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Song of Youth 玉楼春 Episode 10 Recap

Sun Xun gave Sun Yulou a severe lesson without asking him to marry Lin Shaochun, on the excuse that Lin Shaochun was once the daughter of a criminal minister and was drafted in the palace. Sun Xun worried that Lin Shaochun’s identity would affect Sun Yulou’s future, and it would hurt Sun Youzhen. Sun Yulou vowed that Lin Shaochun would not marry and would take Lin Shaochun out of the capital. Sun Xun gritted his teeth with anger and punishes him for self-examination in the ancestral hall.

Sun Yulou was so anxious that he had to discuss the countermeasures with Huanlang. Yao Dizhu suspected that Lin Shaochun used him to redress the grievances of his father. He didn’t really like him at all. He asked Sun Yulou to test Lin Shaochun. Sun Yulou firmly believed that Lin Shaochun was sincere to him. Xu Fengqiao knew Sun Yulou’s temper, and worried that he would marry Lin Shaochun home against the wishes of his parents, and let Yao Dizhu snatch Sun Yulou back. Yao Dizhu didn’t want to be too difficult for others, but wanted Lin Shaochun to retreat, Yao Dizhu thought. There is a good way, but Sun Yulou needs to be opened for a few days.

At breakfast, Shen Qingyao lied that the old lady was in ill health and wanted to take someone back to visit her hometown. Sun Jinge was eager to try. Xu Fengqiao slammed his feet. He was so scared that he shut up quickly, and Sun Xiaoxian lowered his head to see this scene. Shen Qingyao took Sun Yulou back to his hometown to visit. Sun Yulou wanted to refuse, but Sun Xun forced him hard, so he had to agree. After the meal, Sun Xiaoxian curiously asked Xu Fengqiao why she stepped on Sun Jin Pavilion, and Xu Fengqiao hurriedly found an excuse to cover up.

Sun Yulou wrote to Lin Shaochun to explain the situation and sent Huanlang to deliver the letter. Huanlang went out and met Xu Fengqiao. Xu Fengqiao snatched the letter. She was going to Lin’s family to propose a marriage. She wanted to send the letter by the way. Huanlang hesitated. Xu Fengqiao moved out of Sun Xun and Shen Qingyao to threaten him, Huan. Lang was so scared that he repeatedly said yes,

Xu Fengqiao came to the Lin Mansion to find Lin Shaochun and congratulated Lin Yuandao on her grievance. Then she said that the emperor had told Sun Yulou to marry the Nan’an county lord and persuaded Lin Shaochun to find another son-in-law. Lin Shaochun didn’t believe it at all and wanted to wait for Sun Yulou to tell her personally. , Xu Fengqiao asked her to go to Shuiyue’an to confirm the matter with the head of Nan’an County. Yao Dizhu and the Nan’an County Lord of the princess’s mansion are close friends. She has made careful arrangements and only waits for Lin Shaochun to take the bait.

Lin Shaochun didn’t believe that Sun Yulou would betray her, but still murmured in her heart. She pretended to be a nun and squatted in the main hall. The Nan’an County Lord came to ask for a visa. Lin Shaochun revealed her identity and voluntarily admitted that she and Sun Yulou were happy, and begged the Nan’an County Lord to fulfill them. For the two, the Nan’an County Lord resolutely refused to do it, and repeatedly claimed that the marriage was bestowed by the emperor, and she angrily took Lin Shaochun back to the prefectural palace.

The Nan’an County Lord took Lin Shaochun into a room and suddenly heard Sun Yulou begging Nan’an County Lord to release Lin Shaochun. The Nan’an County Lord ordered Sun Yulou to be beaten up. Lin Shaochun couldn’t see anyone and suspected that the person was not Sun Yulou. The county lord of Nan’an took her out to confirm that the person who claimed to be Sun Yulou was beaten all over, and he lay on the ground and did not dare to look up. Lin Shaochun heard Sun Yulou’s voice, and she believed it to be true. The Nan’an County Lord forced Lin Shaochun to drink the poisoned wine before agreeing to release Sun Yulou. Lin Shaochun picked it up and drank it without hesitation. He fell to the ground on the spot. Yao Dizhu hid in the house and saw clearly.

Lin Shaochun woke up in a daze, and saw the Nan’an County lord standing by her side, only to realize that she was acting in a play, just to test Lin Shaochun’s feelings for Sun Yulou. Lin Shaochun couldn’t wait to find Sun Yulou. He turned around and saw Master was there. Master admitted that he was entrusted by others, pretending to be Sun Yulou and deceived Lin Shaochun, Lin Shaochun was relieved.

Upon hearing the news, Yao Dizhu took the initiative to admit that she would test Lin Shaochun for Sun Yulou, congratulated Lin Shaochun for passing the test, and Yao Dizhu sincerely wished Lin Shaochun and Sun Yulou happiness. When Sun Yulou came back from his hometown, Lin Shaochun came to see him. When Lin Shaochun came back from the princess mansion, he couldn’t help but fell into his arms. The two embraced each other deeply and refused to let go for a long time.

As soon as Shen Qingyao returned home, she couldn’t wait to ask Xu Fengqiao about the situation. After learning that Lin Shaochun passed the test successfully, Shen Qingyao immediately decided to send someone to Yao Dizhu’s house to give a betrothal gift tomorrow. Yao Dizhu flatly refused. Her own wishful man did not want to ruin the good marriage between Sun Yulou and Lin Shaochun, so even Xu Fengqiao’s painstaking persuasion was of no avail. Later, Yao Dizhu packed up and left Sun’s house, Xu Fengqiao struggled to stay, but she had decided to leave.

Yao Dizhu learned from Xu Fengqiao that Shen Qingyao was going to hold a thousand red banquet in Sun’s Mansion to select a daughter-in-law for Sun Yulou. She took a detour to Lin Mansion to report to Lin Shaochun, but Sun Yulou was there. Yao Dizhu felt that the two of them were tired of being together every day without media and employment, which not only harmed Lin Shaochun’s reputation, but also had a bad influence on Sun Yulou. Yao Dizhu advised them to temporarily separate until Sun Xun and Shen Qingyao agreed. With justifiable reasons, Lin Shaochun felt reasonable and admired Yao Dizhu’s generosity.

Sun Mansion is about to hold a Thousand Red Feast. The maid and Jia Ding are busy cleaning and tidying up. Shen Qingyao sees that Su Yingxue, who is alone in the vacant room, is drinking again, and persuades her not to attend the Thousand Red Feast. Su Yingxue hadn’t received Sun Jianhao’s letter for a long time. She was upset and lost her temper when she returned to the room. Su Yingxue suddenly heard the melodious piano sound, and she felt relieved a little.

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