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You Are My Glory 你是我的荣耀 Episode 17 Recap

Jingjing has been obsessed with work after confessing to Yu Tu’s failure. Yu Tu didn’t get any better, he was always depressed, and even Zhai Liang couldn’t see it. The time passed and the new year had come. Jingjing kept running around for the announcement. She sat alone in the luxurious hotel overlooking the thousands of fireworks, her expression was full of loneliness, and Yu Tu was also lonely at home. The last day of the year has passed.

On the first day of the new year, Yu Tu left Shanghai. He returned home before going on a business trip and gave his parents a surprise. When Yu Tu is away all year round, it is rare for him to go home once. Both of his parents are happy to have fun, and they hurriedly cook some meals that Yu Tu loves. The family of three enjoys this moment of reunion.

After eating, Yu Tu returned to his room to rest. He remembered the computer he was using in the early years and moved out the old desktop computer. This computer carries all the memories of his high school years. On the familiar QQ, Yu Tu saw the chat history between him and Jingjing. At that time, Jingjing chatted with him as an aerospace enthusiast, but he kept replying coldly. , Jingjing had to join the aerospace hobby group for him, and also became a part of the group of friends in the group.

Seeing the chat records in the group, Yu Tu realized that after he rejected Jingjing at the time, Jingjing always wanted to try his best to enter the same university with him and become someone who could stand by his side, but he did not see Jing at the time. crystal. All the memories of Jingjing came. Yu Tu remembered the Tsinghua University dream of teaching her to play games at Jingjing’s home.

It turned out that the reason she really wanted to take Tsinghua entrance examination was not because of the fans, but because of him. In addition, Jingjing has always remembered his aerospace dream. No one is optimistic about his aerospace dream. Only Jingjing wants him to be an aerospace designer more than anyone else. In the end, he failed Jingjing and failed. A girl who loves him deeply.

In the evening, Yu Tu went out with his mother. Yu Mu asked about Yu Tu’s thoughts. Yu Tu confessed that he had planned to leave and return to the institute. Yu’s mother regretted forcing Yutu to apply for the financial exam. Now she is very proud of Yutu. She only hopes that Yutu can plan for herself instead of giving up her dream for them. In addition, Yu Mu mentioned Yu Tu’s lifelong event, and wanted Yu Tu to find someone who would take care of someone. The conditions were not too good, and there was no need for a girl who was too beautiful. Yu Tu thought of Jingjing and only understood her own thoughts, so she cornered her mouth. Wei Hook, after saying something he likes to come back.

After the short vacation ended, Yu Tu flew directly from his home to Dunhuang, where he met with the aerospace dream chasers, where there was a misty yellow sand, and they were about to live on this land for a month.

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