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Song of Youth 玉楼春 Episode 9 Recap

Lin Shaochun returned to her residence, and the beautiful girls gathered around to ask questions. The mother came to hear the news and couldn’t wait to know why the concubine Sun Youzhen came to Lin Shaochun. Lin Shaochun lightly said that she was just chatting about family affairs. The mother didn’t believe it at all. Threatening Lin Shaochun with ruthless words.

The mother deliberately went to Sun Youzhen to make false claims and framed Lin Shaochun for spreading rumors outside. Sun Youzhen was angry that she did not know Lin Shaochun. The people in the palace heard that Sun Youzhen had an appointment with Lin Shaochun, and they all came to curry favor with her. The mother then rushed to let people take away all the dim sum, insisting that Lin Shaochun cling to the concubine, threatening to drive her out of the palace.

Sun Yulou began to re-examine the case of Lin Yuandao’s embezzlement of military rations and military pay. He read the file from beginning to end. Back then, Lin Yuandao escorted military rations of 100,000 shi and military pay of fifty thousand taels to Shanxi. When he arrived in Taiyuan, both military pay and rations were reduced by half. ,

General Xiao ordered him to be arrested and charged him with corruption. Sun Yulou racked his brains and couldn’t think of how Lin Yuandao quietly transferred so many military rations and military rations, suspecting that there was a problem with the household grain depot.

Sun Yulou took Huanlang to the restaurant for dinner. He saw that the boss was reprimanding the guy for stealing oil and salt. He was inspired by it. He went back to the yamen to find the government servants in the granary, and forced him to tell him how to deduct food. As a fuss, Sun Yulou immediately sent people to Chalin to transport rice bags for military rations.

Sun Xun heard that Sun Yulou was investigating Lin Yuandao’s case and ordered Huanlang to report to him on the progress of Sun Yulou’s investigation. Sun Xun also took the initiative to hand over his warrant to Sun Yulou to facilitate Sun Yulou’s access to various ministries to investigate the case. . Sun Yulou quickly found out that there was a problem with the rice bucket in the grain depot of the Ministry of Households, and found that there was a mezzanine underneath, so he arrested Liu Ying and Wu Xiang, who were in charge of the supervision, for interrogation. Liu Ying made every possible sophistry.

Sun Yulou sent someone to hold Liu Ying in custody, and then arrested Wu Xiang, falsely claiming that Liu Ying had confessed, and deliberately let him hear the whiplash and Liu Ying’s screams for mercy. Wu Xiang’s psychological defenses completely collapsed and he confessed on the spot. For all the crimes, Sun Yulou successfully solved the case and cleared Lin Yuandao’s suspicion. He presented the results of the investigation to the emperor.

The household official, Li Huan, insisted that Sun Yulou had been beaten up. The emperor arrested Wu Xiang and Liu Ying. Wu Xiang claimed that Sun Yulou had abused Liu Ying to lynch, but Liu Ying was unharmed. The emperor immediately ordered them to be arrested and sealed. Sun Yulou was the Zuo Sicheng of Dali Temple, who cleared the grievances of Lin Yuandao and Lu Ming, and was appointed as a noble officer. It turned out that the screams of Sun Yulou begging Lin Shaochun’s master to pretend to be Liu Ying deceived Wu Xiang.

Sun Yulou came to the palace to confess good to Sun Youzhen for the first time. Sun Youzhen was full of praise, and casually talked about the emperor’s selection of the women in the Palace of the Day. Sun Yulou was immediately dumbfounded, and he eagerly took out the emperor’s holy project and shouted in front of the women After reading it out, Lin Shaochun learned that the emperor had acquitted her father Lin Yuandao and added an official to the court, and tears filled her eyes with excitement.

The show girls lined up to go to the palace selection. Some show women were crazy and evaded and were dragged down on the spot. Some show girls deliberately scribbled on their faces and were caught on the spot by the mother. Lin Shaochun lied that there was a very itchy psoriasis. The mother helped her pick some roses to relieve her, and she believed it to be true.

Sun Youzhen accompanies the emperor’s palace drafting girl. He saw Lin Shaochun in the portrait at a glance. He didn’t expect Lin Shaochun’s face to be swollen like a bun. The emperor learned that she was allergic to pollen and disqualified her from the palace on the spot. Sun Yulou waited with Huanlang outside the palace, and finally when he came to Lin Shaochun, Sun Yulou recognized her at a glance and hurriedly took her away. Yao Dizhu came to find Sun Yulou, and saw him leaving with the unrecognizable Lin Shaochun from a distance, feeling sad.

Sun Yulou sent someone to restore the Lin Mansion to its original state. He took Lin Shaochun home for a visit. Lin Shaochun returned to a familiar and strange home. She couldn’t help but think of the happy time in the past. She saw that the furnishings here are still the same, but the things in front of her are totally different. Mixed feelings in my heart. Sun Yulou went to great lengths to help the mother find her daughter Xiaoya. Lin Shaochun was grateful to him, and Sun Yulou took the opportunity to ask her to agree with her.

The mother was grateful to Sun Yulou, thanked him for helping Lin Yuandao in justice, and also found Xiaoya, and wished him and Lin Shaochun a long and prosperous life. Lin Shaochun was unwilling to marry a wealthy aristocrat, but she was willing for Sun Yulou, and Sun Yulou promised to marry her home as soon as possible.

When Shen Qingyao learned that Sun Yulou had only retrialed Lin Yuandao’s case for Lin Shaochun, she gritted her teeth with anger, and Xu Fengqiao kindly persuaded her. Sun Yulou came home to see Shen Qingyao. Before Sun Yulou could ask for a marriage proposal, Shen Qingyao scolded him, not allowing him to interact with Lin Shaochun. Sun Yulou vowed that Lin Shaochun would not marry, and the mother and son were too quarrelsome. Sun Xun rushed to persuade him in time and called Sun Yulou to the study room for a single chat.

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