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Timeless Love 时光与你别来无恙 Episode 4 Recap

At the end of the day, Cheng Feng told Jiang Dian that he was not interested in him, and he would never pester himself anymore. After Jiang Dian heard that Cheng Feng had a very good time today, why would he refuse him now? Cheng Feng expressed that he was not interested in his younger brother, and left by himself after speaking.

In the school dance classroom of Lin University, Pei Xiaoyun is taking Lian Ruoshen, Lu Bie and others in the rehearsal because they are going to participate in the school’s celebration activities, but the current rehearsal effect is very poor, and the music of the ensemble of several people can’t keep up. And An Jin’s dance was also messed up, without any innovation. Pei Xiaoyun was a little worried when she saw it, but Lian Ruoshen looked indifferent. He told Pei Xiaoyun that if everyone did not rehearse well, she would just go up and play alone. Originally, he thought that way before, but now he has to play the whole group together.

Pei Xiaoyun told him that it’s impossible to play solo. What he asked for was group participation. Solo was not allowed at all. When everyone was struggling, Jiang Dian came with his cello. Pei Xiaoyun felt relieved when he saw Jiang Dian came, but Jiang Dian said that according to their current appearance, it is difficult to win prizes for participating in the competition, and the dance needs professional people to come. guide.

After hearing Jiang Dian’s words, Pei Xiaoyun became anxious again. Where could she go to find a dance teacher? Lu don’t hear it and asked my sister to help guide her. Isn’t she a professional dance teacher? Pei Xiaoyun immediately reacted when she heard it, but she was afraid that Cheng Feng would not show up. After all, she no longer dances, but everyone persuaded Pei Xiaoyun to try it.

What if Cheng Feng promised her? So Pei Xiaoyun went to Cheng Feng with the mentality of trying, and when he left, he didn’t forget to ask the other people to hurry up and rehearse. Pei Xiaoyun came to Yueban Shuka to find Cheng Feng and told her what she wanted, but Cheng Feng did not respond to what she said, and Pei Xiaoyun said that she was just asking her to be a dance teacher, only instructing the dance.

Performing on stage, while Pei Xiaoyun was persuading Cheng Feng, he suddenly received a call from the school and learned that Lian Ruoshen and the others were fighting in the dance studio with the civil engineering department, so Pei Xiaoyun hurried back to the school to deal with, facing the aggressiveness of the other teacher At that time, Pei Xiaoyun was domineering to protect his students, and put all the responsibility on his own head, and then left with Lian Ruoshen and them.

During the rehearsal the next day, everyone was waiting for Cheng Feng to come, but after waiting for a long time Cheng Feng did not come, but when everyone was ready to practice, Cheng Feng came. She organized a team for everyone’s performance, and then she prepared herself. I went back. On the way back, she heard the noise on the radio and suddenly began to feel uncomfortable. Jiang Dian, who was practicing, immediately chased after hearing the sound, and made her a human mat when Cheng Feng fell to the ground. .

After that, Jiang Dian found Lu Bie and asked for some photos. He knew that Cheng Feng often suffered from insomnia, so he wanted to remodel Cheng Feng’s room and dress her current room as when she was a child, so they let Xue Dong pretend to be sick. Give yourself time. When they were busy in Cheng Feng’s room for a long time, the room finally became what Jiang Dian wanted. When Cheng Feng came back and saw her room, she was not happy, but misunderstood Jiang. Dian did this because she wanted to sleep with her, so she immediately took off her clothes and let Jiang Dian sleep, and then let him stay away from her own life.

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