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Medical Examiner Dr. Qin: Silent Evidence 法医秦明之无声的证词 Episode 14 Recap

After the suspects were initially identified, a group of people met to discuss the case of Gui Yuanfeng. Through the investigation of entry and exit, everyone found that there was no record of Gui Yuanfeng. Dabao concluded that Gui Yuanfeng might choose to charter a car to leave from the small road. When everyone was wondering why Gui Yuanfeng had disappeared bizarrely, a policeman interrupted everyone’s discussion. The policeman told them that some villagers reported that Sun Haiou drove away Gui Yuanfeng. The people who had a bad anticipation immediately located Sun Haiou’s cell phone and hurried out to the police.

In the pond, Sun Haiou brought Gui Yuanfeng to the center of the pond. Sun Haiou, who had lost his beloved daughter and wife, decided to punish Gui Yuanfeng and slammed Gui Yuanfeng’s head into the water. Not long after, the police arrived at the scene. When the police arrived, Sun Haiou was obviously emotional. A group of police officers who were afraid that Sun Haiou would lose control hurriedly began to calm Sun Haiou’s emotions. Afterwards, Qin Ming and others’ consolation took effect, and Sun Haiou let go of Gui Yuanfeng and handed it over to the police.

Facing the interrogation, Gui Yuanfang frankly got out. It turned out that the reason for Gui Yuanfang’s murder was because he was threatened by someone who was suspected of claiming to be the Rogue Alliance. Gui Yuanfeng, who was repeatedly beaten, had no choice but to attack Teacher Zhu. The idea of ​​home gold bars.

In the evening, Gui Yuanfeng drank alcohol and became courageous, and sneaked into Teacher Zhu’s house, but Gui Yuanfeng did not immediately leave after he succeeded. Because of the lack of maternal love since childhood, Gui Yuanfeng curled himself up next to Teacher Zhu. At this time, Teacher Zhu woke up. Afterwards, Gui Yuanfeng, who was afraid that Teacher Zhu told his grandfather, was also in chaos, and directly moved his murderous intentions and hacked Teacher Zhu to death in the yard.

Afterwards, the aftermath of Gui Yuanfeng returning home was discovered by Teacher Zhu’s daughter, and then Gui Yuanfeng killed Teacher Zhu’s daughter. At the end of the interrogation, Gui Yuanfeng asked Team Li not to tell his family, but learned that his family believed that he was on his way, and at the same time, his grandfather also hugged Gui Yuanfeng, who was facing prison disaster, to his head in regret, regretting and crying bitterly. Emotionally annoyed him.

One case was solved, Lin Dang and the others also set about arranging the next case, Kong Wei was also taken back to the police station, perhaps because of trouble, Kong Wei hid his face and wept when they learned that Lin Dang and others doubted him. At that time, Kong Wei also carefully explained the whole process of arguing with his wife Xiaoyu after he returned home. It was also at this time that Lin Dang received the news, and the DNA examination results also ruled out Kong Wei’s suspicion.

Qin Ming sat in his seat and stared at the photos and thought. Qin Ming, who always felt that the photos were wrong, found that there was a big problem. Then, Lin Dang, who was also a girl, came up with the mystery and thought that there was a problem with the placement of the shoes. The group immediately returned to the scene of the crime for inspection. It was very open. Qin Ming and others discovered the footprints left on the bed by the murderer.

Based on the various circumstances at the scene, Qin Ming concluded that the murderer was a young man with foot fetishism. , Qin Ming also immediately thought of some important clues that had been neglected before. The group hurriedly returned to the autopsy room. Sure enough, the murderer’s teeth were found on the deceased Xiaoyu’s feet, and the case had a new development.

Everyone immediately held a meeting to discuss. Qin Ming analyzed that the murderer could be from Longshan Village, and he had been following Xiaoyu for a long time. He often wandered around Xiaoyu’s house. When the incident happened, the murderer might have happened to ran into the quarrel between Xiaoyu and his wife, and then took advantage of Kong Wei to leave. In the gap, the crime of entering the room.

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