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Broker 掮客 Episode 12 Recap

Qiu Jianing suddenly received a call and asked Qin Bin to stop and say that there was something to do in the laboratory. Qin Bin and Qiu Jiaxin were very disappointed. Qiu Jianing hurried back to the laboratory. Zhou Xiaoshan said that he had an accident while doing the experiment. He didn’t want to worry about Qiu Jianing, but now Zhou Xiaoshan found out the reason.

Someone had moved their hands and feet on the petri dish, and the two decided today. Come to an urn to catch turtles late. In the middle of the night, when this person entered the laboratory to do tricks, Zhou Xiaoshan and Qiu Jianing appeared in time to catch her, and this person just smiled. Qiu Jianing was very angry.

If she talked about this matter, Xiaoxiao’s future would be ruined. Xiaoxiao kept saying that the board of directors would give her dad face at best, but it would be nothing more than persuading him to leave, but Qiu Jianing would not want to stay here anymore. Zhou Xiaoshan said that she thought too easily and called Sun Lei. She smiled and said that this matter has nothing to do with Sun Lei, and how to deal with it.

After Sun Lei arrived, Zhou Xiaoshan went out with a smile. Qiu Jianing told Sun Lei that Xiaoxiao did all this for him. As a man, he should not let the woman who loves him bear it all. Sun Lei laughed that he had indeed moved this idea, and he was really not reconciled. Over the years, he had seen many introduced talents like Qiu Jianing, but they all used this as a springboard. But Qiu Jianing is different from them. He really did the experiment, which Sun Lei felt was unfair.

In fact, he had thought at the beginning that Qiu Jianing could be driven away from the Zhou Shanshan experiment, so that he could sit firmly in the position of the chief researcher, but he still wanted this face and didn’t want to look down on himself. Qiu Jianing expressed confidence in Sun Lei, but smiled that this matter must be dealt with. She wanted to ask Sun Lei’s opinion. Sun Lei hoped that Qiu Jianing would give Xiaoxiao a way to survive. Qiu Jianing said yes, but there is a condition.

Xiaoxiao apologized to Sun Lei, but still arrogant towards Qiu Jianing, Sun Lei quickly berated her to shut up. Xiaoxiao would take the initiative to apply for transfer to the administrative department and no longer intervene in the experiment. Zhou Xiaoshan didn’t understand why she was soft-hearted. Qiu Jianing thought that if Susie Weiwei did it again, she might not leave.

She was willing to forgive those who made mistakes. Zhou Xiaoshan asked Qiu Jianing if she would give him a chance if she did something wrong, Qiu Jianing nodded. Qiu Jianing hoped that Sun Lei would tell the company to give her some more time. Zhou Xiaoshan said that he helped catch the real murderer and that she owed her the favor.

Li Chunran’s blind date was not as good as he wanted. Zhu Zhulai went to the administration with gossip and laughter. It is estimated that Qiu Jianing did it. Xiaoxiao did not explain this and left after packing up his things. The three results are consistent, and Mr. Wang is very happy to report to the head office. Qiu Jianing and Sun Lei will be responsible for the next work respectively. The next is a tough battle. About the experiment Qiu Jianing is very grateful to Sun Lei. Sun Lei still insists that there is a problem with her experimental method.

Qiu Jianing smiled and said that any achievements are made by great doubters. Zhu Zhu was walking around Zhou Xiaoshan all day, Zhou Xiaoshan liked to ignore it. Upon seeing this, Qiu Jianing thought that Zhou Xiaoshan and Zhu Zhu were together, Zhou Xiaoshan quickly said that he did not like Zhu Zhu, Qiu Jianing asked him who he liked, Zhou Xiaoshan almost blurted out. Qiu Jianing started gossiping about everyone in the office, and finally thought that Zhou Xiaoshan liked Li Chunran, and Zhou Xiaoshan was speechless.

Qin Bin regretted not confessing to Qiu Jianing earlier, and even wanted to confess tonight, Qiu Jiaxin said that they had no chance for team building tonight. Adhering to the principle of creating opportunities without opportunity, Qin Bin ran to the laboratory to find Qiu Jianing, and everyone enthusiastically invited him to join the team building.

The elevator was overweight, and Zhou Xiaoshan had to get out of the elevator in order to prevent Qiu Jianing and Qin Bin from being alone. Downstairs Zhou Xiaoshan proposed to ride Zhang Yu’s car with Qiu Jianing. Qin Bin said that he had something to ask her, and Zhou Xiaoshan also said that he had a question to find her. The three of them were naturally arranged together. In the car, Qiu Jianing asked the two of them, and neither of them wanted to say more. Zhu Zhushou saw Zhou Xiaoshan at the door and took him to buy food.

Qin Bin thought they were a pair, Qiu Jianing sighed and said that it was a bit complicated. Zhou Xiaoshan watched Qin Bin talk with Qiu Jianing and Wang Lao to drink, Zhu Zhu asked Zhou Xiaoshan to help him stop the alcohol, and refused to leave with his arm. Upon seeing this, Qiu Jianing hurriedly asked Zhou Xiaoshan to go out, asking him why he didn’t like Zhu Zhu to be so close to her. Qin Bin came before Zhou Xiaoshan had time to answer, and the atmosphere of the three of them was weird.

Back in the box, Qiu Jianing was booed to play the dice ratio, and would drink if he lost. Qiu Jianing lost. Zhou Xiaoshan said that if she begged herself to drink it for her, Qin Bin helped her drink it without saying a word. Qin Bin took Qiu Jianing to the side again with an excuse, Zhou Xiaoshan asked Zhu Zhu to help him order a song and sing it.

After the end, Zhou Xiaoshan and Qin Bin fought over who sent Qiu Jianing to him, and Qiu Jianing quickly got into Wang’s car. Wang Lao sees that Qin Bin is pursuing Qiu Jianing, and she should fall in love. Qin Bin asked curiously what Zhou Xiaoshan and Qiu Jianing were talking about, and he knew exactly who he liked, and the swords were drawn between them.

Back to the dormitory, Zhou Xiaoshan asked Qiu Jianing if he hadn’t guessed yet, Qiu Jianing looked blank. Zhou Xiaoshan asked her to use the method of elimination, after all, there were only a few people in the laboratory. Qiu Jianing sat on the sofa thinking for a long time and finally realized that Zhou Xiaoshan liked her, but Qiu Jianing subconsciously denied this idea. Qiu Jiaxin was very curious to see Qiu Jianing’s restless look.

Qiu Jianing deliberately avoided Zhou Xiaoshan and asked Momo to hand over the files. Zhou Xiaoshan immediately ran to her office to ask questions. Qiu Jianing avoided his too ambiguous distance. Zhou Xiaoshan picked up Qiu Jianing’s cup again, and Qiu Jianing decided to talk to him. Qiu Jianing thought that this matter bothered her, and she didn’t know how to respond to Zhou Xiaoshan. Qiu Jianing thought that they were not appropriate, and they were different from the outlook on life to the world. Zhou Xiaoshan said that he could change it. It was Qiu Jianing who changed his mind with his persistence.

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