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You Are My Glory 你是我的荣耀 Episode 7 Recap

Yu Tu came to meet with colleagues from the Institute and learned that Lao Guan was divorcing his sister-in-law because of his busy work, and he was also about to leave. All colleagues wished him a bright future. Everyone knew that. I’m afraid it will be difficult to see each other in the future. Rejecting everyone’s invitation to sing, Yu Tu turned back to Jingjing downstairs and invited Jingjing out to play with him. Jingjing received a call from Yutu, she had Jin Xing in her eyes, and after a quick change of clothes, she followed Yutu out.

Yu Tu took Jingjing out to watch the movie. Jingjing chose a cartoon. The two of her special identities could not enter the theater at the same time. Jingjing had to take the movie ticket, leave the ticket on the table, and advanced to the theater by herself. Yu Tu went to the table to get the movie ticket, he came to Jingjing’s position, gave Jingjing a hand and sat beside Jingjing. The two watched the movie. There was something about the dreamer in the movie. Jingjing remembered that Yu Tu’s volunteer was changed because her parents did not agree, and she apologized for Tu. She didn’t know the plot of the movie before.

After the show, Jingjing asked about Yu Tu’s dreams. Only then did she know that Yu Tu’s parents had agreed to Yu Tu’s entry into the Aerospace Institute as early as the postgraduate entrance examination. It was just that Yu Tu’s parents came to Shanghai for medical treatment a while ago. The parents squeezed into a dilapidated small hotel eating instant noodles. He felt guilty in his heart. He obviously had the conditions and ability to choose a better life for his parents, but gave up because of his dreams.

I can give my parents the best living and medical conditions. Yu Tu thinks that he has been arrogant and smart since he was a child, but he was still incapable of accomplishing anything when he reached thirty, so he was ready to start again and re-choose investment banking profession. Seeing Yu Tu laughed at himself, Jing Jing’s eyes were full of distress.

When Yu Tu returned home, he thought of the scene in the small hotel where he saw his parents saving money, and even dared not to disturb him from the task, he felt guilty and uneasy in his heart. At this moment, Jingjing sent a message. She thought that “but, you are already a rabbit who has seen the stars” is very suitable for Yutu. She enlightened Yutu and believed that Yutu is not nothing, all he has Efforts and contributions are both valuable. In my heart, Yu Tu is the best.

A photo of Jingjing going out to watch a movie on Singles’ Day was taken. Sister Ling only thought that Jingjing could try to have a relationship after watching it. Jingjing only suddenly thought of Yu Tu’s figure in her mind. Yu Tu taught her how to play games, and the two watched the live broadcast together in the audio-visual room, but the big screen suddenly broke, and Yu Tu personally repaired the power board for Jingjing. When the two were repairing the power board, Sister Ling called. Jingjing had planned to meet Director Li tomorrow afternoon, but Director Li changed the itinerary. Sister Ling had to change the meeting time to this afternoon. Now she has the look. The artist and the makeup artist rushed over.

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