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Crossroad Bistro 北辙南辕 Episode 24 Recap

The negotiation between Li Xiang and Feng Xi came to a deadlock. A knock on the door interrupted their speech. Zhao Henan stood at the door and confessed to Feng Xi in front of Li Xiang. Li Xiang gave a lesson, and his attitude was very disdainful.

In order to save some face for Li Xiang, Feng Xi first called Zhao Henan out, and finally left a warning to Li Xiang, asking Li Xiang to leave his life quickly, and then took the bag and left. The shy Zhao Henan walked back and forth outside the door, and Feng Xi was even more excited by Zhao Henan’s role, so he asked Zhao Henan to say another confession. Unexpectedly, Zhao Henan grabbed Feng Xi and resolutely said those promises word by word.

Unlike Li Xiang’s selfishness and indifference, Zhao Henan’s sincerity impressed Feng Xi. The two finally hugged each other. When Zhao Henan and Feng Xi returned to the hotel, Zhao’s father and Zhao’s mother had already laughed so hard that they could not close their mouths. This finally became a worry.

Si Meng felt a little distressed about the fines he handed out. Fortunately, Du Shijun was very open about it and assumed that the money was paid for the tuition. Unexpectedly, the door bell rang in the middle of the night. It was You Shanshan who sent the 20,000 yuan back. Si Meng still wanted to refuse, but You Shanshan’s staff insisted on Yu Shanshan’s meaning, and now they can only accept it. Du Shijun looked at the thick pile of banknotes and felt that You Shanshan was really a particular person.

Bao Xue and Yu Songyang discussed that if they had two children in the future, they hoped that one of them could be named Dai Xiaoyu as their mother. Yu Songyang did not object, and the two reached an agreement on this matter. On the other side, Feng Xi and Zhao Henan discovered that the two elders had already gone home early. The two who had just fallen in love were like glue. Zhao Henan wanted to fight with Feng Xi while the iron was hot, and they decided to get married. Zhao Henan told his parents the matter, and decided to go to Hubei with Zhao Henan next week to tell his parents about the marriage. This is a pain for You Shanshan, Feng Xi kept the matter secret, but asked You Shanshan for another week of vacation.

You Shanshan and her good friend Dalong came to Hei Ge’s shop. Dalong is a very talented musician. You Shanshan always talks about Dalong, hoping Dalong can give full play to his talents. Dalong respects Brother Hei very much. I heard that You Shanshan and Brother Hei once witnessed a real friendship because of a disturbance in a bar. Brother Hei broke his hand because of protecting You Shanshan. You Shanshan opened a studio for Hei brother. Change from playing drums to making drums. Now that Dalong has become a famous musician, he is trying to find a good music director for his music program. When I found You Shanshan this time, I also hoped that You Shanshan would persuade Black Brother to come out.

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