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First Love Again 循环初恋 Episode 1 Recap

Ye You-ning returned from the UK to visit her grandfather who had Alzheimer’s disease. His condition worsened and he could not recognize Ye You-ning. Ye You-ning was very guilty. Yang Chuang and Gao Xiaoai had been helping Ye You-ning to take care of her grandfather. Ye You-ning looked at the house. The photo of his high school said that he saw Xia Wenxi in the lecture a few days ago.

Yang Chuang said that Xia Wenxi would come to see his grandfather every time he returned to China. When several people were talking, the situation outside suddenly changed. Seeing it was about to rain, Ye You-ning hurriedly helped her grandfather into the house. After returning to the house, her grandfather clamored to turn on the radio. Ye You-ning turned on the radio.

It happened to be broadcasting the latest news from the observatory. The powerful gravitational wave is about to reach the earth. With the news, the electrical appliances in the grandfather’s house began to become disordered. At this time, Ye You-ning noticed that an old mobile phone that was turned off was ringing. Ye You-ning wanted to turn off his hand, but unexpectedly. After traveling through time and space, back in 2006, he was hit by a car at the entrance of the high school and flew onto Xia Wenxi.

In 2006, Xia Wenxi had just turned eighteen and had a good relationship with Ye Youning’s grandfather, Grandpa Zhou. Grandpa Zhou repaired Xia Wenxi’s cell phone. This cell phone was used by Ye Youning to travel. Grandpa Zhou also installed a sidecar on her bike. , It was regarded as a birthday present, Xia Wenxi was about to leave, but saw a meteor passing by in the sky, she hurriedly made a few wishes. As soon as Xia Wenxi rode to the school gate, she was about to be late.

Ye Youning was hit and flew onto the sidecar of Xia Wenxi’s car. With this help, Xia Wenxi rushed into the school gate. She put down Ye Youning and went to the classroom. Ye Youning looked at her surroundings in surprise. She couldn’t believe that she really returned to 2006. It was this year that he transferred to Xia Wenxi’s school. He wanted to slap himself to verify. Suddenly, Director Zhu on the side thought he was going to self-harm, so he quickly pulled him away.

Ye You-ning went to the classroom familiarly. Teacher Wang introduced Ye You-ning’s situation to the students. Ye You-ning looked at several familiar students in the class and sat next to Xia Wenxi. The surrounding students talked and said that Xia Wenxi was unlucky. Physical fitness, but also easy to harm the pond fish. After a while, Teacher Wang called Xia Wenxi and Lin Jiaqi to the office. Teacher Wang asked if the two were in a relationship. The two quickly denied that they were simply growing up and growing up together.

After returning to the classroom, the class started. Ye You-ning has been involuntarily attending classes, and she is immersed in calculations, wanting to know why she will travel to 2006. When the teacher said Ye You-ning did not attend the class, he asked him to go to the blackboard to solve the problem. Ye You-ning wrote With two blackboards full, the teacher and classmates couldn’t understand what he wrote. Ye You-ning said that he was writing about time-space transformation and that he wanted to change human history.

The teacher acted like Ye You-ning was talking nonsense and asked Ye You-ning to go to the back of the classroom and punish him physically. Ye Youning saw Xia Wenxi’s mobile phone while squatting in the corner. He remembered that he had passed through the phone by pressing the switch of this mobile phone. Ye Youning guessed that the mobile phone was a trigger to travel through time and space.

During the physical education class, Ye Youning saw Xia Wenxi slipped, and seeing that the phone was about to fall, Ye Youning rushed forward and hugged Xia Wenxi, and took the opportunity to get her phone and pressed it a few times, but found that there was no reaction at all. Lin Jiaqi saw Ye Youning hug Xia Wenxi, and felt a little unhappy, so he stepped forward to provoke Ye Youning to play. Ye Youning shocked everyone as soon as Ye Youning shot. Everyone asked Ye Youning to join the basketball team. Ye Youning took the opportunity to use Xia Wenxi’s mobile phone for a few days. Xia Wenxi was a little strange. Did not agree.

After school, Ye You-ning went home to see a healthy grandfather, and felt a little bit sorrowful. He and his grandfather went out to throw trash after dinner. He happened to see his classmates coming to celebrate Xia Wenxi’s birthday. He felt that he still had to find a way to go back for the sake of his grandfather. Approaching Xia Wenxi, Xia Wenxi took advantage of the opportunity to invite Ye Youning to eat cake at home.

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