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Crossroad Bistro 北辙南辕 Episode 25 Recap

Liu Liangzhou pushed Dai Xiaoyu for a walk on the lawn. Chai Yong rushed to visit Dai Xiaoyu and persuaded Xiaoyu not to return to the surging embrace. Xiaoyu must consider her future. Xiaoyu looked at Chai Yong with a rare serious expression and couldn’t help but laugh. Speaking, but nodded with a smile on his face. Dai Houjiang and his party respect Xiao Yu’s choice and go to Bai Jinghui’s house to pack up. Having not seen each other for a long time, Dai Houjiang was a little nervous.

As expected, Bai Jinghui became angry because everyone was hiding something from Xiao Yu. As soon as Dai Houjiang noticed the unpleasant atmosphere, he wanted to escape and smoke. He didn’t expect Bai Jinghui to directly take out the soot left by her father. With all kinds of memories rushing to his heart, Dai Houjiang’s heart rolled over with a strange meaning, and finally couldn’t help but apologize to Bai Jinghui. The mother and son finally reconcile.

Liu Liangzhou sent Dai’s father and mother to the airport. On the way, Dai Houjiang asked Liu Liangzhou to take care of Xiao Yu. Liu Liangzhou felt very happy, and he kept responding, with a sense of being recognized. On the other side, Lu Zheng and Bai Jinghui are at the vegetable market, and Bai Jinghui is eager to cook to replenish Dai Xiaoyu’s body. At home, Bao Xue accompanied Xiaoyu, Dai Xiaoyu thought about something in his heart, and finally couldn’t help asking that question. In the past few days, Liu Liangzhou’s every move has been seen in his eyes, and now it is time to respond to this love. Well, still stick to the heart?

Although Bao Xue and Liu Liangzhou are good friends, Bao Xue still persuades her sisters to choose from their hearts. At this time, Sister Hua, who was having dinner together a long time ago, called Dai Xiaoyu. It turned out that it was a new director filming. Sister Hua recommended Bao Xue to be the first heroine. Bao Xue was very excited, and the two sisters hugged again.

The atmosphere at the dinner table today was a bit heavy. Bai Jinghui didn’t speak for a long time. It turned out that she was holding back in her heart. Xiao Yu’s experience made Bai Jinghui very distressed. Tears couldn’t help but flow out. Bai Jinghui held Xiao Yu’s hand tightly and sobbed. When it was late at night, Bai Jinghui quietly picked up her pen and wrote her will.

Feng Xi informed everyone to get together, Dai Xiaoyu happened to be very dull at home, and Bao Xue simply asked Liu Liangzhou to take Dai Xiaoyu out. Later, Bao Xue got out of the car and came to Yu Songyang, telling Yu Songyang the good news of being a heroine. After the filming is over, Bao Xue will be officially included in the name of Sister Hua. Yu Songyang looked at Bao Xue’s excitement, and his mood rose unconsciously.

At the beginning of the evening meal, Feng Xi showed off his marriage certificate and shocked everyone. Naturally, the big happy event deserves to be celebrated. After the toast, Bao Xue solemnly thanked Liu Liangzhou for his hard work these days. Not much to say, it was in the wine, everyone picked up the wine glasses again, and it was another happy evening.

Back at Brother Hei’s studio, You Shanshan mentioned the big dragon. Although this is unlikely, You Shanshan does want to see Brother Hei playing drums on stage again. At this time, Brother Hei suddenly received a call. Listening to her tone, You Shanshan realized that the person on the phone was from the hospital. She was alert to ask You Shanshan about Brother Hei’s health, but Hei insisted on denying it. If you can give up, the two are accompanied by tambourines, and the music fills the long night.

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