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Timeless Love 时光与你别来无恙 Episode 3 Recap

After Dai Baoling learned that Cheng Feng had been intimidated recently, she immediately came to Yueban Shuka. During the chat, she learned that Cheng Feng had not offended anyone recently. Her circle was so small that she could not have a relationship with others. At this time, Dai Baoling suddenly remembered a video she had seen on the Internet.

It was a video of Zhou Yao being interviewed. In the interview, Zhou Yao once said that she has a beloved ex-girlfriend and that she is now He still missed her, but when the host asked him if he could disclose his girlfriend’s information, Zhou Yao said that he did not want to cause unnecessary trouble to her, did not want to cause trouble to her life, and did not want to media friends.

To disturb her, so I didn’t reveal it in the video, but in the video it’s easy to see that Zhou Yao did it on purpose, deliberately revealing that he has never forgotten his ex-girlfriend, and pretended to conceal his friendship for the ex-girlfriend. Curious media professionals provide information.

After seeing this video, Cheng Feng no longer has any feelings for Zhou Yao. Her face also looks calm. It is obvious that Cheng Feng already knows Zhou Yao’s true face, so she has no feelings for Zhou Yao’s behavior. Not surprised. In the evening, Cheng Feng walked out of Shucao alone with her bag on her back. She was about to go out, but before she left Shucao, at the door of Shucao, two people ran into her on a motorcycle and Cheng Feng stood there.

The ground didn’t know how to dodge. At this time, a motorcycle came out from behind Cheng Feng. He rammed the motorcycle on the opposite side. The two people on the motorcycle on the opposite side were frightened by his behavior. Seeing that the person in the car was Jiang Dian, Jiang Dian finally knocked the motorcycle opposite to the ground, and then Cheng Feng called the police to come and take the two people away. After that, Cheng Feng took the injured Jiang Dian back to his book cafe to take medicine.

On the way to take medicine, Cheng Feng told Jiang Dian that he didn’t need to do this for himself, but Jiang Dian said that he liked her and did all this. I was willing, and finally Cheng Feng told Jiang Dian that he would give him a day to date with her tomorrow. If he could make his heart move, he would agree to be his girlfriend. Jiang Dian was very happy after hearing this. He believed that he would let Cheng Every heart touches.

Returning home, Jiang Dian received a call from Professor Chen. The professor told him that a professor from the business school was coming to the school tomorrow and asked him to attend the seminar. The form had been sent to his mobile phone. Jiang Dian looked at the phone. Form, he prepared to abandon the seminar without hesitation, and went on a date with Cheng Feng tomorrow. He immediately sent Cheng Feng a message to pick her up at 8 o’clock tomorrow morning.

The next morning, when Jiang Dian packed up and was about to go out, he was called to eat breakfast by his mother and refused to let him go out. Jiang Dian told his mother that a professor from a foreign business school came to hold a seminar today and he was going to attend the seminar. She also opened the form and showed it to her mother. After her mother saw it, she asked Jiang Dian to go quickly. After Jiang Dian left, she immediately called the teacher at the business school to confirm the situation.

Jiang Dian rode a motorcycle towards Yueban Shuca, but the motorcycle was on the road except for the accident, and Cheng Feng, who was waiting at Shuca, watched the time from time to time, but it was past 11 o’clock when Jiang Dian arrived. He didn’t find Cheng Feng in Shucao. He thought Cheng Feng had already left. When he was disappointed, Cheng Feng came out and told him that he would do what he promised. It is his time today. , No matter how late he comes, he will wait.

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