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Love is True 我是真的爱你 Episode 19 Recap

Xiao Yan reformed the confinement center, implemented a 24-hour monitoring system, and a transparent management model. In addition, there is also a scoring system. Those who have the most positive reviews of the month will be rewarded with one month’s salary. On the contrary, those with the most negative reviews will be deducted from the next month’s salary. In general, everything depends on the score, and it follows the model of survival of the fittest.

Meng Xin blatantly asked Chen Jiaorui to give her the full authority to handle the case of Manager Sun. She said that Li Cha also agreed, and Chen Jiaorui was also embarrassed to refuse. However, Chen Jiaorui quickly realized that Mengxin did not seem so innocent. At present, she had already taken away one of her clients.

When she came home, Chen Jiaorui said that she interrupted Tongtong’s weaning, and she didn’t want to lose to those newcomers. Xiao Yan logged into the system and found that the mothers gave her a one-star bad rating. She thought it was a problem with the system, but the engineering department looked at it and said that there was no problem with the system. Mo Ming had the highest score, followed by Li Mei’e. Mo Ming persuaded Xiao Yan and the mothers to have a good chat.

But after all, Xiao Yan didn’t know how to chat, and she didn’t understand what the moms who had just given birth to Hasbro wanted to hear. As a result, after chatting, she cried her mother. Mo Ming later learned that it was Xiao Yan’s actions and words that irritated the mothers, causing them to have a bad impression of Xiao Yan.

There was no problem with the system, Xiao Yan thought that Li Mei’e was speaking badly to the mothers behind her. She did not expect it to be because of her own reasons. Mo Ming was very helpless. Xiao Yan suddenly showed evidence that Li Mei’e could no longer gain a foothold in the confinement center. Without paying attention to Mo Ming’s expression, she went out to receive an expert who came here.

Mo Ming saw Li Mei’e working while eating instant noodles, and even called the child to urge him to study. Mo Ming couldn’t bear Li Mei’e was fired like this. He took the evidence without authorization, Xiao Yan went to him to ask for an envelope, Mo Ming said that he had already thrown the envelope into the crusher. He felt that Li Mei’e was very bitter. Once these things were made public, Li Mei’e would be finished. He was unwilling to do so.

Xiao Yan found it ridiculous and annoying. She said that Li Mei’e was played for Mo Ming. But Mo Ming didn’t believe it, and even said that Li Mei’e treats mothers and babies a hundred times more attentively than her, and Xiao Yan never understands and listens to mothers’ needs and voices. All she thinks about is performance. She has always been This is just a springboard for her to return to Thea. Mo Ming was right, but Xiao Yan sounded very uncomfortable.

Qi Bin wanted to comfort Xiao Yan, but Xiao Yan didn’t want to say a word. Qi Bin’s patience ran out and left. Mother Xiao came to see Xiao Yan at the confinement center. She liked the children in the confinement center very much, and she also talked a lot with the mothers. On the contrary, Xiao Yan, knowing that she had taken many photos, deleted them all for her, so that she would not post to her Moments in the future that Xiao Yan had changed Dink’s idea.

Xiao Yan invited his parents to dinner. They were very happy to learn that Xiao Yan had a boyfriend. Xiao’s father persuaded Xiao Yan to learn to be tolerant, and Xiao’s mother also said that she should learn to show weakness and act like a baby.

Because of her parents’ words, Xiao Yan thought of Qi Bin. Since Qi Bin left last time, they haven’t contacted him again. But when he returned home at night, Qi Bin sent her flowers. Cheng Haonan took You Ya to the confinement center to see the room in advance. He couldn’t help being a little irritable when he received a call from his mother. Cheng Haonan hadn’t talked to You Ya about the abortion, and You Ya even wanted to have a third child. Mo Ming just walked up the stairs and saw Cheng Haonan.

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