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Timeless Love 时光与你别来无恙 Episode 2 Recap

After that, Jiang Dian followed Cheng Feng to take him home. He did not come close to Cheng Feng, but followed him far away. Cheng Feng knew that someone was following behind him, and when he was about to reach the door, she spoke loudly.

The people behind shouted, “I’m already home, don’t follow me. After speaking, he opened the door of his book cafe and walked in. Jiang Dian was still standing outside the book cafe looking at Cheng Feng who was walking inside. After closing the door, Cheng Feng also looked out. She noticed Jiang Dian’s backpack this time.

She looked at the sign on the backpack and suddenly remembered that she had seen it on the surveillance system. That was the night. The person who secretly entered his book cafe, at this time Cheng Feng not only did not like Jiang Dian, but also had some dislike, because Jiang Dian secretly entered and left that day, so Cheng Feng misunderstood him.

After that, Jiang Dian often appeared in Shucao and kept watching Cheng Feng. One day, Cheng Feng found an opportunity and called Jiang Dian to a corner outside Shucao, telling him that he was not interested in him, and asked him to leave too. A little further away, Jiang Dian said that she likes her, but Cheng Feng doesn’t believe that. She knows that many men like her superficially, they just like her face and figure, and just want to sleep with her.

That’s it, so Cheng Feng didn’t believe Jiang Dian’s words at all. At the same time, Cheng Feng told Jiang Dian that he was not interested in his younger brother. After speaking, he returned to the book cafe. Jiang Dian was also a little bit shocked by Cheng Feng’s words, but He didn’t think about giving up his idea of ​​pursuing Cheng Feng. In the evening, Cheng Feng had a nightmare. She got up and went downstairs to drink water.

When she picked up the cup and turned around, she saw all the red words on the glass of her book and coffee. She immediately called the police and the police took care of her. Asked, but Cheng Feng didn’t know who she had offended recently, and she didn’t see much last night, just saw the back of a woman wearing a peaked cap leaving.

Lu Buie, who was begging Jiang Dian for crimes on the rooftop, received a call and learned that Cheng Feng was intimidated. He was about to leave. Lian Ruoshen stopped him. Lu Buie anxiously wanted to leave, so he took his cousin. The news of Shuka’s accident was told to them, and they immediately ran out. Jiang Dian and Lian Ruoshen also ran to Shuka.

The three took the initiative to clean the glass, and Cheng Feng also let the employees go home. It’s closed, it’s closed today. In the evening, Cheng Feng received a call from the police and learned that the police had found someone. It was done by a woman because she found a photo of Cheng Feng in her boyfriend’s cell phone.

She suspected that Cheng Feng was a junior. Cheng Feng hung up the phone and went out, and she didn’t know that Jiang Dian had been guarding the book cafe. Seeing her out, she immediately followed. Cheng Feng was walking on the road with a mask and hat behind her. As long as she speeds up, the other party will speed up. Cheng Feng knew that she was being followed.

When she walked under the overpass, Cheng Feng was suddenly held in her arms by herself. Cheng Feng looked up and saw that it was Jiang Dian, the two waited for a while, and the person following Cheng Feng also came down. She was looking for Cheng Feng’s figure everywhere. At this moment, Jiang Dian walked over and caught him, and took off his mask and hat. See you When she arrived at her true appearance, she let the woman go. The woman didn’t go far, but came to the side to call people and said that she would not let the process go.

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