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Stop! Miss Hua 站住! 花小姐 Episode 1 Recap

Qin Donghai first saw Strawberry Flowers and Bright Moon

In the dark night, sparse raindrops fell on the sky. Several firefighters and soldiers used searchlights to search in the dark night. Under the leadership of Fire Chief Qin Donghai (played by Zhang He), they opened a door, but there was a sound.

The explosion of loud noises, the fire suddenly rushed towards his face, and Qin Donghai woke up from this nightmare. Although it was a dream, it was also an indelible memory in Qin Donghai’s memory. This nightmare always followed him. After waking up, Qin Donghai looked at the group photo of his colleagues on the table with a heavy heart.

Today is the birthday of Hua Mingyue (played by Qi Yandi), the eldest of the Hua Group. According to rumors, Hua Mingyue is a famous straw bag, but it is the treasure of Grandpa Hua’s magnificent heart. He has always wanted to pass on the Hua Mingyue to Hua Mingyue. Therefore, a grand birthday party was specially held for Hua Mingyue, and elites in the industry were invited. In order to let Hua Mingyue be capable and knowledgeable, he also specially asked the fat uncle to make Hua Mingyue stand on the stage and give a speech through the inscription of headphones.

But I didn’t expect to have a signal with the Qin Donghai team who has been following Hua Hongwei. Fatty’s audio was interrupted. Hua Mingyue naturally didn’t know what to say without prompting. Fatty’s inscription on the electronic screen. They were all turned upside down by Hua Mingyue, and the name of the straw bag was confirmed. Hua Mingyue hurriedly left the birthday party in shame.

Because of a bad mood, Hua Mingyue drank too much and hid in the toilet. Hua Mingyue’s brother Hua Mingchen was going to find Hua Mingyue and was stopped by Hua Hongwei. Hua Hongwei got up and left the venue, worried that Hua Hongwei would leave the sight. Qin Donghai, who had entered the venue, was busy looking for Hua Hongwei, but unexpectedly met the heartbroken Hua Mingyue. Hua Mingyue mistakenly mistaken Qin Donghai for his fat uncle who loved him, holding Qin Donghai in distress, Qin Donghai was helpless. Had to send Hua Mingyue to the hotel with colleagues who were standing outside.

Grandpa Hua recruited tutors for Hua Mingyue. In order to get close to Hua Hongwei, Qin Donghai’s colleagues took the initiative to help Qin Dong apply for the poster name. Although Qin Donghai was reluctant to contact Hua Mingyue, he had to agree to investigate the case. As soon as he entered the company building with his resume, Qin Donghai met Hua Mingyue on the elevator. He was so scared that Qin Donghai hurriedly covered his face with his resume, for fear of being recognized as the hotel where he sent Hua Mingyue yesterday.

But I didn’t expect that Hua Mingyue saw the content of the resume and learned that it was her own tutor. She deliberately got close to Qin Donghai, humiliating and sarcasm. He hoped that Qin Donghai would retreat. Hua Hongwei saw that Hua Hongwei investigated Qin Donghai privately, and knew that he had been a firefighter and was an honest soldier who had experienced life and death, so he took the initiative to invite Qin Donghai to be Hua Mingyue’s tutor.

Hua Mingyue used a ladder to climb to the top of the building and wanted to take a photo to scare grandpa, lest grandpa always let her learn, let her be the person in charge of the company, and put all kinds of pressure on her, but thinking of grandpa’s love for herself, Hua Mingyue I was worried about making Grandpa angry and thought about it, but found that the ladder had been taken away. Moreover, it was discovered by the cleaner that Hua Mingyue, who was standing on the second floor, was mistaken for jumping off the building. Hua Mingyue actually slipped and fell. Fortunately, Qin Donghai rushed to Feishen in time to catch Hua Mingyue, safe and sound. Hua Mingyue landed, Hua Mingyue was excited and embarrassed.

Suddenly Hua Hongwei is sick. Although everyone knows that Hua Hongwei likes Hua Mingyue, she also knows that she is a straw bag. Therefore, we all hope that Hua Mingchen can be the acting chairman of the board. Hua Mingyue happily agreed. Can you worry about it? Qin Donghai wanted to successfully come in as a tutor, but was driven away by Hua Mingyue. Qin Donghai appeared at the place where Hua Mingyue was shopping, and it happened that someone secretly photographed Hua Mingyue, Qin Donghai. Riding a motorcycle with Hua Mingyue swiftly chasing, at the same time, she didn’t forget to wrap her coat around Hua Mingyue, who was unable to sit in a short skirt.

Qin Donghai’s superb riding skills drove the robbers to the riverside. Just as the sneak shot almost fell into the river, Hua Mingyue in the back seat grabbed the camera’s strap.

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