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Medical Examiner Dr. Qin: Silent Evidence 法医秦明之无声的证词 Episode 17 Recap

At the meeting, Qin Ming proposed that Wu Minglu died of murder. The scene of the car accident was a forgery. The first scene may be at the deceased’s home. The time of death was around the early hours of the evening. Later, Dabao also repeated Wu Minglu’s basic situation to everyone. Considering that Qian Jiajia had sufficient alibi, Lin Dang inferred that the murderer should be someone else and could use the motorcycle proficiently. So Lin Dang thought of Uncle Yong who drove a motorcycle before.

On the way, Lin Dang called Uncle Yong. Uncle Yong was surprised when he heard Lin Dang’s voice. Knowing that Qin Ming was also coming, Uncle Yong panicked and immediately returned to the box to disperse the beauties, and then hurriedly packed up. While driving, Lin Dang and Qin Ming also chatted, and the two reached an agreement, Lin Dang helped Qin Ming, and Qin Ming continued to play Lin Dang’s boyfriend. Soon, the two came to the ktv box. Seeing the two coming, Uncle Yong pretended to be practicing the song by himself. Although he knew that at this moment, the slippery fish in the toilet came out, and Uncle Yong’s lie was ruthlessly exposed. Qin Ming glanced at Uncle Yong viciously.

Then the group came to the barbecue stall on the side of the road. Facing the question, Uncle Yong couldn’t help but say a few more words. Qin Ming immediately turned his face and scolded, and Uncle Yong had to laugh in embarrassment. Soon after, the two of them got up and left. Uncle Yong watched that they hadn’t eaten anything, and immediately packed them up and sent them to them. Seeing that Uncle Yong was in a hurry, Qin Ming reluctantly accepted it, but his eyes deliberately Dodge. After a few small chats, the three left each other.

When he returned home, Lin Dang’s parents had been waiting in the living room early. Seeing how happy his mother was trying on clothes, Lin Dang couldn’t help but joked. At night, Qin Ming and Lin Dang lay on a bed to rest, and the two who couldn’t sleep chatted until dawn. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door, and Mother Lin began to call for breakfast for the two. Lin Dang and Qin Ming were so scared that they hugged each other.

Then, realizing that Mother Lin had not come in, Qin Ming immediately pushed Lin Dang away and was suddenly taken away. Lin Dang, who pushed away, looked unhappy, but helpless. The two got up and went to the living room to have breakfast. Father Lin showed Qin Ming the dyed white shirt. In order to take care of everyone’s face, Qin Ming could only maintain an expression that was uglier than crying.

In the police station, a group of people made a brief memory, and then a group of people locked the suspect as the decoration worker Qi Dahai. After the Li team simply assigned a task, the group set out to investigate. When he came to Qi Dahai’s home, Qi Dahai, who was washing his hair, found that it was a policeman and fled in a hurry.

When everyone saw this, they immediately arrested him, but Qin Ming, who was exhausted, was far behind. Not long after, Qi Dahai was caught by Lin Dang and the others. Faced with the question, Qi Dahai answered the questions asked by Lin Dang and the others 150 to 10. Qi Dahai was surprised when he heard the news of Wu Minglu’s death.

Lock tightly. On the other side, Mother Wu, who came to the police station, couldn’t help crying with sorrow and tears. Through the questioning of Qi Dahai, everyone felt that Qi Dahai had many suspicions and doubts, but Qi Dahai was short in stature, and it was difficult to subdue the taller Wu Minglu according to the actual situation. Then Huanhuan suggested that Qi Dahai might be assisted by someone. Provide everyone with a new idea.

Walking out of the police station, Qin Ming ran into Uncle Yong who was waiting outside. Uncle Yong told Qin Ming that he had some clues to provide. Then he took Qin Ming to the billiard hall that he took Qin Ming to when he was a child. The familiar billiard hall also evoked Qin. Memories of Ming’s childhood. Uncle Yong told Qin Ming that he had been friends with Wu Minglu, but later estranged.

Qin Ming also learned from Uncle Yong that Wu Minglu was a hypocritical person, and his relationship with Qian Jiajia was not so affectionate. After that, Uncle Yong tried to invite Qin Ming to dinner, but was rejected. Uncle Yong had no choice but to invite Qin Ming to drink soda. Perhaps due to the memory of his childhood, Qin Ming was stunned when he looked at the soda.

Back in the game, Qin Ming applied for a thorough investigation of Wu Minglu’s bedroom, but was rejected by Team Li. Later, the two had to listen to Team Li’s arrangement to start from the relationship line between Qian Jiajia and Wu Minglu. When they came to Wu Minglu’s house, they met again the young lady who walked the dog last time. Through chatting, the two learned that Wu Minglu had kicked the cat at home because of his creation. After the little sister left, Lin Dang mocked Qin Ming because of Qin Ming’s enthusiasm just now.

In the evening, Qin Ming was eating instant noodles and looking through the interrogation records. Outside the door, Uncle Yong brought his pig’s trotters to find Lin Dang for a drink. He didn’t want to see Uncle Yong Qin Ming hung up the phone. Qin Ming couldn’t bear the noise of the two, and went upstairs to warn them. Later, Uncle Yong and Lin Dang talked about their past. Lin Dang also learned that Uncle Yong was separated from his family in his early years to catch the sea. After waiting for years, Uncle Yong who went ashore could never find the broken-up family again. After chatting for a long time, Uncle Yong took out a bracelet with extraordinary meaning and tried to give it to Lin Dang, but Lin Dang was not embarrassed to accept it.

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