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Litter To Glitter 燃烧吧废柴 Episode 17 Recap

Someone gave Fang Tianyi six tickets for the music festival, so the group of six in the inn decided to hold a team building—to watch the music festival together. Fang Tianyi told everyone that the music festival started at two o’clock in the afternoon, but when Fang Tianyi distributed the tickets to everyone before leaving, Ye Xiaoxi noticed that the opening time written on the ticket was four o’clock instead of fourteen. Suddenly two hours were left out of thin air.

Fang Tianyi suggested that everyone play a script kill. Although An Qi and Ye Xiaoxi have not played it before, they are all interested in experiencing it. Ever since, they went back to the inn and sat down, took out the script with the highest score on the evaluation website and started playing. Ye Xiaoxi asked, please determine if you are a murderer, if not, please find out the murderer.

Does this sentence mean that you are a detective? Fang Tianyi replied, no, it’s written in everyone’s scripts. An Qi said, I am not, what I wrote is that you are the murderer… Everyone’s book was dropped and replaced with the next one. Fang Tianyi also announced that this is the book with the second highest score on the script killing evaluation website. An Qi also stupidly asked why he didn’t play the number one, everyone was speechless.

After reading the script, everyone started to introduce themselves one by one. The first is Fang Tianyi, who is the owner of Tanathos Inn, frail and sickly, and extremely superstitious. Then there was Fang Tianzi, a female singer-in-residence at the bar, who stayed at the inn temporarily because of the performance tomorrow. The next one is Hu Yanzu. He plays a rich local tyrant. He was doing business nearby and happened to pass by this inn, so he stayed here for one night. The next one was An Qi. The confused An Qi didn’t figure out the situation, so Fang Tianyi introduced herself to her.

An Qi is a homeless man, the innkeeper saw her pitifully, so he took her in for one night. Then there was Yuan Zhijie, who played the role of the general manager of X Group. The task was to receive the fiancé of their group’s daughter, the son of the chairman of the largest hotel group in Bangalore, so he took the son to the inn. Finally, it was Ye Xiaoxi’s turn. She was a flight attendant. Because of the cancellation of the flight, she came to this inn for the night.

Later, according to the owner of the Tanatos Inn, the story was like this. He was in the inn that night. The first person to go to the inn was the stewardess, then the singer, and then the local tyrant. After a while, a wandering girl came and said that it was her birthday, and begged the boss to take her in for one night, so the boss placed her in a small restaurant.

Finally, the chairman and the son, who booked ordinary rooms and senior suites respectively. When it was time for dinner, the innkeeper saw the chairman drinking in the restaurant, and then he went upstairs and asked the stewardess and singer whether they needed to prepare dinner. Then, just as he was about to ask the son of the chairman of the largest hotel group in Bangalore, he found him lying in a pool of blood.

Then, after everyone went through one round of evidence search, the first discussion, the second round of evidence search, and the second discussion, the truth of the script killing was still confusing. During the discussion, Ye Xiaoxi found that the music festival ticket said that admission was prohibited after the opening 30 minutes, so she asked Fang Tianyi how much the ticket cost, and Fang Tianyi answered 800. Ye Xiaoxi calculated six, eight, four thousand and eight, rounded up to five thousand yuan. If you don’t go, you will lose money, so she hinted that Fang Tianyi should end soon and not delay the music festival. However, the discussion became more intense, and there was no intention to end it later.

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