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Love is True 我是真的爱你 Episode 18 Recap

Li Mei’e went to Xiao Yan. Before she could say her words, Xiao Yan first said that the assessment is very simple, as long as it is a nursing school graduate, she can answer it. The purpose of her assessment is to screen out those related households who are related to each other. Li Mei’e then pulled out some of the others, Xiao Yan seemed to have been prepared, and Li Mei’e had to go out desperately.

Xiao Yan called Yan Zhi and asked him to check Li Mei’e’s background in the company’s personnel department, and Yan Zhi immediately agreed. Now Yan Zhi is in a bad situation in the company. Chen Jiaorui will not let him take over any project. Every day, he does some chores such as running errands, fetching express delivery and copying documents. Yan Zhi and Mo Ming said that they want to go to confinement. The center and Xiao Yan are working together.

A girl named Mengxin came to work in the company. Li Cha was very kind to her. He arranged Mengxin’s office in the same office Xiao Yan was in before. Seeing Li Cha’s every move towards Meng Xin, Chen Jiaorui felt that this girl was not easy. Lili was very dissatisfied with the airborne Mengxin. Chen Jiaorui promised her that after some time, that office would belong to Lili.

Li Mei’e went to Mo Ming to beg for mercy. Mo Ming was soft-hearted, so he agreed to help her talk to Xiao Yan about delaying the assessment time. At the same time, Xiao Yan learned through Yan Zhi that Li Mei’e was a relative of President Ma. Ma always strongly supported the acquisition of this confinement center. At present, it seems that he may be the largest shareholder of the confinement center.

Li Mei’e went to Mr. Ma and said about Xiao Yan’s new official appointment. Ma is always her brother-in-law. He promised that he would be there and Xiao Yan would not do anything to her. Soon, Mo Ming went to see Xiao Yan, hoping that she would allow everyone a few days of assessment time to prepare everyone, but Xiao Yan said that the nursing staff at the confinement center were more or less intimate with Li Mei’e, and she did the assessment this time.

The purpose is to clean up and rectify these people who depend on the relationship. Xiao Yan persuaded Mo Ming not to be soft-hearted. He didn’t know how much Li Mei’e was greedy. For Li Mei’e, Mo Ming was her real danger. The nursing staff were dissatisfied with Xiao Yan’s dismissal, so they went to Li Mei’e to ask for an explanation, and Li Mei’e went to Xiao Yan immediately.

Xiao Yan showed her the results of the assessment, but Li Mei’e argued that the results of the assessment were not important, but the customer’s sense of trust in them. Seeing this, Xiao Yan threw out a bunch of customer complaints, and Li Mei’e was speechless. She immediately questioned how to start work in the confinement center that had dismissed so many employees.

Xiao Yan said that she had already found new employees, and the new employees would arrive on the job tomorrow. Xiao Yan still had evidence of a loophole in the previous confinement center accounts, so Li Mei’e did not dare to mention it again. It was Mo Ming who accidentally learned that Li Mei’e’s husband had a stroke. He used to take medicine privately in the hospital for her husband. Mo Ming was overly sympathetic and went to Xiao Yan to talk about Li Mei’e and the dismissed employees.

Xiao Yan laughed and laughed. For so long, the money that Li Mei’e and her sisters had greeted in the confinement center was enough for them to build a few buildings in the village. But Mo Ming didn’t think so. He was very soft-hearted. He was clearly not doing well, and he still had leisure to sympathize with others. Xiao Yan was accustomed to the life of a person.

After Qi Bin moved in, she was very uncomfortable. In addition, the work in the confinement center was very busy. That night she took the notebook and went out to work. When she came back, Qi Bin was about to take it. The suitcase leaves. Xiao Yan hugged him and said that she didn’t mean that, Qi Bin could also understand that both of them had strong personalities and it was not easy to be together.

Mengxin began to blatantly poach Chen Jiaorui’s clients, and in front of Chen Jiaorui, she did not show any guilty conscience or guilt at all. Chen Jiaorui was uncomfortable, but she couldn’t be angry with Mengxin either. Afterwards, Meng Xin proposed to give Manager Sun’s case full authority to her. Li Cha has agreed, and now only looks at Chen Jiaorui’s opinions.

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