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Broker 掮客 Episode 13 Recap

Zhou Xiaoshan had also struggled, because the person he fell in love with was completely a person of two worlds. Zhou Xiaoshan talked about the last time someone who borrowed money on the side of the road came to pay it back. It was Qiu Jianing who made him believe that there was still goodwill in the world. So Zhou Xiaoshan decided to be brave once, Qiu Jianing, I like you.

Qiu Jianing said that he was not a good love partner, and he was not as good as he said. Maybe Zhou Shanshan’s love was an illusion? Zhou Xiaoshan knew very well what it was like to fall in love with someone, and even more clearly his feelings for Qiu Jianing. Qiu Jianing still rejected Zhou Xiaoshan. She didn’t like him, she didn’t want to fall in love, and she didn’t want to affect her work because of their affairs.

Qin Bin said that Zhou Xiaoshan was also chasing Qiu Jianing, Qiu Jiaxin thought it was impossible, but after thinking about Qiu Jianing’s abnormality last night, Zhou Xiaoshan was really pursuing Qiu Jianing. Molly’s neighbor begged Zhou Xiaoshan to take care of Molly, saying that she had made a floor shaker, and he was almost going crazy. Zhou Xiaoshan asked Molly to dismantle the shaker.

It was not easy for everyone. Molly felt that he had changed. He had never been a woman before. Zhou Xiaoshan said that she was not afraid of death because there has not yet been a loved one in the world. If this person appears, she will endure all grievances for her. Molly realized that this person seems to have appeared in Zhou Xiaoshan’s life.

Qiu Jianing was writing a report in the dormitory. Qin Bin suddenly appeared to her with a trunk of flowers and confessed to her that writing an article was just an excuse for him to approach Qiu Jianing. He hoped to become her boyfriend. Qiu Jianing touched her heartbeat, her heartbeat did not accelerate, even if she gave Qin Bin a chance, it was impossible because she didn’t feel that way for Qin Bin. Qiu Jianing rejected Qin Bin, but Qin Bin did not intend to give up.

Zhou Xiaoshan saw this scene, so he approached Xu Qianya for help. Although Qin Bin was rejected, he seemed to like Qiu Jianing more. He asked Qiu Jiaxin to figure out for himself what the relationship between Zhou Xiaoshan and Qiu Jianing was. Qiu Jianing warned Qiu Jiaxin not to assist Qin Bin again. Qiu Jiaxin asked her how she felt about Zhou Xiaoshan. Qiu Jianing replied, phenylethylamine.

Molly called while Qiu Jianing was taking a bath, Qiu Jiaxin helped her to answer it, Molly said in the name of the fighting college that she had won a 50% off the prize, Qiu Jiaxin was unprepared to get the bait, but Qiu Jianing was uncoordinated since childhood, so she gave it to herself After signing up, Qiu Jiaxin met Zhou Xiaoshan early in the morning and scolded him that he shouldn’t be sabotage behind his back, saying that Qiu Jianing’s feeling for him was phenylethylamine. Anyway, it was not a good thing. Zhou Xiaoshan guessed it was phenylethylamine. Laughed.

On the bus to work, Zhou Xiaoshan said four words in Qiu Jianing’s ear, phenylethylamine. It was strange that he felt such a rapid heartbeat for Qiu Jianing, and Qiu Jianing quietly turned his head and said that he was inexplicable. Qin Bin still insisted on writing the thesis. Although he was trying to get close to Qiu Jianing at the beginning, he also solved many of his doubts in the process. Wang Lao said that once the source plan is successfully developed, it will be a market of 100 billion yuan.

They want to wait until the animal experiment has a direction before preparing to apply for a patent. It is rare for Qiu Jianing to have dinner with everyone, and Zhou Xiaoshan also came and sat beside Qiu Jianing. Zhou Xiaoshan raised a question about love. Everyone discussed it enthusiastically. Qiu Jianing believed that love came and went quickly, and it was not a necessity.

In her opinion, it was even a waste of life. She also suggested that Zhou Xiaoshan eat a piece of chocolate to increase the sense of pleasure. Qiu Jiaxin went to Molly for class. Seeing that Molly was so handsome, Qiu Jiaxin had confidence in fighting. Zhou Xiaoshan wanted to go home with Qiu Jianing, but Qiu Jianing said that he would not go back because of private affairs. Wang Lao asked Zhou Xiaoshan to translate a document in French. Zhou Xiaoshan asked Qiu Jianing to help with the excuse that the time was a bit too late.

After get off work, Zhou Xiaoshan took the documents and went to Qiu Jianing’s house to look for her. Seeing her biting her pen, he didn’t forget to remind her that it was a bad problem. Zhou Xiaoshan said that he was hungry and Qiu Jianing obviously couldn’t cook, so Zhou Xiaoshan had to go to the kitchen. Qiu Jianing suddenly thought about what you did and rushed to the kitchen to hide the peppers. Zhou Xiaoshan asked knowingly, how can she be anxious when her work has been going well recently?

Zhou Xiaoshan kept teasing Qiu Jianing. Qiu Jianing said that her father was a self-made businessman and her mother was a flourishing dancer. Many people were optimistic about this marriage, but it didn’t take long for them to discover that their views on life and the world were completely different. Can already explain the problem. Zhou Xiaoshan stood up and walked towards Qiu Jianing, all signs showed that she had fallen in love with herself, but she didn’t want to admit it yet.

Zhou Xiaoshan kissed Qiu Jianing, and Qiu Jianing clenched his hands. The scene of the two was broken by Qiu Jiaxin. Qiu Jianing embarrassedly said that he wanted to send him away. Zhou Xiaoshan said that he could give Qiu Jianing time, but her time was running out. Xu Qianya heard about this incident to persuade Qiu Jianing to stop struggling, obviously she likes Zhou Xiaoshan. Qiu Jianing fell asleep in Xu Qianya’s car, and Xu Qianya used her mobile phone to send a message to Zhou Xiaoshan to meet him.

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