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Crossroad Bistro 北辙南辕 Episode 23 Recap

You Shanshan brought Si Meng to deal with Chai Yong and her friend Lao Ma. Lao Ma was a person who was responsible for buying scripts and adapting film and television dramas. He and Si Meng were very speculative. The two chatted about poetry endlessly until Du Shijun brought home the drunk Si Meng.

Bao Xue and Liu Liangzhou were still at the door of the ward. Bao Xue asked Liu Liangzhou to go to the surging house to fetch all Dai Xiaoyu’s things. Dai Houjiang asked to go together. The next day, Bao Xue informed everyone that he had brought Dai Xiaoyu. Yu Songyang was awakened, and You Shanshan hurriedly pushed down all meetings and rushed to Chaoyang Hospital.

When Si Meng woke up, he felt a terrible headache and suddenly felt Du Shijun’s difficulties. But after Du Shijun got up early to prepare breakfast for the children, the two of them seemed to have changed their identities and began to sympathize with each other.

You Shanshan and Yu Songyang were standing at the door of the ward. You Shanshan couldn’t bear to enter the door and wanted to meet again when Xiao Yu was better. At this moment Surging came, Yu Songyang habitually nodded, Bao Xue warned Surging again, but Surging did not listen at all, insisting on seeing Dai Xiaoyu, Bao Xue rose up in anger and wanted to reach out to hold the Surging, but was held by Yu Songyang, Surging was about to Entering the door, You Shanshan stood up at the moment, slapped directly, and then left silently.

Si Meng was helping in the restaurant, and when he saw a male guest lighting a cigarette, he stopped him. Who knows that the guest was very uncooperative. Under Si Meng’s insistence, he provocatively pinched the cigarette butt into the bowl in Si Meng’s hand. After eating, he wanted to go to the bathroom. On the way to find the bathroom, the male guest found a group of guests in the box. Several of them were smoking cigarettes and enjoying their wine. The male guest was upset, so he quietly took out his cell phone and took pictures of the crime.

Dai Houjiang and Liu Liangzhou packed up all of Xiaoyu’s things at Peng Pai’s house. Peng Pai wanted to stop them. Dai Houjiang grabbed Peng Pao’s collar and warned Peng Pai not to entangle Xiao Yu in the future. Liu Liangzhou was very surprised, and chatted with Dai Houjiang in the car on the way back. Dai Houjiang inquired about Liu Liangzhou’s family as if inquiring about his home.

Si Meng was holding the ticket with a sad face. He didn’t expect to have done his best to help this time. Si Meng reflected that if he had a better attitude, maybe no such thing happened, but he still asked the employees not to tell You Shanshan about it.

When Feng Xi and Zhao Henan brought their parents back to Feng Xi’s house, they unexpectedly found Li Xiang’s figure. The plan was exposed, and Zhao Henan hurriedly sent away the frustrated parents. Li Xiang and Feng Xi were alone in the room. Li Xiang suddenly knelt down and asked Feng Xi for forgiveness. On the other side, Zhao Ma and Zhao Dad suddenly accountable to Zhao Henan, and they preach that Zhao Henan is brave to pursue the single Feng Xi. Zhao Henan muffled and did not speak, and a wonderful feeling was born in his heart. At Zhao Ma’s order, Zhao Henan bravely stood up and went to Feng Xi’s house.

Feng Xi heard Li Xiangsheng’s tearful retention, and there was no fluctuation in her heart. There was no news at all for more than half a year. Feng Xi has already seen through Li Xiang’s heart with the sudden love. He has been Li Xiang’s nanny from beginning to end. Feng Xi told Li Xiang that he already had a boyfriend, but Li Xiang didn’t believe it at all. If the two are true love, then why did Zhao Henan turn around and leave just now. As soon as the voice came, a knock on the door came in…

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