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First Love Again 循环初恋 Episode 2 Recap

Ye You-ning arrived at Xia Wenxi’s house. Several classmates were playing around popping the balloon. The sound of the balloon popping reminded Ye You-ning of some bad memories. He couldn’t stay any longer, so he told Xia Wenxi that he should go first, and Xia Wenxi chased it out to find out. Ye You-ning squatted at the door, looking painful, Xia Wenxi quickly fed Ye You-ning a candy, and Ye You-ning was better now.

After Ye You-ning went home to check the news on the Internet, she found that there was a recent physics lecture, and the host Zhou Zhihua was his father. Ye You-ning’s parents divorced. Ye You-ning discovered that Zhou Zhihua was the host and did not go to the lecture. Ye Youning thought that he still had to get Xia Wenxi’s phone as soon as possible to continue researching and find a way to go back. He remembered that there was thunder and lightning outside during the crossing, and guessed that thunder and lightning were also one of the reasons for letting himself through.

When he arrived in the class, Ye Youning found out that Lin Jiaqi and others had confiscated the basketball match book for the eighth class by the monitor. The monitor handed over the book to Teacher Wang. Teacher Wang said that learning should be the focus of the college entrance examination now, and he gave it to the whole class. I came up with a question, saying that if someone can do it, he can go and write the book in person.

Unfortunately, no one in the class can do it. Ye You-ning took the opportunity to ask Xia Wenxi that he could do it, but he asked Xia Wenxi to borrow the phone. Give it to him, Xia Wenxi quickly agreed. Ye Youning confidently solved the problem, but Teacher Wang criticized him for using university methods to do the problems, feeling that he was showing off, and emphasized that the college entrance examination should still use high school knowledge to do the problems.

Even so, Ye Youning did make the question, and Teacher Wang was willing to bet and accept the loss and promised to let them participate in the basketball game. After class, Ye You-ning went to Xia Wenxi for a cell phone, but Xia Wenxi received a new cell phone on her birthday yesterday, so she sold the old cell phone as a scrap. Ye You-ning hurried out to find the scraper and bought the mobile phone, but the mobile phone chain on the old phone was not there.

To be on the safe side, Ye You-ning went back to Xia Wenxi for the mobile phone chain. At this time, people from the eighth basketball team came to provoke Ye You-ning, but Ye You-ning didn’t. Moved, he only cared about the phone chain, but the eighth basketball team was aggressive, and Ye Youning took a step to stop the opponent.

After the eighth class left, everyone persuaded Ye Youning to join the basketball team to defeat the eighth class. Xia Wenxi also said that as long as Ye Youning joins the basketball team, he would lend the phone chain to Ye Youning. Ye Youning agreed, but asked Xia Wenxi to find herself a computer. . Xia Wenxi found a computer for Ye Youning, and Ye Youning gave Xia Wenxi the theory of time and space shuttle, and took advantage of Xia Wenxi’s carelessness to steal the old cell phone and cell phone chain.

Ye You-ning didn’t go to class and ran all the way back home, thinking about whether he could go back when it was a thunderstorm. The thunderstorm came soon. Ye You-ning also ran to find Grandpa Zhou to say goodbye. He tried his best to restore all the things he had traveled Conditions, are unable to successfully traverse.

Ye Youning could not go back, so she had to go back to school. Seeing that he had failed, Xia Wenxi asked her to join his experiment. Ye Youning thought that before the time travels, the probability that Xia Wenxi will appear next to him is suddenly tall. Maybe Xia Wenxi is also one of the conditions for crossing. , He agreed to join Xia Wenxi. The two tried various methods without success. Finally, they returned to the school gate. Ye Youning asked Xia Wenxi to hit him hard like the car at the time. As a result, the two hit the ground and were seen by Lin Jiaqi.

Lin Jiaqi misunderstood. . Ye Youning ignored Lin Jiaqi and continued to let Xia Wenxi hit herself. Ye Youning stood in the middle of the road and closed her eyes. Who knew she was hit by that car again. This collision Ye Youning traveled through time and space again, but it was when she committed suicide. In 2006, Ye Youning woke up but didn’t recognize Xia Wenxi.

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