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You Are My Glory 你是我的荣耀 Episode 8 Recap

After Jingjing answered the phone, she had to stay in the audio-visual room on the way first. Although Ling sister had wanted to see her for a long time, the makeup team was outsourced and she could not be exposed to the fact that she stayed at her home on the way. Yu Tu understood Jingjing’s situation very much, and stayed alone in the audio-visual room. After Jingjing left, she sent a message to Yu Tu and asked Yu Tu to stay at home and wait for her to return.

Jingjing came to see Director Li after she finished dressing up. Director Li gathered some actors together to make sure that Jingjing won 90% of the movie’s roles. Jingjing was even more happy when she heard that Director Li said that she was too thin. She took Yu Tu, who was still watching her house, and went out together.

Today is the birthday of Sister Ling’s husband, Jingjing is going to take Yu Tu to go with him. Cengfan. Sister Ling listened to Peipei talking about Yu Tu’s handsome all day long. After seeing Yu Tu herself, Sister Ling was not disappointed as she kept her eyes on Yu Tu. Although today was Ling’s husband’s birthday, Jingjing still mischievously gave a necklace to Ling’s husband. She said that she was saving her husband a gift for her. After dismissing Ling Ling’s husband, Ling Ling stared at Yu Tu with beaming eyes.

As an agent, after seeing Yu Tu’s handsomeness, she was even more reluctant to let it go. She always wanted Yu Tu to enter the entertainment industry. , She will definitely help Yutu out in half a year. Yu Tu smiled and rejected Sister Ling, Jingjing also shook her head and let her let her go too far. The suddenness of the two made her not prepare enough food. When she heard Jingjing wanted to eat hot pot, she also asked Peipei and her party. People came together and ordered hot pot to have a lively meal together.

At the dinner table, Jingjing mentioned that she and Yu Tu had been alumni since junior high school. Yu Tu was quite surprised. Sister Ling mentioned the meeting with the director today. Jingjing and Duan Wu co-produced this drama, but Duan Wu’s agent stumbled Jingjing face-to-face. She mentioned that Jingjing’s game prowess is not in line with the personality.

Fortunately, Jingjing’s game prowess increased rapidly. She used the platinum number of Duan Wu’s agent to play a qualifying match on the spot, regaining her face, and winning the role steadily. Sister Ling’s husband, A Guo, was also Jingjing’s teacher. Hearing that Jingjing’s strength was taught by Yu Tu, he took the initiative to ask for a PK, but in the end A Guo was defeated and everyone couldn’t laugh.

After eating, Yu Tu and Aguo talked about stock funds. Aguo asked about Yu Tu’s career, and Yu Tu told Aguo with certainty that he would go to an investment bank next month. These words were heard by Jingjing on the other side. Jingjing came to find Yutu. The two stood on the balcony. Jingjing asked Yutu about her plan. She had always admired Yutu since high school, regardless of Yutu. Whether she chooses aerospace or investment bank, she has no hesitation in supporting Yutu.

Jingjing plans to gain five catties in weight within 30 days and rank Xingyao, but within one week her weight has reached the 30-day goal, which drew sister Ling’s reproach. The weight of 97 pounds made Jingjing feel a lot of pressure. She couldn’t resist the temptation of food, so she decided to go to Xingyao within an hour. If she couldn’t get Xingyao within an hour, she would not eat it. Jingjing’s strength was different from before. After Yu Tu’s guidance, the promotion match was also easily passed, and the two had to come out for dinner as scheduled.

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