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Love is True 我是真的爱你 Episode 20 Recap

Cheng Haonan took You Ya to the confinement center. She chatted with Xiao Yan happily, and even said that she would confine her to the confinement center when she had a third child. Cheng Haonan received a call from his mother. He said impatiently that he had not talked to You Ya about abortion. It happened that Mo Ming came up the stairs, and Cheng Haonan was stunned, not knowing how much Mo Ming heard. You Ya only watched for a while, and Cheng Haonan urged her to go back.

You Ya was unwilling, so she went around the confinement center with Xiao Yan. They met Li Mei’e who was yin and yang weird, and they also saw Mo Ming who was working hard. Xiao Yan didn’t understand why You Ya regarded Mo Ming as a male god. You Ya bluntly said that Mo Ming is a good person, especially his gentle personality, who is equally good to everyone.

Xiao Yan didn’t think so, but felt that Mo Ming was a little too gentle. Cheng Haonan and Xiao Yan didn’t deal with each other. He thought to his heart that Xiao Yan was using You Ya. You Ya would be better, and he still had to come to the confinement center for confinement. Is this the same as giving Xiao Yan money. You Ya was dissatisfied with what he said about Xiao Yan, quarreled a few words with him, and got into the car with anger.

Meng Xin invited Chen Jiaorui, Lili, and Xiaoxi to relax at the bar. After drinking too much wine, Meng Xin had no scruples. Chen Jiaorui was very unhappy when she said something beyond the boundary. She was so irritated that she stretched her hand into Mengxin’s mouth to induce vomiting in the bathroom. She warned Mengxin to learn to respect the leader and seniors in the future. Meng Xin had never seen such a scary Chen Jiaorui, nodding her head in fear.

Mo Ming made a round at night and found that Bao Zi’s mother was in a daze. Bao Zi’s mother asked him if he had postpartum depression. Bao Zi’s mother’s question reminded Mo Ming of Chen Jiaorui, who was sitting in the confinement and complaining about herself. On the other hand, Chen Jiaorui came home alone. Her mother was still asleep. She told her that she was abnormal, but her mother was drowsy and was not listening to her daughter.

Qi Bin received a call from Mr. Wu, and only then learned that Xiao Yan had come forward to help him indirectly help settle the case. He was a person with a strong personality, and suddenly felt very uncomfortable in his heart. He sent a message to Xiao Yan that he wanted to talk. When Xiao Yan received the message, she was about to talk to Bao Zi’s mother. After she finished talking with Bao Zi’s mother, she went back to the office to call Qi Bin, but he did not answer.

Cheng Haonan pieced together and finally paid the employees their salaries. They are no longer making trouble, and Cheng Haonan is now planning to file for bankruptcy. Since the incident happened in the bar, Mengxin has become extremely afraid of Chen Jiaorui. She stood at the door for 20 minutes to submit a document and did not dare to go in. Later, when Lili helped, she dared to go in and submit the document. . Yan Zhi felt that something was wrong, and asked her what Chen Jiaorui did to her that day in the bar.

Mengxin was still trapped in fear, unable to extricate himself from it, and didn’t dare to tell the truth directly. Cheng Haonan went to the hospital to register and wanted to take medicine for Youya to perform an abortion. As a result, he was registered in the department of pediatrics, and it was Mo Ming’s younger brother, Xiao Xia, who happened to come to the hospital and met Cheng Haonan, who was in a hurry.

Afterwards, Mo Ming asked Xiao Xia, and unexpectedly learned that Cheng Haonan wanted to take medicine to give his wife a medical abortion. He obviously felt something was wrong with Cheng Haonan. Xiao Yan went to Qi Bin happily, but didn’t expect Qi Bin to be angry because she helped him settle the case for nearly half a month after having a meal with Mr. Wu.

Qi Bin’s words revealed the so-called “advantages” of women in the workplace, and Xiao Yan understood what he meant and left angrily. Qi Bin pulled her to have a good talk. Mo Ming called You Ya, but didn’t say that Cheng Haonan went to the hospital to consult about the drug flow. He just vaguely said that if they feel uncomfortable, they should quickly tell him. Upon learning of this, Cheng Haonan specifically went to Mo Ming and warned him not to take care of his personal affairs.

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