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You Are My Glory 你是我的荣耀 Episode 9 Recap

Yu Tu met his master at the entrance of the restaurant, but there were more than a dozen tables in front of the two. He wanted to ask Jingjing to help out the private room. He could invite Jingjing to eat out. Jingjing suggested that the two of them come over for dinner. She didn’t mind being at the same table with them. Yu Tu thanked Jingjing and invited her teacher to come over for dinner with her mother.

Yu Tu’s teacher, Professor Zhang and his mother, Professor Wang, came to the hotel for their wedding anniversary. Yu Tu and Jingjing didn’t want to be disturbed when they heard this, but the two said they liked the fun, and they would stay with Jingjing. After ordering the food, Professor Zhang raised the problem of Yu Tu’s work. He has solved the pre-research model for Yu Tu. He hopes that Yu Tu can come back as soon as possible after his vacation. He will discuss the plan with Lao Guan and strive for it. Get the consent of the courtyard.

When Yu Tu heard what Professor Zhang said, he was only ashamed. He insisted on resigning and leaving because of the money. In recent years, people have left in the courtyard one after another. Professor Zhang believes that Yu Tu is different from them and that Yu Tu is his proud student. Now Yu Tu is leaving, he is greatly disappointed in his heart. Jingjing on the side interjected. She thought that Professor Zhang was too kidnapped and should not use ideals and beliefs to ask Yu Tu to be desperate.

Jingjing’s open mouth made Yu Tu quite angry, and Yu Tu took Jingjing to leave with her. There was a few quarrels at the door. He thought Jingjing enjoyed all the dividends of this society and should not have said that to Professor Zhang. Jingjing only looked at Yu Tu with red eyes. She hoped more than anyone else. When Tu was an aerospace designer, she said that only to help Yu Tu, but she didn’t expect Yu Tu to see her like this.

Looking at Jingjing’s back, Yu Tu felt uneasy. He asked the passers-by to delete the photos and sent a message to apologize to Jingjing. Jingjing did not reply to Yu Fan. Instead, Professor Wang sent a message. Professor Wang said that they would respect Yu Tu’s choice and hope that Yu Tu would not blame Yu Jingjing.

The satellite measurement and control center, the JX number suddenly failed, and the attitude was out of control. The station requested that Yu Tuo end the vacation and rush to the Northwest Satellite Measurement and Control Center. After hanging up the phone on the way, he caught the last flight and flew to the Northwest Satellite Measurement and Control Center. There was also Laoguan, who followed Yutu to the measurement and control center to learn about the latest situation.

The JX lost its signal. The two found the possibility that the satellite lost its signal overnight. Director Hu also rushed to the measurement and control center. People turned to rescue the satellite, they activated all the preparatory plans, and stayed up all night.

Yu Tu did not show up for several days, Jingjing also appeared in the studio on time for several days. Her frowning face fell in Sister Ling’s eyes these few days, and she even doubted her self-worth, Sister Ling said to appease. With Jingjing, she knew that Jingjing had quarreled with Yu Tu, so she only let Jingjing relax. Jingjing looked at the WeChat news that Yu Tu told her on a business trip. In her heart, she felt uncomfortable. She always remembered that Yu Tu was there What was said at the entrance of the restaurant.

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