Fengqiao gave him a severe lesson. Xu Fengqiao quietly revealed Lin Shaochun’s true identity to Shen Qingyao.

The first program was a storyteller. As soon as the storyteller came on stage, Xu Fengqiao publicly exposed that Lin Shaochun and her husband were both actors in the troupe. Sun Yulou immediately stood up to stop it, and Xu Fengqiao was so frightened that he shut up quickly. At the end of the performance, Shen Qingyao accompanied Ganniang and others to the garden to enjoy the flowers. From a distance, he saw Lin Shaochun standing alone on the bridge. She felt relieved in her favorite dresses and headdresses.

Lin Shaochun was chatting with Qianniang in the pavilion. Sun Yulou had no intention of admiring the flowers. He had been paying attention to Lin Shaochun’s every move. Shen Qingyao and Xu Fengqiao were all in their eyes. Shen Qingyao wanted to pick out Lin Shaochun’s fault, but she did better than others in everything. Xu Fengqiao took the opportunity to say bad things about Lin Shaochun, and insisted that she was acting, she wanted to test Lin Shaochun herself.

Xu Fengqiao called the girls attending the Thousand Red Banquet together and asked them to compete in embroidery. Sun Yulou hid beside him and sweated for Lin Shaochun. Lin Shaochun took the flying needle and looked calm, and quickly finished her work. The girls present were shocked and even praised her wonderful embroidery skills. Shen Qingyao couldn’t help but look at Lin Shaochun with admiration, but Xu Fengqiao disapproved, thinking it was. Women should do.

Lin Shaochun came directly to Shen Qingyao to negotiate and admitted that she and Sun Yulou fell in love with each other, but she found that Qianhongyan was not a person with both political integrity and ability, but a person with a distinguished family background and a good match with Sun’s family. Lin Shaochun exposed each of the girls one by one. Shen Qingyao was stunned at all these misdeeds, and Lin Shaochun left Sun’s Mansion after saying this. Sun Yulou hurriedly chased her out and promised to persuade Shen Qingyao to accept her. Lin Shaochun found it difficult and urged Sun Yulou to go back. It turned out that Mr. Storyteller was Master’s disciple Liu Wushuang, and he repeatedly reminded Sun Yulou not to take it lightly, because their marriage would be difficult.

At the end of the Thousand Red Banquet, Xu Fengqiao kept saying bad things about Lin Shaochun in front of Shen Qingyao. Shen Qingyao also saw that Lin Shaochun was not easy to provoke, and complained that Xu Fengqiao shouldn’t recruit the bad girls in, and taught her severely. After a meal, Shen Qingyao felt that Lin Shaochun was very straightforward and wanted to find a chance to test her again.

Sun Yulou prepared a generous betrothal gift, beat the gongs and drums to the Lin House to pick up the relatives, and also begged the goddess to come to accompany him. Lin Shaochun learned that Shen Qingyao had not agreed, and advised Sun Yulou not to be too hasty. Lin Shaochun promised not to marry Sun Yulou. Yulou persuaded to leave. Lin Shaochun came to Master for help. Liu Wushuang felt that money was the stepping stone to entering the Sun’s Mansion. As long as Lin Shaochun was wealthy, Sun’s Mansion would send an eight-carriage sedan chair to marry her in. Liu Wushuang remembered that when he told Xu Fengqiao, he inadvertently I saw Xu Fengqiao putting the stamp money outside.

Lin Shaochun accidentally saw a lot of homeless girls on the street. They lined up on the street to receive porridge. Suddenly, Lin Shaochun had an idea to figure out a good way to make money. She asked her mother to take all the girls to the house. Sun Yulou came to Lin Shaochun, and Lin Shaochun couldn’t wait to tell him his plan, so that he could wait a few days with peace of mind.

Lin Shaochun asked Ganniang to take her to visit Mrs. Zhang, and saw the rotten fruit under the fruit trees in their garden, and the lotus pond was messing up. Lin Shaochun offered to send someone to help clean it up, and Mrs. Zhang naturally couldn’t ask for it. Lin Shaochun directed the girls to clean up the garden and pond of Mrs. Zhang’s house, and Mrs. Zhang was very satisfied.

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