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Timeless Love 时光与你别来无恙 Episode 1 Recap

In the school, Jiang Dian was doing physics experiments. Lian Ruoshen came to the laboratory to pull him out to play, and told him that he had fun today. Jiang Dian was not willing to go, but Lian Ruoshen did not agree with him. Jiang Dian went with him and told him where Lu Bie had been waiting for them. After that, regardless of Jiang Diantong’s disagreement, he dragged him and walked out. When the two were walking on the road, they heard someone under the overpass.

There was a threatening voice, and there was a weak voice indicating that they were in the immediate future. When the two heard that the person being threatened was their alumni, they immediately walked under the overpass and asked them to stop as soon as they saw the person. Thinking that there were only two people on the other side, but immediately several people got down from the other side of the overpass. Jiang Dian and Lian Ruoshen immediately wanted to run away.

The two said that they had drunk too much and asked the other side not to mind, and then turned around. He wanted to leave, but the intimidated student immediately said to the other’s boss, Brother, you see that the shoes on their feet are brand-name, and they are much more expensive than mine. They must be richer than me, and originally planned to put Jiang Dian. The people they left immediately made up their minds.

When Jiang Dian and Lian Ruoshen saw that they could not run away, they were ready to face it. Lian Ruoshen watched the other person approaching step by step. He immediately prepared to have a fight with each other. Before the fight started, he said Still talking, I wanted Xiaoye’s shoes, but there was no door. After talking about a few people, they started fighting, but after all, they were outnumbered, and the two fell quickly. So the two took the opportunity to run away during the fight.

Jiang Dianzai In the process of escaping, he passed by a book cafe, and the door was not locked, so Jiang Dian hid in. After entering, he heard music from the stairs, so he cautiously walked up the stairs and came to Upstairs, he saw a woman practicing dance. The woman danced gracefully and was very focused. He didn’t know that there was an extra person in his house now, and he was watching him dance. Jiang Dian watched. The woman’s dance was immediately attracted by the woman. He was particularly fascinated by it, but he accidentally made a noise. He immediately hid downstairs.

It happened that the person chasing him passed by, and Jiang Dian immediately hid. Under the stairs, the woman looked down with a flashlight. When she was looking down the stairs, her cell phone rang upstairs, so the woman immediately went upstairs to answer the phone. Jiang Dian escaped from this, and waited for the woman to go upstairs. Jiang Dian left Shuca immediately.

The next day, Lu Bie brought Jiang Dian and Lian Ruoshan to study at Shucao, and told them that this Shucao was his cousin Cheng Fengkai. Jiang Dian saw Cheng Feng again, but his eyes couldn’t get from Cheng Feng. Leaving, but Cheng Feng didn’t have a good impression of his behavior. At this time, the waiter told Cheng Feng that the person who changed the lock would not be here today. How can I lock the door at night if I can’t fix the lock today?

After hearing this, Jiang Dian said that he could try it. So Jiang Dian went to repair the door. Just after the door was repaired, Pei Xiaoyun also came to the book cafe. He came to find Lian Ruoshen, because Lian Ruoshen really had too many subjects and he would not be able to graduate without tutoring.

Pei Xiaoyun and Cheng Feng are good best friends. She asked Cheng Feng to get together at night and told her that Dai Baoling would also go. So the three of them came to the bar for a drink in the evening, and Jiang Dian happened to be working here part-time. After seeing Cheng Feng, his eyes were all Haven’t moved away. In the evening, Dai Baoling sent the drunk Pei Xiaoyun back. Cheng Feng went back alone. On the road, he met a man who followed her all the time. When he reached the overpass, the man stepped forward and hugged Cheng Feng when he saw no one. , Jiang Dian appeared and shot the man away.

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