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Crossroad Bistro 北辙南辕 Episode 22 Recap

Zhao’s father, Zhao’s mother, Zhao Henan, and Feng Xi gathered at Feng Xi’s house. Zhao’s father prepared a table of good dishes. Zhao’s mother took advantage of the hot atmosphere and proposed to meet her in-laws. Zhao Henan hurriedly helped Feng Xi take the trouble. Only then escaped a catastrophe.

Bao Xue suddenly received a call from Dai Xiaoyu at Yu Songyang’s house. Hearing Dai Xiaoyu’s cry, Bao Xue’s face changed suddenly, and she hurriedly packed her things and hurried home. On the other side, Peng Pai couldn’t contact Dai Xiaoyu, and was very anxious, so she got up and went to the Beizhe Nanyuan Restaurant.

Feng Xi finally sent Zhao’s father and mother away. At this time, Zhao Henan was already tired and fell asleep on the bed. Hearing Feng Xi’s movement, Zhao Henan went out of the room and thanked Feng Xi. The companionship these few days made Feng Xi feel very warm. After watching Zhao Henan leave, Feng Xi suddenly felt lonely again.

Bao Xue took care of Dai Xiaoyu who was crying and crying. Every time she thought of every word she had said today, Dai Xiaoyu felt guilty of nausea in her heart. Surging voices came from outside the door. Bao Xue and Dai Xiaoyu were silent, and then they left. Listening to the sound of the distance, Dai Xiaoyu burst out crying again.

Si Meng mentioned to Du Shijun about helping You Shanshan’s restaurant. Du Shijun agreed at once, which aroused Si Meng’s suspicion. Du Shijun took the initiative to pick up and take care of the children and take care of the children’s daily life. Si Meng extremely doubted whether Du Shijun made a mistake again. Du Shijun said that this time Du Shijun also deeply introspected, so he took the initiative to make changes to the department and become an audit department. This time, he does not need to be at the wine table and can share Si Meng’s work. . Si Meng was extremely happy and hugged Du Shijun to kiss him fiercely.

Dai Xiaoyu couldn’t sleep all night. Bao Xue joined the filming the next day. Fortunately, she was not far away. Bao Xue invited Dai Xiaoyu to join the crew so that she could take care of Dai Xiaoyu by the way. Dai Xiaoyu got into the taxi, but found the taxi driver dozing off. Dai Xiaoyu was worried, but the driver insisted on driving. The long road made him doze off again and his body rolled over. Dai Xiaoyu suffered a serious car accident.

When Bao Xue called Dai Xiaoyu, she knew that Dai Xiaoyu had an accident. Dai Xiaoyu ran downstairs, stopped the car and hurried, and called Liu Liangzhou together. Now Dai Xiaoyu is rescued in the hospital. The doctor said that now Dai Xiaoyu’s car accident trauma plus pregnancy effects, the uterus must be removed, Bao Xue is extremely frightened, but his life is at stake, and Bao Xue can only sign and tell the news. Give Dad Dai and Mom. Now that Dai Xiaoyu is bleeding heavily, Liu Liangzhou volunteered to donate blood. Fortunately, because of the matching of blood types, Dai Xiaoyu escaped.

Peng Pai also rushed to the hospital, but was strongly stopped by Bao Xue until he was driven away. Dad Dai and Madam Dai sat around Dai Xiaoyu’s hospital bed. Dai Ma looked at Dai Xiaoyu’s haggard appearance wrapped in bandages, distressed, so she could only hold Dai Xiaoyu’s hand and whimper in pain.

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