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Medical Examiner Dr. Qin: Silent Evidence 法医秦明之无声的证词 Episode 18 Recap

In order to investigate the case, Lin Dang and others drove after Qi Dahai, and soon the group followed Qi Dahai to the construction site where Qi Dahai worked.

Because Lin Dang was allergic to dog hair, Qin Ming arranged for Lin Dang to check the motorcycle. Soon, Lin Dang had an allergic reaction and Qin Ming also picked up a few dog hairs from the motorcycle. After everyone left, Qi Dahai looked at them quietly, frowning and thinking about something.

On the way back, Lin Dang’s allergies became more and more serious, and his whole body was itchy and unbearable. At this moment, Qin Ming received a call from Brother Biao, and the group immediately rushed to Qi Dahai’s rental house. Everyone also found the dog’s body buried by Qi Dahai in the backyard and a bloody rope. . Through laboratory tests, everyone also confirmed that this rope had been used to bind Wu Ming Road. While everyone was discussing, Qi Dahai suddenly came to the police station and surrendered.

In the interrogation room, Qi Dahai truthfully told Team Li about the entire process of killing Wu Minglu, but Team Li remained suspicious of the confession facing the sea. The reason is that Qi Dahai’s motives for killing were not sufficient. At this moment, Brother Biao informed Qin Ming that the black dog’s stomach and Wu Minglu’s stomach contained tranquilizers.

Afterwards, Qin Ming interrupted Team Li’s questioning and simply asked Qi Dahai a few questions. Facing Qin Ming’s constant questioning, Qi Dahai seemed a little strenuous, and his answer was reluctant and somewhat contradictory. After that, Qi Dahai, who couldn’t make up anymore, terminated the interrogation on the excuse of a headache.

After the incident, everyone convened an urgent meeting in response to Qi Dahai’s performance. Because Qi Dahai showed unreasonable nervousness, everyone suspected that Qi Dahai might be an accomplice, and he was trying to shelter him. After that, Lin Dang analyzed that Qian Jiajia was very likely to be involved in the case. At the end of the meeting, Team Li brought Lin Dang and others to Wu Minglu’s home to investigate again. Faced with Team Li’s inquiry, Qian Jiajia forced herself to calm down. Perhaps it was because Team Li asked something, Qian Jiajia’s hand feeding the fish was obvious.

There was a pause, but it quickly returned to normal. On the other side, Qin Ming and Lin Dang were shoveling walls in the bedroom. The two quarreled while working. Then, Qin Ming, who disliked Lin Dang’s work, chose to do it himself, but the two of them worked for a long time and didn’t find anything. Blood stains. When going out, Qin Ming accidentally found the wine cork that the cat was playing with. After thinking of something, Qin Ming immediately turned back and checked the wine cabinet, and then arranged for Lin Dang to search for a certain type of wine bottle nearby.

In the evening, Lin Dang returned home with a wine bottle, and the two sat on the sofa and chatted. The next day, the test results of the cork came out, and the detected ingredients also confirmed Lin Dang’s previous speculation. The speculation that Qian Jiajia and Qi Dahai partnered to murder Wu Minglu were further confirmed. Soon Qian Jiajia was arrested and returned to the police station. On the way, Qian Jiajia shivered nervously. The two men who saw something was wrong gave Qian Jiajia a few words to comfort him. On the way back when they drove back, the group happened to encounter a scene where fans from Wu Ming Road were condoning Wu Ming Road.

Back at the police station, Qian Jiajia explained all of his crimes, described how he administered medicine to Wu Minglu, and also told everyone that he chose to cooperate because he had a relationship with Qi Dahai. After that, Lin Dang and Qin Ming came to the apartment on Wu Ming Road to investigate. Upon arriving at the scene, Qin Ming immediately devoted himself to work. After a careful search, Qin Ming found a little bit in the drawer. The blood stains, after a laboratory test, confirmed that the blood stains were Qian Jiajia’s. Subsequently, Qian Jiajia explained the origin of the blood stains. Because Qi Dahai and Qian Jiajia all pleaded guilty, everyone was preparing to close the case, but Qin Ming had different opinions.

On the way back, Qin Ming was still thinking about this case. After that, Lin Dang, who had promised to help, also asked Qin Ming to act as her boyfriend. The two went shopping and brought a bunch of bags. Back home, Qin Ming handled the dinner seriously, and Lin Dang and his parents simply chatted.

Afterwards, Cai Qi came to the table, and the four of them sat down and started chatting. Lin’s mother also put forward concisely that she wanted the two to get married as soon as possible. Looking at his mother, Lin Dang immediately objected, but who knew that Lin’s mother was only half talking. After that, Lin’s mother changed her words and asked Qin Ming to hand in her own. salary. Hearing this, Qin Ming, who didn’t react, sat in the same place.

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