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Medical Examiner Dr. Qin: Silent Evidence 法医秦明之无声的证词 Episode 16 Recap

Back at home, Qin Ming muttered to his little toys, and the pictures of his father abandoning himself and leaving in the car flashed through his mind time and time again.

The next day, Lin Dang told Qin Ming who had come to work that he had released Uncle Yong, but Qin Ming thought that he should be locked up for a few more days so that he could ask more information. After that, the two continued to talk back to the previous one.

After talking about the serial murder case, Lin Dang threatened to invite Qin Ming to dinner and relax. The two who walked out happened to ran into Uncle Yong who was waiting outside. Seeing Lin Dang coming out, Uncle Yong immediately stopped them and enthusiastically served them with milk tea, and by the way proposed that he wanted to be an informant for the police station.

Seeing the sudden Uncle Yong, Qin Ming seemed to have recognized Uncle Yong’s identity and left immediately with a black face. After that, Uncle Yong asked for Lin Dang’s contact information, and by the way made an appointment for dinner. The two briefly chatted for a few more words and then separated. In the restaurant, when Lin Dang mentioned Uncle Yong, Qin Ming became impatient again, took the Vitasoy on the table and got up and left.

In the afternoon, a group of people held a meeting to analyze the serial murders. Qin Ming believed that the murderer might be a medical worker, who liked to show off what he did in front of his colleagues, and was an extremist with anti-social personality. When he returned home, Lin Dang was sitting and playing with his mobile phone while Qin Ming was doing laundry.

Lin Dang, who received the news of Uncle Yong’s invitation, called Qin Ming to eat together, but Qin Ming suddenly became excited and yelled at Lin Dang. As a strong woman, Lin Dang was not a submissive character, both of them. After a few words with each other, Lin Dang chose to go to the appointment alone.

On the road, Uncle Yong drove a motorcycle with a very handsome appearance. It didn’t take long before Uncle Yong arrived at the agreed place and found that Uncle Yong, who hadn’t come by Qin Ming, was a bit disappointed, but he concealed it well. Afterwards, Uncle Yong enthusiastically gave Lin Dang the ingredients, and the talkative Uncle Yong talked endlessly after a meal, and while eating, he and Lin Dang inquired about Qin Ming’s news. A meal also ended in talking and laughing.

An old man was fetching water by a waterhole on a road with rare human traffic. Suddenly, he noticed that there was something not far away. He walked in and found a corpse. The old man was so scared that he hurriedly called the police.

Lin Dang, who received the news, brought Qin Ming to the scene of the crime. After a brief survey of the scene, the group also found a little suspicious. The motorcycle of the deceased and Uncle Yong’s motorcycle was a motorcycle. The location where the deceased fell is not in line with common sense. Later, Lin Dang and others brought the body back for inspection.

Back in the bureau, the family of the deceased had been waiting early, and then Qin Ming took the deceased’s fiancée, Ms. Qian, to see the deceased. After sending Ms. Qian away, the group began to examine the corpse. Everyone found that the blood stains on the deceased’s body were very good. Brother Biao thought it might be caused by the accumulation of blood due to rain washing, but was overthrown by Qin Ming on the grounds that there was no blood stains on the deceased’s coat.

Later, Qin Ming deduced that the deceased should have been murdered and faked the accident. The deceased had been held in position with his hands before his death, and then he was beaten to death with a blunt weapon. On the other side, Lin Dang also inquired about the family of the deceased. Faced with Lin Dang and others’ inquiries, the girl Qian also gave some information. The deceased Wu Minglu was well-known in Longpan City and liked to play motorcycles.

The two of them conducted an interview. Knowing, the deceased was very popular before his death, and I knew many friends. When Lin Dang and others asked Ms. Qian, Qin Ming showed up and told Team Li that the deceased’s house might be the scene of the first crime. Ms. Qian was obviously a little nervous when she heard that a group of people were going to the house to make adjustments, but she couldn’t refuse.

When they came to the deceased’s house, the group of people who opened the door found that the paint on the wall of the room hadn’t dried yet, obviously it was newly painted recently. The three people who found it were able to ask Ms. Qian for questioning. Faced with Lin Dang’s inquiry, Ms. Qian replied hesitantly, and then thanked the guests that they wanted to rest the cercariae.

After leaving home, the group ran into a neighbor who happened to be walking the dog on the road. From the neighbor’s mouth, they learned that a black dog had been stolen from the neighbor’s house, and it happened the day before Wu Minglu disappeared.

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